You say I am a mongrel and you think less of me,

It feels like going back in time,

Repeating history,

You think you are better but oh you’re really not,

You go round repeating things

Like a robot,

I’m sorry for your misconceptions and your stereotyping,

I’m sorry your slow as hell

While I’m fast like lightning,

Just because I do certain things that isn’t race related,

Doesn’t mean I am uncle tom,

Oh your gonna end up hated,

One person says I’m too white the next calls me a nigger,

Treating me like dirt,

And their the digger,

Yeah I ain’t got silky hair it’s fuzzy and curly,

I am what I am

So go play yourself wurly,

Trying bring me down and hate myself,

And all you under the sheets bitches

Creeping in stealth,

Who say I’m not racist I have load of ethnic friends,

Yeah you think I’m one of them

But we are just pretend,

Trying to dictate what I can and can not do,

It’s a free world

And I’m not sorry boo,

It amazes me everytime the ignorance of some,

They think they are the intelligent race

When they actually go on dumb,

Oh keep talking I really admire um actually nothing,

I guess you’re gonna blow me down

With all that huffing and puffing,

I’m made of brick you’re made of straw,

So let me grab my match,

So then we can draw,

Screaming bullshit until you’re red in the face,

And I meant to be the monkey

You look like a disgrace,

Yeah I like chicken and partial to watermelon,

But that doesn’t mean I sell drugs

Or turn into a felon,

And yes I do like prog rock cos I love synthizers.

So hoot away bird brain,

I will cream you up like bong riser,

No one wants to say it but I will,

I blame Brexit

For this racist feel,

Everyone is getting hooded and torched up,

Getting drunk off lies

Filling the cup,

With all sorts of ignorance they want to believe,

Cos the media said so right,

Oh you make me heave,

Really I’m laughing cos you are all a joke,

Talking out your necks again

Like you’re on coke,

And FYI I am home,

I know who I am

You annoying drone,

Don’t under mind me like you know best,

Or look at me funny

When I get things off my chest,

You make them look innocent and that’s a shame,

Go on like I’m the problem

That’s so lame,

People may think it’s okay to shout racist abuse,

But they get funny when it happens to them

And throw any excuse,

I’m not stupid and I’m not born yesterday,

So come at me again I will slay,

So I suggest you run along back up your tree,

Back where you came from,

Wherever that would be.






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