This poem was inspired by a trending hashtag on twitter #lonleybutnotalone and I thought it would be a great idea for a poem and since it’s something I have suffered from the last 3 years but more in the last couple of months since I had to put my dog down but I’m all good. We don’t talk about how lonely we get and personally I thought it was great but it’s all not cracked up to be.

Don’t forget to say hello,

but don’t be looking down below

At me or other people,

Treat you good

cos your all equal

As I sit here in my room,

with my coffee and spliff

To which I consume,

I breathe on in and take a breath,

and think about

What nearly caused my death,

And thinking what lies install,

the emotions run deep

And is so raw,

Is this really going to happen,

will I finally see the city

Of Manhatten,

I’m not like I used to be I look a mess,

it’s all too much

I must confess,

Meeting new people is an anti-thriller,

the deadly silence

Is a killer,

What do I do and what do I speak of,

how do they perceive me

Probably a nov,

I worry too much but at the same time say fuck it,

all those years of habits

I must kick the bucket,

Being in solitude really didn’t help,

I was too busy

Finding that kelp,

And keeping busy with other things,

seeing what

Each day brings,

Beloved pets which are now passed,

which kept me locked up,

Closed and daft,

But that was then this is now,

got to do this

No ifs buts or how,

I’ve been in my cave like a bat,

but technically they call it

A flat,

It’s cold and damp and will eliminate,

your life away

It does not discriminate,

On who you are and what you do,

it’s kind of dirty

Like Beneath the shoe,

That’s why we should take the time,

To say hello

it ain’t a climb,

It’s actually easy to say,

unless you’re hateful

And don’t feel no type of way,

People may laugh but it’s not funny,

don’t be so dumb,

Like a boiler bunny,

We must take the time and respect each other,

treat them good

Like your sister or brother,

Have time and patience as it will come,

that day where it’s behind you

And you can say you have won,

It’s something we all go through,

which must of us outgrew,

But there are some who are hanging on,

and medicate the pain

Until it’s gone,

We must remember them,

and keep on fighting

Until it’s done,

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