I remember in my raving days it used to be a horn and a glowstick now there are so many LED accessories to buy, today I will be running down my top 5 Christmas club accessories gifts that you can buy. I will be getting them from one site Raveshopcz.com and I’m not paid by them to make this post but I wanted to do it as I thought it would be a good blog post. I first came across this site I think last Halloween on Facebook adverts not something I usually appreciate but these caught my eye and thought about buying some of the products but never had the money for them.

5. LED Shining Bracelet

This glow in the dark bracelet is probably not the first gift I would want but I would be a proud owner of a glow in the dark bracelet. I like it as it glows in the dark and makes you stand out it also doubles up as a glow stick which is handy lol. It comes in a few colours and is retailed at the price of £5.04 (5.83 Euros) ($6.52.) In the description, it says it responds to sound which I think is a cool idea and would have definitely bought this in my raving days. I’m not usually the one for flashy things but this really appeals to me and as I said before I would have bought one of these in my rave days. I guess they come in handy if you lose a friend in a rave that shining bracelet might come in handy when trying to find your mates I’ve found mates in raves before recognizing them by their glowstick bracelets. Even though it’s a rave accessory I can see myself wearing this at night time at all different occasions so I think it’s not just for the rave scene it’s for anybody who wants to be seen in the dark.


4. DJ T-Shirt Timmy Trumpet Skull

I like most people like to wear vibrant t-shirts and something with a music theme on is a must-have for me when I have the money. I like the design of the logo with the skull and bone and trumpet for the skull and crossbones, I think it’s a cool looking logo and like the hat and shades, he’s wearing. Usually, I don’t bother with T. shirts but when going to a rave that’s a bit different and know I’ll be stripping off to my t-shirt when I get on that dancefloor so I know to wear something smart. I remember once I went to a rave in some smart clothes but when I got to the coatroom I noticed that my Tshirt looked a mess and was embarrassed so make sure all layers are smart and this is definitely smart and something I would personally wear at a rave, you can buy it for £18.47 (21.46 Euros) ($21.03.)


3. LED Shining Earrings

You know if I saw this on somebody’s side I would mistake them for a flashy ariel you used to get for your Nokia but nope they are earrings that glow in the dark. They are a pretty basic item but I think it would go well with another item from the list just two items you don’t want to overdo it and look like a walking amber traffic light. It takes me back to my much younger days when they had glow in the dark earrings I thought they were pretty cool I think you can get a ring to go with it but I’m not sure now it was a long time ago and my memory ain’t that great. They are priced at £7.74 (8.94 Euros) ($10.02) and come in different colours so you could easily buy more than one for when you feel like changing your earring piece. What I like about them is you don’t have to hold anything it sits in your ear so you don’t have to wave your hands around all night just whip your head back and front lol. I’m not sure how you change the battery and what battery you might need there’s not a lot of information about the products but I know they will catch anybody’s eye and make you stand out from the crowd.


2. Glowing Glasses

These neon light glasses are a must-have if you are going out raving and would look flashy on anybody wearing them. Priced at £13.49 (15.60 Euros) ($17.46) they come in different colours and for that price I would buy myself a pair as well maybe in more than one colour. If you couldn’t tell by now I have a thing for neon lights so I am attracted to this quite a lot. It has three settings to fiddle with steady, light and fast flash so I guess they are good for setting the mood. They are definitely futuristic and is something out of Back To The Future that’s what they remind me of sort of anyway, I should say something out of the 80s really. I could see these being worn not just on the dancefloor and could be worn at various places or though you might look at bit out of place at some places though. If you want to stand out in the crowd then you’re going to need a pair of these glasses, I saw a kid wearing them at a bonfire show I went to last year and it was my first time seeing them and I thought I need a pair of these but never did bother getting them.


1. Rave Mask

I fall in love with these when I first saw them on facebook I couldn’t believe how good they looked and wanted one straight away. This would do more than make you stand out from the crowd and you would get all the attention when wearing it. I can see DJ’s wearing these on their set and would make the crowd go crazy but there will be some who would be turned off by the site of them. What I like about them is they could double up for your Halloween costume and would be the icing on the cake in my opinion. There are many different masks to buy and can be bought from £16.88 (19.51 Euros) ($21.81) and comes in three settings steady, light and fast flashing. After seeing the price I have already decided to buy one for myself not sure when but I’ll be getting one and I’m not sure what for but I’m sure I’ll find a purpose for it I always like to have a purpose for the items I buy it must double up as something else lol that’s just me. There are too many choices in the shop and are from Mr Annoymous to Jigsaw from the Saw movies in all different colours they are all pretty cool and I would wear any of them to be honest with you.


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