Today is national album day and this year’s theme is “don’t skip” which is based around not skipping tracks and listening to albums in full with no judgment whilst talking about the benefits of music listening on your mental health. Today I will be talking about four albums that I can listen all the way through and not skip a track.

The first album is by Missy Elliot and is her debut album Supa Dupa Fly. Produced by Timbaland and written by Missy it is a 90’s gem and in my eyes, one of the best albums to come out in the ’90s and there were a lot of great albums out at that time. Released in 1997 it’s jammed pack with 90s artists from start to finish with all different flows and bounces and each song is a favourite and all of them I hum or sing or rap along to them. With songs catchy hits like Hit Em With De Hee, The Rain, Sock It To Me, Beep Me 911 Missy Reigned in the late ’90s and the videos were everywhere with top productions visuals to go with their big productions. Though I liked the commercial hits my favourites on the album are Best Friend Ft Aaliyah and I’m Talkin’ and I also like Why You Hurt Me and they never get old when I’m playing them. I think it’s the combination of vocals, lyrics, production and guest appearances that makes me love the album so much. It has my favourite rappers and singers on the album and as I said with Timbaland productions it’s an album that will stand the tale of time and everything about it is just catchy and infectious. It made me appreciate Timbaland productions and I was ecstatic when I saw Aaliyah was working with both Missy and Timbaland and made me ride with them so hard. I had all their albums playing on repeat but out of all the albums they produced Supa Dupa Fly Is the one and I will never get tired of it.

The second album is Notorious B.I.G’s before his passing called Life After Death and was released in 1997. Now I had to think for a second and think what is my favourite Notorious B.I.G album was but it has to be this one as it’s the one that made me feel good and had the most songs I loved not just liked. Yeah, his first album Ready To Die was the shit but this had more party songs. His lyrical flows had me amazed on this album and I learnt how to write metaphors and jokey lines in my raps cos of this album. Though the album only spawned two successful singles Hypnotize and Mo Money More Problems and that was due to the explicit content it still had many hits from the album my favourites are Kick In the Door, Fuck You Tonight, What’s Beef, I Got A Story To Tell, Miss U, Another, 10 Crack Commandants, Playa Hater, The World Is Full, My Downfall, Long Kiss Goodnight and You’re Nobody (Till Somebody Kills You) the whole album basically. Out of all of them, I Got A Story To Tell is my favourite off the album and You’re Nobody (Till Somebody Kills You.) I do like both albums both Ready To Die and Life After Death but I felt this had more consistency on the number of good tracks and the ones I could play without doing harm should I say and that’s not meant in a bad way lol.

The next album I can’t skip when playing is Ludaris Debut album Word Of Mouf and was released 2001. The whole album is southern hypeness (full of energy) and has got hits like Roll Out, Move Bitch, Saturday (Oooooh Oooooh) and Area Codes. Though these are party starters they ain’t my favourite on the album and Go To Sleep, She Said, Growing Pains, Get The Fuck Back, Freaky Thangs and Cold Outside are my personal favourites from the album. The album is full of humour and one-liners and I could go on examples but I won’t. But it always makes me laugh each time and it has some good tracks on the album and not just humourous tracks but some deep tracks like Cold Outside and Growing Pains I really feel them tracks the most but when I’m feeling hyped I used to put on the other tracks and hype out. Even though it’s an old album I still love it like it’s the first time I heard it and never get bored of the album. Again when I was thinking about who’s albums I really love the most I thought Ludacris then I had to think what was the best album they are all good albums The Red Light District and Chicken ‘n’ Beer were in the running but I thought I’d choose Word Of Mouf as it’s a solid album and is more than good throughout and I’m not even saying his other albums aren’t as good the whole album is exciting.

The last album I can play without skipping is Lil’ Kim Hardcore yes bit of a shocker as it’s an album for the ladies some would say not me though for the record. It is one I can play and not skip a track as it’s full of sassiness and tales of haters I could relate to and being a joker I was like what the hell is she saying hold up a minute I can’t be singing that “I used to be scared of the dick now I throw them lips to the shit handle it like a real bitch” but I did anyway. I must admit when I first heard the album especially Big Momma Thang in the school gym and the teachers were blushing and so was I. I was used to Salt ‘n’ Pepa and those lyrics so when Kim came through she knocked me off my feet and I was like marry me Kim I love you. Some people would say this album is trash but if you value real hip hop you would know this is a gem of an album and has lyrical content that is being for the worst and the for the good cheaply intimated by other female rappers over the decades and more this decade. Though it hasn’t had that many singles off the album only Ladies Night (Remix) and Crush On You due to explicit content it remains a favourite to many and I think it’s still underground as the album hasn’t had much radio play. My favourites on the album are Dreams, Spend A Little Doe, Big Momma Thang, Drugs, Not Tonight and Fuck You, and out of all of them Dreams, Not Tonight and Spend A Little Doe are my favourites on the album.

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  1. I enjoyed that a lot, and learned a lot of info, so thanks for this, the National album day sounds very interesting.

    1. It’s actually a new day to celebrate and is something I haven’t heard of till today it is also something I will be doing every year so do look out for it next year 🙂

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