I love a good banger to get me off on one and dancing sometimes I have to restrain myself but then sometimes I can’t restrain it anymore and just let go. I blame it on the drink and drugs though I don’t do that sort of drugs no more or even drink but even without them I can still get hype and bounce around the place like a nutter, lol. I do like energy music and is why I love to make House as I like to make tracks to get down to though I do like the mellow tracks too but when in a mood or out clubbing it’s just that time. I was once a raver and party addict and I always wanted to go out and enjoy the night but now I enjoy doing it at home and staying in as that’s where I like to be but I do enjoy going out sometimes, I love walking in the countryside. The last time I went out raving was back in 2012 when I went to London it was my second london club scene experience the first time was the year before but I enjoyed both times and was up till the next morning. That’s the thing I like about London clubs they open till the next morning we left 9.00am and it was still live then and more packed all of a sudden. What I love about raving is dancing and interacting with others love a person who can get down and the conversations you have it’s always a good night. I never have time for people who want to start stuff in a rave people didn’t come out to fight and it brings the whole place down for a second, poor DJ has to work harder. I’ve never had a fight in a rave or club but I’ve had my close shaves but I’m never initially aggressive to someone which cools down the situation I suppose you need to know how to act.

I get too hype when I hear this track it is time to break my feet when it comes on even though it’s old now it’s still a banger and something to go nuts on the dancefloor. I love the moodiness of it and the snare action drives me mental and oh yeah the FX’s. I tell no lie this tracks makes me wanna make some more Jungle and I might just one day. This is what I love about it all in this track though not really much of a fan of that dubstep sound but I have a passion for that old skool flavor that was the blueprint to years to come.
For the love of Garage this track is a killer one of my favorites UK Garage tracks and I have a few but this one does get me hype. Not sure if this is speed Garage or just normal Garage but I know it reminds me of my school days and the summer around 1998. It just gets me in a bouncy mood and I have to restrain myself from getting all hype and dancing and the singy. I wanna know why they never put this track on the Garage compilation album but I suppose it savored it which is always a good thing.
Oh when this comes on my ass and shoes are on fire sorry I had to say that. This is one of those tracks to go wild to in the club or at home that instrumental with Busta Rhymes spitting over it yes definitely hazy ville music indeed. I’ve had many fits to this track mainly drunk in the club but at home too I always get hype when the bridge comes on with “welcome to hot and hazy ville” that part is so catchy I don’t know why but it’s the best part I think.
This is just a track to let loose to and dance it out love the lyrics. singing, spitting and that instrumental is what gets me I’m hype now listening to it now. There are many UK Funky tracks that get me in the dance and prance mood but this track just get’s me over hyped and I always dance or bop to it I just can’t help it. There is a lot of energy coming off this track and Donaeo has had a few hits Devil In A Blue Dress another favorite but not as good as this one I think.
This is a 90s R’n’B club banger and I’m not sure if this was being played in the clubs when this was out as I was too young to go. This is one of my favorite Aaliyah songs definitely one of her upbeats tracks and of course Timbaland made it extra special with the beat way better than the original though I like that one too. I guess it’s rare but no not rare as it doesn’t appear on any album but it has a video so that was played but still you could of released it on a album whoever is in charge.
Okay a different type of hype but definitely gets me dancing when I put it on. I think I heard this in a club in London in December 2011 guess it was a good time to go clubbing in London as there were a lot of good Deep House tunes coming out then and I just had to go back home and find them. I found some but found a heap more it’s a shame I can’t remember them but if I seen the names I would. I love the whole chilled but vibrant energy to this track and I like singing got to have that female singer on your house tracks.
Funny fact it was a reminder that shooters had two o’s in not that I was busting raps about shooting or shooters shotgun or shot away maybe. This track always gets me hype and want to dance and I’ve been in raves and heard this and always got my gun out so to speak. It’s a track I did get tired off like most tracks but listening to it now and yep it still has it’s magic. It does remind me of when I was a teenager and also when I was around 20 something when I was going out a bit enjoying the clubs and the music.
Yes makes me wanna do the Bobby Brown/New Jack Swing dance routines. Love the beat love the lyrics and singing definitely another one for the club or for dancing at home and also one for who ever is the poisonous one in your life. I seemed to hear this a lot in the clubs when I went out and I always jack cos I can’t help myself but I love to have fun on the dancefloor cos that’s what it’s all about. You also hear it a lot on the radio it’s one of those songs where it’s everywhere in fact I’m surprise I ain’t got sick of it yet.
It’s just something about this track that just makes you wanna do the whole dance and I read the manual and sort of got it but I couldn’t snap and rock like the people from the South but I’m alright. Yet another drunk moments to this song and is the reason why I don’t drink no more as some say I’m too active but I kind of agree but part of me wants to tell them to go shove it putting it nicely but the drink does give me confidence like most people. The beat with them snaps and of course the whole workout instructions is the thing that gets me dancing and one I’m always dance to it when I’m in that mood or drunk enough to dance.
I’ve always loved female rap so as you might know I loved Salt ‘n’ Pepa when I was younger so when I heard this I was like okay and now I’m in my mid 30s I still love the track it’s all about them dance motivation lyrics what drives me on the dancefloor. It’s mainly the lyrics that get me so hype but I also like the beat to the Rock Your Body bit or what seems like it that comes in at the end of every full measure that makes me wanna dance. Again I’ve heard this many times in many places and though I might get bored of it sometimes it’s one that gets me dancing when it does come on when I feel like it of course.

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  1. I enjoyed hearing this selection of tracks, all but two were new to me, and your writing was interesting too.

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