Afro Cosmic Generation is a 12 track synthy electronic album I made but remastered and released Black History Month. I decided to redo again to make it better. It was based on after seeing the film Black Panther and wanted to do something inspired with that but I stripped most of the stuff out to make it more cleaner. The album has a lot of tribal elements in there so plenty of bongos, congos and other African percussion instruments. I tried to make the album spacey and have a lot of spaced out elements in there but it’s also upbeat and a bit dark at times with some tracks. I released this on Black History Month I think it was 2019 and I must admit I did rush through it as I wanted something out that month but it wasn’t even ready for listening. The title is pretty easy to explain it’s means knock on effect to the Black Panther where people were going wild for it and getting tattoos and doing all sorts of stuff it was good to see. It’s weird with the film being out the main actor of the film dying and also the whole Black Lives Matters movement in affect times have changed so much since then and not to mention COVID but that’s a different story. It’s kind of funny as the whole world went Black Panther and stood up for racism and police brutality which I say it’s about time and we need this sort of thing to happen the protesting, not so much the rioting I don’t think that is the answer and makes people retreat from what they first believe in and go the other way or makes things cloudy let’s say. Well I hope it was not all for nothing and some changes happen with all this crap as it’s tiring seeing it on the news another person lost their life due to some incompetent officer who is jumped up and ready to go. This album if I would of done it would of been completely different if this was after the aftermath of the George Floyd incident and would of been different titles and probably a bit darker but I’m glad that didn’t happen as I didn’t want to reflect too much on that and wanted a happier album. I won’t reflect too much on the negative side of this drama but I know some people need to wake up or get with it because this is a problem that keeps popping up and not to mention the history in any given country people need to stop being ignorant and thinking it’s okay to do this sort of stuff or get away with it anyway murder is murder if you are any race or colour if they are not in real danger. I tried to make the album spacey and also a little bit of African influence with the percussion instruments I used in some of the tracks well most actually. I’m not sure what genre it would go under but I know some of the tracks are Progressive Rock the rest is what I would call synthy stuff as I’m unsure what to call it Most of the tracks are upbeat but as always there are some slower more mellow tracks in there as I like to make both slow and fast tracks depending on my mood. The film Black Panther got me into sci fi more and I learned a new word Afrofuturism a word to describe a movement of thinkers and artists of the African diaspora who were using science, technology, and science fiction as means of exploring the black experience which critics began to use in the 90s and is also where the first part of the album title was inspired from. The album title is simple to explain afro as in black, cosmic in stars and space and generation in span of time but was based on present day generation and means a black science fiction generation.  


The Year Y2B is a track I made that was inspired by a track or there are two I think but I can’t remember what tracks they are but they use the phase Y2B and I remember being explained on TV that it was the year 2000 of black people meaning it was time to shine. The track is what I would call a happy sort of mellow  track nothing too exciting just a opening number and I used bongo percussion throughout, I wanted a bit spacy so I used some of my spacy sounds for that galaxy feel and I kept it mellow cos that’s how I like my first track to be mostly. The 90s and 00s were another decade for black people both on TV, films and music there were a lot of different things going on not to mention in the super model world with Naomi Campball and Tyra Banks and plenty of black comedy on both kids and adult TV and they say there isn’t much diversity now a days in TV but and is mostly negative characters like drug dealers and gang members guess this is what people want to see I guess but it doesn’t have to be so negative all the time. 


Space Shuttle Boycott is a track I made and is based on the the British historic event which happened in my home town Bristol in 1963 when a  Bristol bus company refused to employ black or Asian people to drive their buses. It grew national attention and was backed by politicians and churches and was so influential two acts were passed the Race Relation Act 1965 which made “racial discrimination unlawful in public places” and the Race Relation Act Extended which extended the provisions to employment and housing as at that time black and Asian people found it hard to get housing with the no blacks Asians or Irish policy most landlords had. The idea is exactly as the event but set in space and a space shuttle instead of a bus lets call them black and bi racial aliens. The track is a little dark but spacey I used strings for that space feel and the heavy bass which reminds me of a ray gun of some sort being fired. Really it’s lucky that aliens don’t live here if they did exist as they would only be racially abused and mistreated by some who knows what it would be like for them but I think in some parts of the world they would be treated unfairly. 


Deam Me Up is a track I made and is a play on the sci-fi catchphrase Beam Me Up Scotty from Star Trek. It means demonised  and is just a bit of sarcasm for the haters as I’m tired of the negative people. There are many misconceptions on black people like wearing a hoodie means you are in a gang or you are a drug dealer or destined for prison the list goes on. Also to mention the representation in the media and with colourism which is a big problem in Hollywood and not just in Hollywood the real world. So there is a lot of demonization going on and though a lot has changed it’s still there just under the carpet away from site which I think is even worse . The track is upbeat and spacy and reminds me of one garage track especially the beat not sounds. It’s one of my faster tracks and is different to the other tracks as it sounds more clubby than the others but still listenable when not in the club. It is a little dark to go with title but also upbeat and spacy but this one is more ravy than spacy but it has its elements. 


Roots From The Nebula is a upbeat track I made around the cluster of stars in the galaxy and the roots means where you come from so basically roots from space The track is lively and a little clubby but I don’t think it is suited for a club and is also melodic. Again I put a synth that sounded spacey in there but I don’t think this is my most spacey track. May be mad to think but I think we all are all aliens in a way as we live on a planet and have flying objects and other gadgets like it was in space. I don’t believe in aliens though and think we are the only living things in the universe but that’s not to say I don’t find them interesting and not intrigued by them, when I was younger I believed in them but then I grew up.   


Afro Sentiment is about Mae Jemison the first black woman to go to space which happened  in 1992 but she admitted to NASA space training program in 1987. Jemison was born in Alabama in 1956 but she was raised in Chicago, she graduated from Stanford University with two degrees a chemical engineering degree and a African- American Studies degree. She then went on to earn a medical degree before becoming a doctor working as a general practitioner before joining the NASA space training program. She left NASA in 1993 and founded a technology research company and later formed a non-profit educational foundation. I was only seven when she went to space and I sort of remember seeing her on the news and thinking I want to go to space now, I don’t even like getting on a plane let alone a rocket so that dream ended ages ago but I thought it would be cool to do so but had no idea how challenging it is to even pass the test. The track is chilled but upbeat morning music and again spacy to me it feels as if I just landed on the moon or traveling through the galaxy and I used bongos for that African feel to it. 


Dreams Of A Space Voyage is a track I made and the title is inspired from the Martin Luther King saying “I Had A Dream.” Again I mixed a bit of history with space to come up with the title it is also from the funk song Voyage a sci-fi funk track. It would be interesting to see if there were aliens and they come over like the Windrush and also they had a figure like Martin Luther King to speak up for them and to fight the injustice this is how I figured the track to be based around and not based on earth either but it was based on another planet a unknown one like earth but nicer. It’s good that we come a bit of a way from where we were quite a long way exactly but racism still exists and happens and there is no getting rid of it but Martin Luther King and others paved the way for how we get treated today and that I will always be grateful for but don’t get me wrong there is still a long way to go yet. The track is upbeat and spacy and is also melodic, I feel it  is good for the morning or for doing your stuff whatever that is but like all my tracks you can play them whenever you want. 


Alien Slave is a track I made and the title is based on the slave trade in the 1600s onwards. Again bit of imaginary thinking but I set this in space and there are big spaceships instead of boats which transports aliens to the different planets around the galaxy. It’s kind of like the game Abe’s Oddysee but you don’t get eaten or work in a meat packing factory packing your own kind. I imagined the slaves working in a satellite station or something spacy and it being as bad as it was in the old days. There are many races of aliens and only affected one kind which the other aliens thought they were inferior to and had a long history of abuse and discrimination, it was basically based on real history. Unlike real history the slave trade was never abolished and has been living throughout time no one cared to stop or knew how to even if they could as space has no laws and is not governed like earth is. The track is dark and the bass is aggressive and also dark to go with the theme of the track, I also added some African percussion in there too. It has a Progressive Rock feel to it and it is the bass that makes it feel that way with melodic tones in the background. Obviously this had to be a dark track and quite moody as it is the slave trade after all and wasn’t all buttercups and daisy so it had to be dark and gloomy. The track is mellow and very spacy the most spacey tracks on the album  


Galaxy Abolitionist is a track I made and about being abolished to another galaxy kind of like exiling and is based on the abolishment of slavery in the 1800s. The story behind the track goes human’s get sent to space for the most worst crimes they committed. Inside the prison they work long hours breaking up moon rock which fuels the prison and homes within the city and also building buildings making up chain gangs this is the most hardest job to do and is for the ones who disobey and  try to run away. Prison life is tough and is run by aliens who live near by and are the toughest guards alive. Corruption is rife and they ain’t scared to crack the whip or get their hands dirty and all the prisoners live in fear of them and do everything that is asked, well most of them do. They say it will be like this in the future prisoners being exiled to space to live in prisons, I’m not sure only if they run out of space to put them but that’s going to be one big blueprint for sure. I know if there was a threat of being sent to space to live in a prison I would of been extra good and not as rebellious as I used to be. Of course to have a prison you need to build life and have things like running water and gravity and I don’t think they could build something that would hold all that force in space guess people could float around what a break out chase that would be lol. The track is mellow and very spacy the most on the album with melodic patterns and soothing sounds. It’s actually my favourite track on the album and is different from the other tracks I made on the album it has a nice relaxing vibe to it that can put me to sleep. I think it’s a night time vibe but also works for morning it also reminds me of watching the sunrise on Stonehenge something I would like to d


Dark Moon is a track I made and is based on the eclipse but the dark bit in the title means black. I remember when the eclipse happened in 1999 and people thought the world was going to end. I couldn’t help but look up as the moon aligned with the sun and caused a brief dark moon it was kind of like dawn or dusk still light but a little dark it wasn’t really that dark as I thought it was going to be. It looked eerie though wished I had a camera to take a picture that’s one good thing about living in present time the advantage of technology at your finger tips. They say the next full eclipse in the UK is in 2090 don’t think I’ll last that long that’s 70 years and I’ll be over 100 so I have no chance but I wonder what pandemonium that would cause cos the last one was a funny one. The track is upbeat and spacy and has that moon landing sound to it which I was lucky to find on one of my synths. Though the track is upbeat it has a relaxing feel to but I call upbeat lively that what I would call it and meant. The track has African percussion in for that African feel and I think the track sounds groovy and a bit of hip hop inspired which most of my tracks are Hip Hop drum patterns or sound like they could go into Hip Hop.   


Black Bionic is a track I made is about the black Bionic Man a character from a novel wrote by Martin Caidin. In the novel a Vietnam veteran Colonel Steve Austin experienced a fatal accident after test piloting a new aircraft for NASA. Eventually he was “rebuilt” with bionic limbs in a six million dollar operation by the OSI and became their secret agent. Mine’s a little different but it’s still under the same lines Set in the future a orphan African boy who some how loses his limbs finds help with missionary’s who visited his village and promised him to find him some help. Long story short after some drama he gets signed up to a scheme which was state of the tech and worth six million pounds which built high tech legs and limbs. It was a shady business something like the CIA in the 60’s when they were doing their experiments. The doctors and scientist the boy got sent to were always trying out something new and things always went wrong. Another long story short the boy manged to walk again after five operations but because they put some toxic substance to stop the electronic parts from circuiting in his legs and arms body and neck as they were trying out something new he developed superpowers and became Bionic Man, he then went on to work as a secret agent by day and superhero by night, he moved to another planet where he learned he wasn’t alone. The track is loud and aggressive and is morning music so nice and chilled and slow paced though it does have a rough synth, I liked it so I put it in there. Again another spacy track which goes with the theme for the album and it’s a bit rocky this one, one of the synths reminds me of a rock guitar which I actually like a bit of rock just not that heavy.  


Mother Galactic is a track I made and is about the galaxy, the mother bit is like motherland in Africa. It could also mean a afro space sort of like the black exploitation films from the 70s but with spacesuits and spacy things it’s like a African 70’s galaxy filled with black worlds, I said 70s as I picture a lot of afros and medallions with flairs. The track is upbeat and has some rough sounding synths in there and some squelchy sounds synths which I feel gives it its spacy feel to it and is something for the morning to wake you up and get you ready for your day. 


Dystopian Future is a track I made about our future as the human race but especially people who are ethnic. I don’t see the world getting better I feel it’s going to get worse and not just with COVID-19 that is probably  just the start of the wipe out of the human race but that will be a long time yet I think. It’s either that or a nuclear explosion or something from space WE ARE DOOMED I TELL YA!  Okay that was a bit of joke but I do think as the decades go on things are getting worse instead of better equality and rights wise which is what this track is about. I do wonder what it would be like in 50 years time from now I’ll hopefully be 85 if I last that long doubt it but I would like to see what is instore for us then. Saying all this I forgot about the new president Joe Bidden in America so it might look brighter in other country’s too with the equality thing but it could go back to how it was which we are all dreading. I guess COVID has made it into a dystopian present day let’s hope it doesn’t last too much longer but if it get’s worse the factories will be closing down and will be looking like a Detroit factory block and then it will be a dystopian future but let’s hope not. The track is a mellow one with spacy sounds in there, of course. I used a pad for the space sounds love the ones they give you in the synth but sometimes they are a bit rough. It also has a dystopian feel to it and has a sad feeling about it, it reminds me of being in a dystopian city in space. 

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