Today I will be sharing a short poem I did about the birth of Jesus and the three wise men and co to celebrate this Christmas Eve. I hope you all have a lovely day tomorrow and get all the things you wanted if you are not around tomorrow do come back when you can this is running until the 28th but you can come back at any point to catch up on the days you haven’t read yet.

It shines in the night and from afar,

Onwards to Bethlehem

Follow the star,

Riding the camel through the night,

Hoping to get there

Before daylight,

They bared gifts and as they travel they sing,

For they had a prophecy

Of a king,

Some were jealous and were unsterile,

He was a paranoid man

And wanted his peril,

He didn’t know what was to follow,

How they tried to break him down

And make him hollow,

In the land of heaven the angels would sing,

Glory to the newborn king,

He sits in a cradle with a radiant glow,

The cradle is cosy

And there’s straw below,

No room at the inn it was the label,

So they took their chances

In a stable,

This is where the meeting took place,

Between them and three wise men

Who was off the ethnic race,

They showed them the gifts and talked about him,

Jesus Christ

The newborn king,

News spread around the town,

And everyone came

To see what was going down,

From near to far they came,

To see the newborn king,

And his short reign,

As I said there was some fury,

But that’s no way

To end a story,

His struggles were great even from the start,

He’s strong as an ox

Pulling a cart,

He was tucked underneath a angels wing,

And that’s the story

Of the newborn king,

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