A couple of months ago I did a Coronavirus album called Social Distance that was all about dealing with the fall out of the virus and I thought I put it into words for my blog and my experience with the fall out of Corona and my opinions on certain yesterday’s drama. At first I thought it wasn’t that serious but the more deaths and the people getting it has made me reconsider what is going on. I don’t watch the news or read much about it I’ve seen what it can do to people and I thought I rather not watch or hear too much but I have kept myself informed by conversations and a little reading but not too much. I wouldn’t say I’ve seen much change in this lockdown period I’ve always been at home ever since my dog died and I have the time to make music more than ever which is why I’m always uploading tracks I like to keep my mind busy. I must admit though it was weird going out and seeing no cars or no people on the street and in the local town it felt like a Sunday night dead with no one out at all.

I’ve never experienced a toilet and food shortage and going out to get that stuff wasn’t too bad, luckily I ran out of toilet roll after the big panic buy but food was harder to get and I had to resort in buying tins which I didn’t mind as I knew it wouldn’t go off and store for some time can’t beat tinned food lol. You had to laugh at the people panic buying toilet roll and coming out with more toilet roll then a janitor coming out a cash and carry and I was laughing at all the silliness on facebook where people were posting lots of stuff on there I even stole a few myself yeah I share other people’s posts ha. It would have made me feel silly if I did run out of toilet paper during the fiasco and would of been a bit embarrassed to get it but I would of though but honestly toilet roll is the last thing to get in a crisis, fun fact I got inspiration for the track Empty Shelves from when I was in Lidi the shelves were bare but I did come out with the jingle before the announcer comes on the tannoy you know that three note scale sound kind of like lift music I think.

The whole social distancing is a doddle to me and have been practising this for over 10 years now so I wouldn’t say I missed social interactions as I haven’t been social for some time now. It has been weird as I said seeing the streets dead but most weird of all standing outside shops in ques to get in and protection glass over the counters that was so surreal at first. I’ve had two social distance run ins one wasn’t that bad the other was just annoying. The first encounter wasn’t that bad a bit embarrassing when I walked straight past the que and walked into the shop before getting stopped and told to que up that actually happened twice lol . The second encounter same thing or though the man got shirty and got all “uh there’s a que mate” and was quite rude about it but I told him don’t speak to me like that I didn’t see you were waiting outside honestly I thought he was waiting for a friend to come out but it wasn’t oh my bad. There’s been a lot of people crossing the road when I pass and I’ve been told it wasn’t just me which made me feel better but seriously if I had it I wouldn’t be out but I do understand where they are coming from especially the old and young but seriously you begin to get questionable with people and get all irate but it’s not that bad it’s cool really just kind of bugs me but like I said I understand. On a personal level though it has been hard for one I haven’t seen my gran who is 82, for some time now I think it was a couple of months before Christmas not sure but it’s been some time now and she keeps asking me to go up and see her but with the restrictions I can’t and have to hope it goes before I can see her again as I know she might not have much time left. She is still active and does her thing helping the church and she loves to clean and is always tidying so I am glad she is getting a break from all that hard work she does with the church. I usually see friends and family quite frequent but again with the restrictions it’s been quite hard I ain’t seen my friend for two months now which is weird but I’m not stressing as I don’t mind being alone we both don’t which is cool.

It’s been shocking to see celebrities come out and say they have had the Coronavirus from Tom Hanks, Madonna, Pink and Marc Almond from Soft Cell are to name a few. Thankfully they all have recovered and well again but that’s not forgetting the other legends who have died due to the virus and most are at a old age so at least they lived a good long life but still it is sad. There’s been many celebrities doing their bit to keep people home and entertained from singer Mariah Carey, Actress Gal Gadot from the most recent film Wonder Woman, talk show show host and comedian Ellen DeGeneres, with Singer John Legend, Michelle Obama (do I have to explain who she is), Singer Madonna, and the whole Battles Of The Rapper/Singer where famous R’n’B and Hip Hop artist go head to head track for track and one get’s crowned the winner they are the two I’ve been hearing about and when I have time I will watch the battles and decide myself but judging by feedback on twitter and what I seen on Youtube it hasn’t been great in technical problem wise but that’s what you get when the world is down I suppose mayhem but great to watch no shade though lol. Not to mention Rihanna’s Charity fundraiser where she donated 5 million dollars to organisations assisting with Coronavirus. Also Ciara and Russell Wilson donated one million meals to food banks and John Legend and Chris Martin have performed and other celebrities have done home gigs on Instagram. Also Cardi B has her own Meme out with the caption “Corona S*** Is Getting Real” which is I believe is from one of her videos and all proceedings from the remix that was spawned goes to charity so people are doing their bit. There has also been a few challenges on Tik Tok which apparently has been very successful whilst the Coronavirus has been happening and has become blown up I thought it was already I see it all the time. For those who don’t know Tik Tok is a platform where you upload videos with or without music and can be of you doing a prank, dancing, acting, something funny/stupid they are usually around two minutes long and is popular with young people but enjoyed by most. I see Missy Elliot and Megan Thee Stallion have their own Tik Tok trends going with dance trends videos and also I saw some wicked sign languaging to Missy Elliot’s Cool Off, I must admit it took me a few seconds to realise what was going on but when I realised what was going on I was like ah I see yes and love it.

Talking of cool off one guy that does need to cool off is Trump with his suggestion that injecting bleach can kill the virus in your saliva in 5 minutes. Um I know I ain’t a doctor or know that much about chemicals science or the body I know a few names but wasn’t we all taught not to put bleach into your eyes, mouth or skin and correct me if I’m wrong but if you inject something it goes straight into your blood system and nothing but blood and other blood related stuff shouldn’t be mixed inside your blood maybe I have it wrong but I know just by sense that that’s not healthy or advisable. On a serious note I hope some of the people don’t get it wrong and do something dramatic there has already been reports of a uprise of accidental poisoning in the US but I don’t know how true that is as I’m not good with other countries sources I know Fox News though. Meanwhile over this neck of the woods Boris Johnson has had a Corona baby Wilfred while other parents are trying not to kill their kids yeah shoutout to all the mums and dads looking after your kids when they should be at school. I thought this was a rumour at first but no Boris had a baby and it wasn’t just a wild story well at least he didn’t call him Corona related names but I suppose the two twins Corona and Covid has already taken the best names who blames you and if I was going to do it I would of done a name that sounds similar or ryhmes with the name not the actual name itself but good for a character though oh did anyone see the new edition to a famous fighting game Corona just wow shorty is a killer lol.

Now there has been many conspiracies about the Coronavirus one came from Trump himself that China started it deliberately which probably started unnecessary hate and misforming people. Others say it came from a laboratory and was purposely spread some say it was a chinese lab some say other wise. Then you have the one about the elections and Brexit conspiracies, then you have the news conspiracies okay I think it’s been over done now. I’m not sure what to think to be honest it could be purposely spread by who we will only find out later on in life or not at all but maybe it was bats maybe it wasn’t but I would, like most people like to know what is up. I’m not ruling it out but I think we might not be told the whole story but that’s just my conspiracy mind racing lol and going on past events. At first for a split second I thought there was martial law coming to play but I now know it’s just extra safety precautions being taken and is nothing to worry about or so I hope or I’ve made a massive error of judgement. I’ve just seen a well polished video I haven’t yet watched but it’s a conspiracy video about Corona and apparently makes all sorts of accusations some I’m even guilty of that wearing a mask can increase your chances of getting the virus and other’s claims that also wearing gloves doesn’t prevent you from catching the virus, it came from a laboratory and to keep the beaches open as it’s the healing microbes that can save lives. It’s no surprise the video has been removed from youtube but it has been reported that people keep uploading it to there and also other sites. I don’t want to name the video for people who haven’t seen it as I think it’s dangerous and what I read is misinformative and misleading and is something I’m not trying to promote as I don’t know the real truth only what I hear and read like most people then I make my own judgement. I think it is dangerous though for people who Trump would probably hire in his office dangerous quacks to go main stream and make wild allegations only because people would follow and do before they see and that’s not calling them a monkey I just meant they act before thinking that’s what I meant. Don’t get me wrong it’s good to have videos like that but people must start to remember they are for mostly entertainment purposes and in my opinion to make people think and talk but people go way too far and take way too much in and kind of lose their mind I know I’ve been there before.

Well here in the UK we have been in lockdown for over two months now and even though we are allowed unlimited exercise time and some shops are opening back up no one knows what the future holds well I don’t do you? All I can say is like everyone else I can’t wait to get back to normal and go out more it get’s boring indoors all the time and like I said I haven’t been out for ages so can’t wait to go out even go on holiday that will be next year now, it was going to be this year but you know the story of what happened Corona happened. The question is though what will be the aftermath both social and economic wise there must be some fall out in both. In social wise my friendly guess is that more people will stay home more often bringing the outdoors in or it could drive more people out who knows but it will be interesting to see what happens. I know there will be loads of people out when the initial ban gets uplifted when that will be who knows but I can’t wait till it is. Will there be more homeschooling I mean is that even allowed? And also how many people will get married, divorce or have kids because of this whole thing that would also be interesting to see we can call it the Modern Infection Fallout but all jokes aside this is the time to think of the unfortunate who are trapped in homes they don’t want to be in all gender, ages and races. I guess I’m lucky I have no kids and I don’t have my dog no more so I have no one depending on me which in this time is a good time to have all the above no offense guys I like kids and animals but I couldn’t have a baby or have another pet just yet. If this was back in my dog’s hay day she wouldn’t of liked the restrictions and with the hour a day exercise I couldn’t go anywhere far so in a way I’m glad I haven’t got her but of course I still miss her. So that’s my Corona story and what’s I’ve been doing so far and hopefully that will be it but if there is no change in the weather then of course I’ll do a update in a few months time but let’s just hope that the death toll comes down and we are free to roam the streets once more. Also thanks to the key workers who do their bit to help their bit for the community’s big shoutout to all of you from hospitals to the shops and in between your good we’re good, but you know big shout out to the nurses in the hospitals especially I’ve heard about most of the battles of the frontline hospital staff and it’s scandalous.

I will leave you with the album that inspired this blog post and is all about the Coronavirus and is a Electronic album. I never know what to call the genre to be honest as it’s just electronic a bit of Vaporwave, a bit of Hauntology, a bit of Synthwave and a bit of Progressive Rock so it is a combination of all the above, putting it in a more simple way Synthesizer Music. It is a dark album but has light tracks in there too and is all around the fall out of the Coronavirus as it happened a month or two back. It was inspired by as it happened and I took my hourly walk getting inspiration from many places such as local and not so local shops, street walks and various different places, it is a free download and can be downloaded on Bandcamp.




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  1. It’s good to find out how other people are coping in this crisis. I found your article interesting, well balanced and informative.

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