Hi, my name is Laurence AKA Vision Of Colour and I was born and live in Bristol in the UK. I’m 34 and I’m single and live on my own, I did have a dog called Patch but I had to put her down only last week (14th June 2019) due to old age. My hobbies are making music, going for walks and having fun as I hate to live a boring life. I like all sorts of music from Baroque music to Hip hop and everything in-between, the only music I don’t like is Heavy Metal and Dubstep. My main hobby is making music which I started in 2016 after I got admitted into hospital for psychosis, I bought a piano and some music software to get me started and I’ve been making music ever since. At the start, I was making all sorts of genres but it has only been these last two years I’ve concentrated on Vaporwave/Hauntology and House and dabble in Drum & Bass/Jungle and Urbient, ambient urban music. My website is around the music I make and all things that interest me so it can get quite random at times, if you’re wondering this looks different from the last website I had to move providers due to heavy costs I would have to pay to get my old website back and up and running so this is the new and improved version. My goals for the website are to get my music out there and to connect with fans and other artists etc, I don’t wanna be famous as I said before on a track I did but I have a passion for making music which I can’t get out my system so this is for the love of music. I love to get creative with things when bored and I’m always bored so it’s not only music I make and do a bit of photoshopping, make music videos and other kinds of videos and also I like to write poems which I often convert into songs. It’s all about expression and being creative yeah read it, haters that’s one thing I haven’t got time for haters but who has unless your a hater yourself. I’ve met two famous people in my lifetime Mark Morrison in around 1994 that was on a cruise ship in Barbados and the late and great Aaliyah in 1997 when she came to my school and performed, the classic hit If Your Girl Only Knew off the One In A Million Album. Also, I’ve been interviewed by the BBC News for the news at 6 and 10 about the Stephen Lawrence report and institutional racism two things I hold dear the fight against racism and bullies and the fight against corruption. My favourite Artists are Aaliyah, Notorious B.I.G, 80’s Madonna, Michael Jackson, Lil’Kim, Timbaland, Missy Elliot, Da Brat, TLC, James Brown, Parliament-Funkadelic, Ohio Players, Sly And The Family Stone, basically all Funk and Motown, Sam Cooke, Amy Winehouse, Black Coffee, Maya Jane Cole, Disclosure, Dusky, Gordon City that’s just a few. I also have a passion for retro house and other electronic-based music as you could have tell and love old synthesizers and drum machines with a passion which is why I’m concentrating on that at the moment.