Hi everyone how are we all today yes hope we are all doing fine being confined in their houses for nearly a month now. I took a break from blogging for a couple of months now and but I’m back again today for a catch-up. As I said I have been at home, staying home keeping busy but I have been out more than I usually do to that damn shop to get essentials as I’m starting to run out of one thing then the next but that’s just normal behavior. Loads of changes in the neighborhood shop queuing outside, protective sheets over the checkouts and rations for milk and other essential things. I’ve been stopped twice now and shown the line to get into the shop quite embarrassing but I shrugged it off like nothing as it is nothing to be worried about. Got inspired for a special album I made last month called Social Distance a Vaporwave and Hauntology album that touches on the subject I say touches it’s all about the Coronavirus and some of the stuff we all had to deal with. I made it in under a week and I took loads of walks in that week to various places to find inspiration most of it was flying incoming so it was quite fun to find inspiration it was kind of like a game and yeah it was all under an hour out and didn’t have to go far to get inspiration if you want to hear the Social Distance album it can be found on my Bandcamp page here;


While I’m on that subject of music I’ve been busy making loads of tracks I’ve done three completed albums but only two are mastered but the other one will be released in June. The three genres are and will be released next month in May are UK Funky House, Electro Funk/Synthwave and a Hip Hop album which as I said will be released in June. I’ve been feeling inspired by different genres recently and get bored of making the same genres so it’s nice to change up and do something a little different. I wanted to release them ASAP with the virus in all but I had three albums out in the last month so I decided to push back my albums, yeah I did you hoes a favor just quoting a line from a biggie song rapped by Lil’Kim. I’ve been making music for over four years now and have over 2000 tracks on Soundcloud but I’m still learning the ropes especially with Eqing and compression which I still struggle to find the right level before I master it with Landr. So apologies if some tracks are too loud or even worse distorted I am working on it and I think I’m getting better I hope. I’ve been making a couple of songs recently as in lyrics for songs just for fun but I do enjoy sitting down listening to beats and coming up with something. I wished I could sing better than I can people say I can but I feel it’s not good enough for a whole track and anyway my vocal range would be weak that’s why when I get on the mic it is spoken not sung. My favorite beats for writing are The Weekend type beats that’s when I get the most out of it, it has to be dark and melodic that’s my favorite kind of sound from present-day dark R’n’B. Oh, I’ve been listening to a lot of mixtapes from the last decade and I noticed it was actually alright if you looked in the proper places. That’s how I got the inspiration for my Hip Hop album Elements out now which has Trap and 90s hip hop inspiration from instrumentals beats off Youtube, you can check out that album here;


I’ve also got four different projects I’m working on and are all different from each other they are Vaporwave alternative versions of my House and Hip Hop tracks, a House remix album of my House tracks, a Reggaeton album and a World Hip Hop album which I’m not sure if I’ll ever complete as I don’t have enough instruments from around the world to make a various hip hop album but I will try as it’s something I want to finish. It was my birthday last month March and I celebrated at home with a friend as it was only two days before they shut everything, not that I was planning to go anywhere anyway. I’m 35 now and I’m feeling the pain got backache….funny fact I actually was dancing to a Crazy Cousins mix and I put out my back for the first time as well it was a bit painful and stiff but after a few days and a walk it kind of healed itself so I’m thankful for that.

During my three months break I did a lot of thinking and also playing my PlayStation I nearly completed Far Cry 5 I’m on the last level fighting Jacob the leader I haven’t even tried it yet as I went on a break from the game and then went back to my music so I haven’t even tried it yet. I also 100 percent Kindom Hearts 3 until the DLC came out and I’ve been playing a bit of online of the DLC to Far Cry 5 I also got given for my birthday the new Far Cry, Far Cry New Dawn which I yet haven’t started. I have a list of games actually I yet haven’t completed from the last 4 years but I’ve been so busy making tracks I never feel in the mood to play it, to be honest. Well, I think that is the round-up of what I’ve been doing while I was away and what I’ve been up to recently. You can get in touch with me via these connections and I look forward to seeing you soon, take care. 🙂

Ps Happy 420 Day


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