Yes I’m back with more Brexit BS, every day there is a new Brexit hashtag on twitter and once again people just can’t put spell checker on and fail with the word independence (independunce) and the other one which I can’t remember but I know I’m not a strong speller I mean I’m okay but if you want to make a hashtag at least double-check the spelling first. I would like to make a comment about the people who are saying we knew the results that’s what we voted for so we should get it, I hope to god someone will slap the reality into you and wake your ass up. First of all, we didn’t know the full facts and still really don’t other than it’s going to do damage before we heal ourselves and that’s to say there are real benefits behind Brexit. So we are all acting dumb all of a sudden, are we? and forgot all that has happened in the last nearly four years. I find it funny that people would go as far as following the Conservative tune and just leap off the bridge knowing what might happen it proves how stubborn these people really are. You can tell it’s kicking off with the parliament speaker resigning, the prorogation of government and so many politicians resigning, revolting or speaking out like the ex-prime ministers Tony Blair, John Major and David Cameron. Boris Johnson is now saying he’s cautiously optimistic about Brexit which is a good sign for me that he’s not so confident now and anyway he’s been getting a lot of hassle by people who are confronting him (shoutout to those people) probably to do with the dissolving of the government which if you haven’t heard a judge found it “unlawful” which Mr small Johnson denies oh he also denies lying to the queen to shut down parliament, honestly the scandals. Talking of scandals a big scandal in the courtroom both a Scottish court and most shocking an Irish court has dismissed that a no-deal Brexit and the imposition of a hard border would damage the Northen Ireland peace process. There must be some backsliding going on here and all of a sudden the court doesn’t want anything to do with it the one place where there was meant to be a case and a voice heard for every case brought to the court, not the time-wasting ones obviously but as something as important as this it needs to be heard, it feels they are with the Conservatives all the way some blatant bull shit going on. There are two new plans to end Brexit once and for all one by the Lib Dems where they hope to convince members to back a policy of scrapping Brexit without another referendum and one by the remaining MPs by finally pulling out Article 50 where it basically states “a member can notify the European Council and there is a negotiation period of up to two years, after which the treaties cease to apply with respect to that member—although a leaving agreement may be agreed by qualified majority voting.” I can now see why they don’t want a second referendum well there are two sides. The so-called good side is worried people are that thick and vote for the second time the same way and the bad side don’t want one just in case they lose. Either way, they don’t want it and nothing is going to happen without it expect for Article 50 so do a second referendum and get on with it. It will be interesting to see what way we will vote this time I say we as I’m going to have to put my vote in next time around, I’ve decided to vote this year or whenever they have it and try to make a difference in the vote. I know one other non-voter who said they will vote when it comes around so I would urge you, non-voters, to get out to the poll box when that day comes and sway the votes I bet there is a lot of non voters out there who are voting cos they felt they could have made a difference and good on them. One of the reasons I’m going to vote is because of the blatant disregard to the law and the public feelings Boris Johnson has done this repeatedly and news just in he’s comparing himself to the comic character Hulk, I’m sure their sales will be through the roof lol. He is back to threatening now and said “The madder Hulk gets, the stronger Hulk gets” just no little Trump wanna be you ain’t Hulk and you need to sit down straight away. It’s like they knew he was getting weak and changed the script to a more powerful tone. In case you are wondering what this means he is basically giving a warning to the EU and remaining MPs that if he doesn’t get his way he’s going to have a big hissy fit to get his way, there is also talk of him ignoring Article 50 all together just to get this Brexit deal done but no one knows what the deal is on that as yet. He knows what he is doing is illegal but still, he goes behind the wishes of people and pushes this agenda it’s coming off a bit aggressive I think. Boris plans to ignore the law and fight in court that will be a funny day in court and if it gets heard then it’s going to be a lot of questioning about the British courts. He can’t ignore the law then ask for a court case that is double standards and I bet there will be uproar if it goes that far, this would be unforgivable and I myself would never forget or forgive over that. We are meant to obey the law and get in trouble for the smallest things (yes that’s a different story altogether) so it will be interesting to see what will happen in the next couple of weeks. Well, that’s the Brexit news done and my take on this week’s topics in the news that is to do with Brexit. What is your stance on the thing? Are you pro or anti? And what do you think the outcome will be? Will we be leaving? or staying on 31st October? Feel free to comment and start a friendly debate.

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