Hello everyone and how are we all? This is probably going to be a quick one as I only have a few announcements but I hope we are all doing good, I’m okay still missing my dog Patch but on the upside, it’s a nice day today and the weather couldn’t be any better. I haven’t been putting tracks out lately as I’ve been busy with a few projects I’m juggling a sample pack and merch keyrings to be exact. The sample pack is one-shots and some loops of edited found sounds that I recorded and edited myself that could be used in most genres and are from rhythmic passages to normal sounds. I’ve decided to put the processed and non-processed versions on the sample pack. I’m not sure how many samples there is going to be maybe 500 samples for £25 maybe more samples then that, still doing research on it and making my decision then but at the moment, it is as above, here’s a demo track which I made from some of the one-shots I recorded so far.

Sassy (Demo Track)

The second project is key rings of my dog Patch in a nun suit but I put some effects on it to make it look better like making it negative and brightening it up a tad and that was it actually. I’ll be selling them for £2.50 each and they will be in my store once I’ve made them up as I haven’t yet done that but in the next week or two, I will be doing that once I have more time, I made one up for display which I took a picture of to show off. I did it in Patch’s memory and cos I had this good idea and when I get a good idea I tend to act on it. It’s all been new to me but I’m learning along the way and learning new stuff like how to set up a website or shop on the website.

The Dark Nun

Well, I think that is it so take care and see you soon.

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