Today I’m going to be showing you 12 pictures of original Christmas stuff and covers things from the first Panentomine, first Christmas book, Original Christmas songs, the first Christmas cards and some more.

First Christmas Song Was Friendly Beasts 12th Century
The First ChristmasPantentomine was around the Victorian Era
The First Christmas Card Was In 1843
The First Christmas Book was The Christmas Carol By Charles Dickens published In 1843.
The First Christmas Tree Was Put Up In 1848
The First Christmas Stamp Was From Canda in 1898
The First Christmas Film Was In 1898
War Truce That Happened In 1914
The First Radio Broadcast was in 1918
The First Christmas Song Was Santa’s Coming To Town By Harry Reser And His Band In 1934
First Christmas Novelty Song In 1949
The First Queen Speech Televised In 1957

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