To celebrate the start of my radio station V.O.C. Radio I thought I’d do a list of some of the tracks I heard as a kid on the radio and bought after hearing them. It’s kind of weird as shops like Virgin, Our Store and HMV either don’t exist or barely thrive on music now a days and with everything being digital downloads there is no need to go to your local shop to buy that single or album you heard and that is a shame. I do know some people who still support music by going to the record store but mostly people like to download as what’s more convenient than not even having to get out your seat to buy your favourite song or album kind of lazy huh. I started collecting tapes and CDs from 11 fully and is where I remember buying regularly after hearing the TOP 40 on Galaxy FM now Kiss FM and Radio 1 I believe or on Saturday mornings there was a Top 20 show and I used to deicide what songs I liked that week and go to the shop that day to buy them. I was heavily into my Walkman hated the compact disc as it skipped like crazy so I was always faithful to the Walkman as it was more reliable then the crappy compact disc and anyway CD’s were a bit more expensive and with my pocket money I could get two tapes for a price of one single CD let’s see £2.50 for a tape single and £3.50 to £4.50 for a CD single. Most of the times I would tape the radio and get them free but they would sometimes cut bits off or speak over the track and I was like shut the hell up causing me to buy the track which I never minded as I had my own copy and not rely on hearing it on the radio. Okay I must admit I was and still am obsessed with music it’s the only way to get by and always enjoy listening and now creating it and do so on a daily basis. My genre styles vary and changed as I got older or grew stronger it makes me feel old when new genres like Dubstep pop up and I’m like they don’t make music like they used to I am stuck in my music ways as throughout the decades I’ve heard so much good music it’s hard when something more rougher and not so appealing comes along but that’s just me. As I bought a lot of singles over the years I’ve included only a selection and of my favourites also some forgotten songs if you don’t play the radio that is but all of them I liked at one point of my life and some I still do, I hope you enjoy it and bring back some good memories.

Released in 1998 and one of my favourite Madonna songs especially from the later years not sure if this my second or top favourite from Human Nature from the 90s. With the opening lines “You only wanna see what your eyes want to see how can life be what you want it to be you’re frozen when your hearts not open” is a understatement and something that drew me closer to the song as I wasn’t frozen but I was feeling definitely frosty and soon to be frozen with all the drama in my life. Then she says ” Your so consumed with how much you get you waste your time with hate and regret” which made me really think I wasn’t really consumed with money but I did waste so many years with hate and regret I was in a bad place back then so this song really helped me move on and upwards as I came to a realization that I was bringing myself down and I needed to stop before I got like that bitter old man who shouts at you for sitting on their wall I never wanted to be so bitter. I bought it for the lyrics as it really meant something to me and still does. I call it a conscious song and is something I think everyone should hear it really does put you in a lighter mind if you are a conscious person that is. Being obsessed with synths I really like the electronic bits and the chilled vibe which wasn’t usually my thing but the lyrics and the instrumental really made made me love the song.

90s was filled with slow jams and 3T were like the Jodeci for the younger audience I think and something to romance your lover with. Of course I was a MJ fan so his group he mentored was a hit for me. Fun fact I used this as my night song just before I go to bed to get me in the mood for sleep lol cos sex wasn’t a option then I was too young to even consider that sort of thing. It’s funny it wasn’t seen as cheesy to be singing about love your spouse or throwing rose petals, back rubs and the jacuzzi moments it was all about love and doing right and I’m glad as it taught me to love right of course people in my life did that too but it was reinforced with 90’s slow jams and R’N’B songs. I think I used this song to romance my girlfriend at school can’t remember if it was this one anyway one said I was being cheesy so I broke up with her and the other one who had her eye on me liked it and thought I was being romantic this was just before I headed to secondary school or senior school if you are from the US, ain’t it funny how quick love adapts when you are younger in and out like a rotating door. Now I laugh as I must admit I do find the song a bit cheesy but saying that it’s still a good slow jam and is still listenable so I’m not knocking it, it does very much remind me of my early years of living.

I’m breaking up with you track of 2000 Pink before she turned P!nk. Now granted this is a song for the girls but if you took away the fact she singing about her good for nothing man this could fit in anyone’s life. I liked the song right off the bat I liked the lyrics again weirdly enough it spoke to me but I loved it even more after the Garage remix released that same year or I think it was a year after exactly I was playing both quite a lot. I’m still not sure who this was marketed for but I bought it anyway as I liked the lyrics and the change of the pre hook after the second verse I thought it was really catchy and anything catchy and I liked I always bought especially if it had meaning behind and I felt it. I like it still it’s a good song and thanks to both the original and the garage version I know most of the lyrics I listened to both versions a couple of months back and still knew most of the lyrics I was thought damn I really pumped that song a lot lol. It’s funny as it was just before 2001 the worst year in history and not so far behind 2020 in fact it still ain’t got nothing on 2001 9/11 and the passing of Aaliyah but this is just personal opinion but it’s funny how much and what has been changed since then it feels our rights are being stripped away but that’s a different story altogether and also partial conspiracy theories.

Okay I never bought the single but I did buy my second dance compilation album with this song included and this and other dance tracks were heavily being played on the radio daily so I was used to the upbeat quick stuff. It reminds me of going to the adventure playground and hanging out they used to play Galaxy FM a radio station which played all the dance hits from the early 90s which got me into techno, dance music & Drum & Bass/Jungle I was always a fan of house when I was younger the others not so much but being in the adventure playground it made me change my mind, I just didn’t like those over thick tracks with the rave knees up strobing lights moments as I couldn’t think this track has it too in the middle section but now I love that kind of stuff. I did find breaks to be quite scary after seeing this man out of his mind on ecstasy in his car going berserk to a heavy break section I thought he was possessed or something I had no idea what drugs were back then sweet and innocent and not only that it goes quite frantic and weird sounding when you first hear it or for me it was you have to listen to it a few times to really get the love of it. I would say if it wasn’t for songs like Big Fun, Let It Roll, Voodoo Ray, Back II Life, Power, Ride On Time, Everything Starts With A E, and so many others as a child I don’t think I would of liked half the dance genres I like now I would of been more Hip Hop and R’n’B now I like a mix depending on mood but when I want to tidy or fancy a shock out I definitely put on the electronic dance music when I do listen to it that is.

When garage broke into mainstream and everyone was singing this song everywhere. Again I bought this from the beat and lyrics quite easy to remember too loved garage and remember when they were playing it I think on Sunday’s on the radio before the main stream appearance and listening to people’s tracks at school they got from various places they were the older lot guessed they DJ. There was early stages of dubstep which is a offspring of Garage on the radio show which I was like when can I buy that turns out normal shops don’t sell that sort of stuff and I would have to go to a proper record shop and get a vinyl I ain’t got the money for that so I started bootlegging the show like any good music lover would. I wished I kept hold of those tapes they were one in a life time shows and something to look back at as it was all brand new back then and the music has changed quite a lot especially Dubstep. There was a lot of good garage tracks out when it was on a high don’t know how many times I listened to all the Garage compilation albums it does remind me of summer and the school summer holidays. I kind of wished I lived in London as they got the good stuff stuff I’ve never heard before when I’ve gone out raving in London back in 2011 so I kind of missed out on a lot of good classic underground House and Garage but it’s all good I’m not that bothered.

This was a sad single to buy and was released after her death in November 2001. I was and still am the biggest Aaliyah fan and I remember when the video was released and was on the radio a lot. Actually I remember hearing on the radio that there was going to be a new video released in October I think it was it might of been November not sure now but they said it was possibly the last video Aaliyah was going to release and got me thinking there wasn’t going to be no music either which really put me in a downer Hearing the track on the radio and watching the video was good but depressing and I knew she wasn’t ever going to make a guest appearance again I just kept thinking why couldn’t it happen to someone else I was kind of angry I must admit. What I liked about Aaliyah was not just her personality or talents she had style and that was shown on her single for More Than A Woman with her Bump ‘N’ Flex Club mix. It shows she always went for something new and different and it sounded like Garage though I’m unsure what genre it really is. I bought the CD out of respect for Aaliyah and cos I loved the song probably not my favourite Aaliyah track I have hundreds more like 4 Page Letter, Read Between The Lines and Young Nation to name a few but it is one I do love and played quite a few times the single and on the album too. I was happy when it entered number one as I heard how work hungry she was so it was good to see it get that high not matter where the money went but again that’s a whole different story altogether.

Wow I ain’t heard this for decades I still think this is a really good song and it’s not that poppy it’s quite R’N’B still of course the Beenie Man and Jameila appearance makes it urban. You got to love the opera the reggae influence and the of course the lyrics which is saying money can’t buy my love something every little girl should hear now a days and is something that doesn’t get pumped like the hardcore lyrics. I actually like the whole package of the track and always loved it since I first heard it it’s just too catchy and produced very well. I think after listening to it again it’s one of the best British R’n’B songs that is not too poppy and has that replay factor I won’t lie I just played it three times once for refreshment of memory and the other two because I enjoyed the song so much and anyway like I said I ain’t heard it since it was on the radio so it was so good to hear it again after so long. I remember first taping this off the radio but then the tape snapped too much fast forward and rewind and my up to date Walkman at the time had the habit of chewing up tapes cos one of the buttons was faulty or something like that. Anyway that broke and I waited till the weekend where I bought the single and I was kind of embarrassed buying it not cos the song itself cos it felt the song wasn’t for me IE for the girls but I liked it so much I was like I’m buying it and I did. I was meant to go swimming that day but I decided I wanted the single or I won’t get it out my head so I went straight to town to buy it in I bought it in Our Store which isn’t going no more and shut down so long ago I forgot how long or when it shut down but I do remember going to Virgin instead but that has shut down as well. I’m not sure what happened to what I would call educational music maybe kids don’t want to hear that no more but I still think they should promote that sort of stuff as well so there is a mixture and guidance out there as I think music can guide people into a better path if giving the right stuff.

Hang on a minute did Mel B really rap at the start of the track she has spice indeed. Honestly I lost my mind when I heard this a Missy and Mel B collaboration yes please. I just love the instrumental, the catchy lyrics the video looks crazy another UK/oversees collaboration that works very well. When I heard it I was like I’m buying that cos this song is ridiculous I think it was Timbaland who produced the track it sounds like his work and he always comes with something massive and over blown catchy that’s why I’m a big fan of him and used to buy any Timbaland album or single as I knew it would be good and he never disappoints. Same with Missy Elliot her albums are always good and she’s got them raps and singing tracks which I like about her. I think I discovered the track on the radio and I went out that weekend to buy it I was quite excited and got a little anxiety as I was worried there wasn’t going to be none when I get there but there was still waited five days to buy it but it was worth the wait and till then they were playing it on the radio but not that often too much All Saints and Atomic Kitten I was like play that song for F sake they only played it a handful of times and even then I wasn’t ready to record oh the drama of bootlegging to tape lol. When I saw the video which I think it’s produced by Hype Williams I was blown away and loved the neon lighting and the crazy looks in the video it looked expensive and I wouldn’t like to pay the bill for lighting alone. It really added to the song and made it feel even crazier to go with the crazy lyrics and definitely hyped up the song even more for me to walk to town to buy it. I must admit that if it wasn’t for the Missy Elliot and Timbaland production I doubt I would of bought it they put that song on a whole different level.

If you like your Electronic music IE Vaporwave, Synthwave, Progressive Rock, Electronica and also old skool Electronic Dance music with some other genres like Hip Hop instrumentals around Christmas be sure to check out my radio station of all of my tracks I made and released. The radio station is just something for my website but I do stream on YouTube too but you can check that out here;;

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