I just like to be creative and spend most of my time doing just that from making music, music videos, visuals,  I write poems, doing photoshopping and I recently started making my own 2D games using templates and putting my own thing to it by making artwork and stuff, oh and I blog too obviously. Even though I do all the above my main focus is making music and I stared making music only in 2017 when I bought some DAW (Digital Work Station.) I like all sorts of music and make all sorts too cos I like a lot of different genres. The music I make is a lot of Electronic beats so all synthy stuff but I actually started off making House  and other genres so I still make that from time to time it’s all depending on what I’m feeling on that day.  I built this website to get my music out there and to blog and display stuff I’ve made. I like to be creative as it keeps me sane and plus I don’t watch TV or have any subscriptions like Netflix so I fill the void with creative time. I’m kind of obsessed with music and have always been since a early age and I always wanted to make my own and as I got older my tastes changed and I wanted to make that as well so that’s also why I make all sorts of genres.  When I was younger around my 20’s I enjoyed going out raving and clubbing but now I enjoy long walks and days out must be my age or something but I still want to go out just think my body can’t handle it no more and anyway it’s probably different now with the music and stuff.  I don’t want to be famous and just do it for the thrill but don’t get me wrong I would like the money just not the fame as I would hate that.  




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