This poem I wrote is based on the book The Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens and is about Ebenezer Scrouge meeting the ghost of Christmas past, though some bits have been added on. I thought hard what I could do for the poem something, hauntology and the only obvious one I could think of is the Christmas Carol as it’s both the ghost from the past haunting the future just the ghost of Christmas past has a Santa hat on (he’s more Christmasy.)

With a cold stare he looks at me,

The clock is singing

It Strikes three,

The Christmas ghost I know the face,

He quietly mumbles

As he paced,

Up and down to left to right,

The air is icy,

Like the wooded night,

I try to speak but can’t get a squeak,

out of me

I’m beneath the sheets,

I stay still as he moves,

He quietly mumbles

Beneath the grooves,

I’m still on the spot dare not to blink,

The tap is leaking

Beneath the kitchen sink,

The clock is now silent not even a sound,

The tree shines in the night,

So pretty and round,

I try to focus on the fairy,

And hours back

When I was merry,

He’s now coming closer it’s getting colder,

This isn’t me

I’m usually bolder,

I let out a shriek that was high pitched,

So I ran out of my bed

That had to be ditched,

“Where you going” he then asked,

“I am the ghost

Of the Christmas past,

I have come for you come with me”

You find where you’re going wrong

You will see”

At this point I felt safe,

I saw my wrongs

I had faith,

I prayed for an angel to come to me,

Though it wasn’t an angel

But they were to set me free,

From my pain and misery,

And the rest is known

As history,

Thanks to him I would last,

I was visited

By the ghost of the Christmas past.

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