Following on to the other two 10 tracks I thought I’ll do another one but this time 10 tracks that have meaning to me. The songs listed are tracks I’ve heard in certain times of my life for good and for bad and are songs, when played brings back good and bad memories but always puts a smile on my face. Music has always been a helper and major part in my life and has helped me through my most difficult times so I have a lot to thank music for, If it wasn’t for the music I reckon I would of been in a worst place so thank you for the music for giving it to me (happiness.)

Takes me back to 94-96 listening to Prodigy albums after midnight in a children’s home, it also reminds me of sneaking out at night and roaming the streets and the staff ringing the police and bringing us home yes happy days. I remember this song the most of all prodigy songs as it had that message that makes me wanna cry and I tell you why. I was in a bad point in my life I was probably 9-11 and the world was cruel and crappy for me so this was just a reality slap in the face like yes you’re right if you’re no good I don’t need you. get lost. So you could call this track my friendly social cleansing song where I removed any snakes from my life. It really did make me see around that time that some people are the reptile skin kind (snakes.)
It was either this one or B52 Love shack but they both reminds me of waking up in the middle of the night and watching midnight TV and watching music videos and public information films till I fall asleep again that was when around 88-90’s. I’ve always loved this song I was taught at a early age that groove is in the heart and it doesn’t matter what people say cos it’s what’s in the heart that counts and this song just backed up what other’s said. I think some people need to hear that message as they are too stuck on what looks cool and what’s in sorry but I’m not on the runway.
A bit of a updated version to the Progidey song and another Hallelujah praise the lord moment from me yeah I might of been emotional I may of not.It’s like hate follows me around and makes a mockery of my life but I know life ain’t easy and I’m ready for those curbs that keep being thrown at me. This song spoke to me like woah that’s me and was like I was being followed, you know when this come on I would blast it whilst simultaneously sticking my fingers up. It has another positive message to it and is definitely felt by the hated who get hated on for being different like me but yes shoutout to the individuals you rock.
This song reminds me of my mum and her side of the family which I haven’t seen for over 22 years now maybe more. This song used to drive me mental too many feelings in the song on my part but after going through that stage and seeing light at the end of the tunnel I actually love this song and is one of my favorites it always makes me feel good and reveals past memories of some good times but I was very young then I’m surprise I can remember that far back but I guess that’s the power of the curse and blessings of music but this one is a blessing.
My first taste of House music especially with rap on the verses I’m pretty sure of that. The snare action with the piano has always got me moving with that bass and that old skool rap though yes love it still. It bring back good memories actually and is a track I still play now and then when I’m in the mood for old skool house. It was either this or Move Your Body but they both have that thing about it and I’ve always loved and same piano pattern it sounds like.
Everytime I think of the time I spent in Barbados with my gran this song comes to mind. When I was still living in the UK I would listen to this song and try to envision what it would be like turns out not how I expected but this was again another learning curve for me. It did help with the transfering but not for when I was there but anyway great song.
Massive memories attached to this song and not just cos this track is a 90s hit and is better than the original. It’s actually cos Aaliyah came to our school in 1996 maybe 1997 and performed this and the original I think I can’t remember now. It was my first taste of Missy Elliot who wasn’t there but did her thing with backing. I must admit I didn’t understand the clucking noises and the term chicken head so I was like what’s that about but she had me on , “I burn baby burn burn burn every time I twist my hips I see your boyfriend turn, turn” I was laughing at that. Hearing the track again on youtube it turns out that Missy’s verse has been dramatically changed maybe it’s a European version for us who are a bit different then the USA., R.I.P. Aaliyah forever missed ;(
This was something I was doing a lot in the past and was quite angry about things but I have chilled out now it’s only the rats bringing up old stuff that gets me but I laugh at them cos they are snakes and they should be pitied. There is a positive message in the song and again something everyone has to hear in some stages of their lives but especially with people with a bad history of problems whatever that is. It helped me at times to know I was looking too far in the past and that I should stop cos it’s not helping things and sometimes that worked but there were times where I said f it but that was due to young age.
Way back in my secondary school days there was a minor spillage at a plant but I think it’s a nuclear plant but I’m not sure. I think I was in the music room I would say learning but at that stage of my life I doubt I was. It was then we heard the announcement on the radio as it was on in the class saying about the accident and to stay indoors if possible followed by Ghost Town. I must admit I was a little worried I didn’t know how serious the accident was. My first reaction was I got to walk home great but after being told to go outside and get some fresh air I realised there was nothing to worry about so I didn’t worry no more.
Ah back in the positive music days but I can say it wasn’t that positive for me but it’s better now. I remember this song as I was put in my first full time foster placement and I started a new school which I was very nervous about but it was fine once I’m there for a bit. It has a positive message and is something for people who are inspiring and evaluating themselves even if you’re not it’s just a good message that dreams can come true you just need to work hard on it and know what you want. I always wanted to make music from a early age whether I was getting famous or rich from it, it was something I wanted to do so I accomplished that so dreams can come true no matter how big or small it is it can be accomplished don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

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  1. This was interesting, knew some, others were new to me. I enjoyed hearing the songs I haven’t heard before. I liked reading what you wrote too, about what the songs meant to you etc.

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