Well, people, it’s nearly time in a month’s time the shit might hit the fan and we will see if we are still in the Europen Union or not. Brexit is a big topic and it’s in the news every day and now it seems to be trending on twitter with the #nodealbrexit and #stopthecoop who if you haven’t seen it they spelt Brexit wrong and brought disgrace on the whole trend but oh well. Firstly I’m surprised to see Boris Johnson be our prime minister after watching him on the likes of I think it was Have I Got News For You a British comedy quiz show where they talk about current topics in the news, I never thought he would be running as prime minister and I swear he said he never wanted to be elected on Have I Got News For You I’m sure of it. I used to like Boris until I found out he was a conservative and now I see more of him in the news I can’t stand him, even more he’s looking like a Donald Trump wannabe. So much has gone on in the last couple of weeks it’s hard to keep up but the mains ones I can remember are threats of walkouts, more threats from Boris and the big one talk of disbanding parliament to get this Brexit deal done with the queen’s approval which news says she can’t do anything about but she didn’t have to approve of it she could of just not commented on the situation that’s my opinion but anyway that’s to say she did even approve of it and it’s “fake news.” We must remember that people voted without knowing facts and with the polls saying 52% to leave and 48% to stay this Brexit deal is being pushed without our consent and it’s getting threatening. I say that as Boris is constantly saying “we will leave no if or buts” and “we actually have a way around it” it’s all bully and scare tactics he’s pushing his weight around in my opinion. The fact they didn’t let us have a second referendum goes to show in my opinion that they were scared people would oppose it and not vote the way they wanted them to vote, it’s bent behaviour and shouldn’t even be allowed. Talking of allowed there was news today that a Scottish judge’s decision to throw out a legal bid aimed at halting Boris Johnson from proroguing is the latest which the government says it’s a fair judgement. This is clear proroguing comes before dissolving of the government and how he is doing it should be illegal, I’m pretty sure what he’s doing is illegal though they are calling it undemocratic which is another word to say corrupted. Even though that has been thrown out there, is still a hearing taking place on this Tuesday 3rd September on if Boris is allowed to dissolve parliament. So I have, we all have high expectations for that.

And of course, the sterling pound has taken a fall and has dropped once again after the last couple of weeks of this Brexit crisis/circus and the talk of dissolving Parliament. That’s not a very good look for anyone and is a just a taste of what is going to come that’s if it does happen on 31st October 2019 on Halloween of all days. Though it’s kind of funny leaving on Halloween it shows what a joke it is until it got all serious I saw it as a joke too but then the real talk came and shit got real. In the beginning, there wasn’t much in it with the votes but now the time has moved on the tide has changed and more people are against it and they know it. I don’t know who Boris thinks he is he wanted to remove the backstop but the EU thankfully refused and saw sense, of course, you want to remove obstacles out your way but that was a silly one to remove and shows how wreckless the man really is. I think of it as Trump’s wall proposal and it’s like he wants hard borders and terrorist interactions there is no consideration for any side expect his own he is not for the people, people. We know this anyway after his blatant dismissal of the people by refusing a second referendum but I know that man is out for himself and the whole Brexit thing honestly build a wall around both of them (Trump and Borris) or just vote a no-confidence and get the whole thing away from the spotlight. If we do leave on Halloween the pound will drop again we will have another recession and not that the Brexit lot care it will all go tits up. Now I wouldn’t call myself patriotic but I do love this country and I don’t want to see it go all tits up and would hate to see another recession like most but I found it funny the ones who say they love this country the most want to do the most damage to it oh the irony and they won’t be laughing when all these things happen a recession is a definite I think. I don’t see how it’s benefiting us either, how is it benefiting us again? less immigrants and higher prices and one failing pound yeah I take that please, but there is more than that so much more I can’t be bothered to type all the wrongs. I made an album about Brexit called Welcome To Brexalon and can be found on all major platforms but that was about living in early 80s style recession in a world where Britain had left the Europen union and is in a state of decline, the supposable forecast of what is to come if we do leave. That was based on future predictions of Britain and got my research from various places no conspiracy sites lol, I don’t really watch the Brexit news come in, now and then when I’m reminded as I don’t watch TV but every time I see it, it infuriates me especially when they are throwing their weight around ass holes the lot of them. We can only hope now that something happens in favour of stopping Brexit and I hope for a good outcome in it all, there are so many people who are against it, it feels it’s the biggest motion and I hope for it to go away ASAP.

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