Boxing Day is here and we’re getting ready,

To go out

Gotta be steady,

The excitement is brewing I’m doing the most,

Can’t wait to get down

At the Boxing Day Roast,

We leave at 11 and take a drive,

The city buzzing

And is alive,

With partygoers as larry as can be,

Singing and laughing,

Waiting to be set free,

We stand in line the queue is big,

Perfect time

To smoke a cig,

Feeling nervous but full of excitement,

I can forget about the stress,

I can forget about the indictment,

It’s time to get drunk and get loose,

I going need a drink

Call it a confidence boost,

Now after a couple I’m on the floor,

Screaming at the DJ

Give me some more,

The underground styles just knocked me down dead,

No time for the bitches

And what they just said,

Just on the dancefloor working it out,

Clear the floor

I would shout,

The sounds will cut you and I would be vocal,

The crowd are friendly

Just like my local,

People ask where you from,

I reply Bristol

That’s where I belong,

Then they ask if Bristol has a club scene,

I say it’s dead

But I’m quite mean,

Cos once you been to the big city,

you never look back

And make’s other places look shitty,

I mean Bristol is alright,

but London is better

You’ll be up all night,

It’s 6 in the morning and the party still going,

I swear it’s got more packed in here

Mc’s are now flowing,

At this point I was beginning to feel sober,

People still awake,

On that stuff that comes from Dover,

There was the talk of an after-party,

The promoters were getting friendly

And were being quite hearty,

I haven’t got the energy that I once had,

All I wanted was my bed

I found that quite sad,

But before I knew it we were getting our coats,

then off to get some food,

Spend some more notes,

The city is now awash with workers and ravers,

Watching the drama unfold

With their silly behaviours,

It was that time of the morning things were getting tense,

But we were all up

Like a fence,

The taxis here time to go home,

I had the best night

Going reconnect the phone,

Put it on charge and talk about last night events,

One things for sure

I’m glad I went,

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