Winter Calls is a 5 track electronic synthy EP I made and released winter solstice on the 21st December. It’s a mellow EP and I tried to make it wintery and feel cosy and warm. I never used to like winter but now when it snows I really like it but only for a couple of days before it gets dangerous and you slip around on ice I hate that. I imagined it as if it was snowing and I was building a snowman in the daylight kind of thing for this EP or feel like it was snowing and I was near a fire watching the snow fall outside. I was really picky with the synths I chose and wanted to go for the ones that felt like winter and not just any thing and I hope I’ve done that and I also kept it slow and calm but a bit dark at times cos that’s how I imagined winter to be. The day’s get lighter after winter solstice which I like, I hate it when it get’s dark too soon and it gets cold don’t know how I did it when I was younger staying out in the winter time but to be fair I did wrap up warm with extra layers but it was always a part of me that was cold. My favourite memory in the winter when I was around 15 and it was snowing and I rolled a ball which turned into a massive snowball that I couldn’t roll no more it was that big. I also enjoyed making a snow bat with twigs for teeth and arms that was fun, I do like going out when it is snowing and building snowman then my hands and feet get cold and I want to go home but I try to stick it out for as long as possible and enjoy the snow while it lasts. I must admit with my central heating now I can enjoy winter a bit more as when I first moved in I had none and in the winter it was pretty cold but summertime it is boiling. The boiler at the time wasn’t very good and anyway I didn’t have no money to top it up as it was on the key so it wasn’t that good, it was plenty of hot chocolate, blankets and  electric heaters but not for too long as it’s costly on the electric but those cold days I would blast it all day,. 


Imagine you are in a snowy forest at dusk and it’s heavily snowing .or watching snow fall from your window beside a open fire and you got the track. It is a gentle beat to warm you into the EP no pun intended and I also wanted it a bit Christmassy so I used the one’s that felt like that and I used that as a lead. I would call it winter wonderland music and is suited for relaxing or studying I feel and ideal for use in winter. I tend to like my music seasonal to move with the year in both listening and making music so I like to get a certain feel whatever that is so hopefully I did that. 


Beneath The Ice is inspired by the film title What Lies Beneath and is around what goes on beneath the ice when no one is there. It is a artic track with a icy dark feel to it  and a groovy bass. Again I kept it wintery and calm but dark on this one as I imagined it to be dark and gloomy underneath that dark and cold water but also a bit mysterious and unknown. The track was going to be about melting ice but I thought that was to global warming and I should save that for another project so I decided to do a ice cap track instead as it felt more Christmassy and wintery. I imagined there to be polar bear’s walking around near by while there is a blizzard going on 


Winter Warmers is what is called it’s about wrapping up warm in winter and being cosy and warm but not just that it also reminded me of being by a fire so it’s a bit of that too. The track is another warm and cosy one to fit the title and also has a wintery feel to it. Again I picture snow falling this time in a busy city but due to the snow the roads are quite quiet and silent hence the calmness of  the track. I also picture people building snowman and the neighbours watching from the window with their mug of hot chocolate it was meant to be cosy like you were in by the open fire watching the outside. I feel it has a slight Christmas feel to it too and reminds me of winter it might be off something but I can’t just put my finger on it at the moment. 


Shattered Ice is another arctic track around ice and freezing weather. It is slow and cosy and also a bit dark and edgy but gentle at the same time. I made it a little dark but not too much as I wanted a nice relaxing upbeat chilled track. The beat is quite funky mostly the bass which sounds like it comes from the funk era of the 60s and 70s but the pads give it the nice gentle feel and also a icy feel too. I pictured the track to be as calm and soothing as ice cracking not when you are underneath it obviously but there is something so soothing when you hear that crack of ice  I also picture it as people exploring in snowy fields with snow and the north wind blowing in your face. Shattered Ice is a follow up to my other icy track called Frozen Ponds which is now unreleased and was when I first started making synth music more ofton.


Frost bite is another wintery cosy but this time upbeat track. I based it around walking in the snow and getting cold in the hands and feet. I should of made it more darker but as I said before I didn’t want a too dark EP so I made it chilled but upbeat at the same time. I also pictured it as you are in some woodland and you you just reached the destination and you are looking around at the beautiful landscape. Come to think about it I should of called it something different to go with the track but it still has that wintery and Christmassy feel to it so it’s all good. I wanted at least one upbeat track to make it sound different from the rest and to have a little variation and I didn’t want them all to sound the same but I wanted the same feel to every track. Again I used pads for the icy relaxing feel and a upbeat bass rhythm for change of scenery for this EP but it still feels wintery I think