This week is original week so expect all things original for the next week. Today I will be giving you 6 original quirky items you can buy this Christmas for yourself or somebody you love. I will be only using one site and again I’m not paid by them to make this blog post and is just out of interest and to hopefully help some people out on those who are still stuck for Christmas ideas but you probably would have done your shopping by now, hopefully this blog post isn’t too late for you all.

This Rock On headphone stand is a perfect gift for any music lover and I would be happy with them if someone gave them to me and they are priced at £14.99 (17.36 Euros) ($19.39) so pretty cheap I think. As a person with headphone sets just laying around I know how important it is to keep them in a safe place without them getting damaged or tangled in wires so this is essential for me. I like the spray-painted antique gold colour and makes it stand out in your home I think I also like the iconic rock hand gesture it’s something different for your home. I just looked it up and this item is not being shipped internationally only in the U.K I think.

Something for the kids I think they would love for a Christmas present a remote control wall climbing car how cool is that. I’m used to cars that go on the floor but this can climb walls which I think is cool even for a grown adult. It is priced at £19.99 (23.16 Euros) ($25.86) and works on the ground on walls and even your ceiling, it’s made of sturdy plastic and has LED lights so you can play with it day or night. It is a remote control car with dual stick controlled so apparently it’s easy to avoid objects that are in the way. This is not just a good one for kids but for any remote control car enthusiasts and would keep them quiet for a bit I reckon, this item is available for shipping internationally and prices are calculated based on weight and dimensions of package.

Something for the ladies now as I don’t discriminate lol. These light-up unicorn slippers priced at £13.99 (16.21 Euros) ($18.10) would be a treat for any girly girl even if they are not they light up and I think that would make them more attractive. I chose them as I know unicorns are in at the moment in the shop B&M anyway not sure in other retail shops but they would definitely make someone happy if that’s the thing they like. They come in sizes 4-7 and the lights are activated by the horn and as the description says they can gallop around in them whilst keep them toes warm, this item is available for shipping internationally and prices are calculated based on weight and dimensions of package.

Do you know someone who is always travelling or got stuff to do but doesn’t manage to remember? Well, this scribble writing alarm clock would come in handy for those times. Priced at £12.99 (15.05 Euros) ($16.80) it has 4 alarm melodies and a scribble pen, this alarm clock displays the time, temperature, year and date, with an alarm and birthday reminder function; it illuminates when the top of the screen is touched and when the alarm goes off. I could see myself using this quite a lot for not just daily reminders but for other things too like notes about up and coming stuff I have to with my blog and music I make and all sorts of stuff like get milk lol, this item is available for shipping internationally and prices are calculated based on weight and dimensions of package.

Another one for the ladies the creative ones with this make your own neon sign which is priced at £14.99 (17.36 Euros) $19.39.) Unfortunately, it only comes in pink so fellows this ain’t for you unless you like pink it’s okay I don’t judge lol. The bendy neon wire is 3m long and takes batteries to run it though they ain’t included. You can twist the wire to any shape or letter or word you wish and comes with fixing wire to attach it to any wall you wish. I would have liked to see this in other colours but it’s something I would consider getting myself maybe for somebody else as well.

Something not just for the kids but for the adults who want to remember their childhood as well, your own personalised sweet jar filled with retro sweets like fizz, whistles, fizzes and more. Priced at £11.99 (13,89 Euros) ($15.51) it has all my favourite sweets in there and I would buy two one for myself and one as a present if I were to buy one. These are ideal for anybody who loves sweets and is over the age of say 25 and of course good for the kids as kids love sweets. It also doubles up as a money jar once you’ve eaten all the sweets so that’s a good use for the personalized jar once empty. Unfortunately, it’s not shipped internationally and does not include accents and special symbols as some of the processes will not allow this.

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