Welcome to theothersideofvoc.com formally known as visionofcolour.com home to all the madness. I am a music maker. blogger, photoshopping, video editor and lots of different creative stuff which I enjoy doing to keep me busy. I make a lot of different genres of music including Synthwave, Vapowave, Hip Hop, House and I experiment with new genres and music in general. I’m kind of obsessed with synthesizers and have been from a early age which is why I make a lot of what I call electronic synthy music  to put it in a non formal way. I don’t set out to be famous I just like to pass time doing stuff and always wanted to do some of the things I do but was too young and didn’t have the money to do it. I love animals and stay away from politics only when something really does my head in then I get into it but I do enjoy talking about it and get in lengthy discussions sometimes heated arguments. I did have a dog but she died in 2019 but she did live a happy and long life all the way up to sixteen well she was nearly sixteen, that’s her in the neon flashing picture above this text no she doesn’t always wear the nun outfit well sometimes. 

Get the latest of all the music I make from synthy stuff like Vaporwave, Synthwave and other synthy genres to club and rave stuff like House, Jungle and other rave and club genres and much more. I tend to make a lot of different genres but I mainly make Electronic stuff like all the above but I do like trying new things out and also it’s something I always wanted to make so I do try and make all sorts. All the albums and EPS are released and unreleased and can be found all over the internet on your favourite music outlet like Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer and much more. All my unreleased stuff I put on Bandcamp also free projects I will be giving away as I can’t sale them for whatever reason. It’s more sorted in the top main menu of this site and I’ve arranged them into genres, released and unreleased and also EPs and albums so if you need a clearer look please check there.

Get the latest news by me, from new releases to anything new and news wise that I want to share with you. I never thought of putting a news spot on my site before as I don’t travel or have a exciting life enough to talk about anyway like shows or gigs but I do release music so I guess that’s one thing and counts as news. I don’t intend to make it a hub to promote my music but I do plan on making it a hub for Facebook like status when I feel I need to say something so I am going to try and mix the two into one. 

Get behind some of the tracks I make with information about and around different subjects depending on what the theme of the tracks is so lots of different and random stuff. Some topics will have brief history on the subject and also some little facts about how I made it and what I feel and don’t feel etc and what I was going for at the time. It’s basically tracks facts about the tracks which is what it was called first of all. 

Read blog posts, I like to talk a lot which helps with topics for the blog but not always but the world gives me inspiration like current affairs which I touch on now and then. It’s also the place  where I inform people on what I’ve been doing and what to expect in the next couple of months, I usually do that at the end of each month but it does change when I take breaks basically when I feel there is nothing to talk about and I’m struggling to find a good topic that’s not too off putting. I like to be seasonal so all year round I celebrate seasons and festivals like Christmas and Halloween those are my two favourites and pick topics around that, it’s also where I might rant about certain topics but I usually refrain myself from doing that.   

Play retro 2D games on my website from space shooters to Pacman mostly designed by me but I want to start making them from scratch the easy way basically with no coding cos I tried and didn’t find it that easy or fun and anyway I like designing things. The games are made from templates with my own input in there like designing the players, goodies, enemies and of course the music. I plan to have lots of different games so I will add more when I get back to it but of course it takes time to do so don’t expect it any time soon. Some of the games can be played on your console like PS4 or 5 or Xbox through a internet connection so look out for details in the description of the game.     

Enjoy playlists from all sorts of genres from Vaporwave Synthwave Progressive Rock, House, UK Funky, Drum & Bass and Jungle, Chillout Reggaetón and much more as I plan to add more tracks to the track lists and add more track lists too over time. It’s mostly made by me apart from one playlist which is of other artists tracks that I like and have played quite a bit. Most of it can be also heard on V.O.C. Radio my online radio station I use mainly for this website but I do stream every now and then too.

Listen to some of my tracks unreleased and released all in one place streaming 24 hours a day seven days a week and 365 days a year. The independent radio station plays different genres like Electronic based genres like House, Vaporwave, Synthwave, Progressive Rock, Jungle/Drum & Bass and everything in-between. It has different themes throughout the day and night like upbeat and relaxing and also seasonal and festive themes like Christmas and Halloween. It’s all from the music I have made throughout the years and put together this radio station to go with my website. 

Watch music videos and visuals I made to go with the music that I also made. The videos are from my YouTube channel and range from single tracks to full hour long mixes. I like to edit videos and I make music so kill two birds with one stone so to speak by creating music videos. They are all from a range of genres from Hip Hop to Vaporwave and are some of my favourite and best tracks which is why I wanted to do something with them. They aren’t official videos but homemade ones so it’s not big budget.    

Listen to my mixes from tracks I made and released but there are some mixes that are from unreleased tracks. They are mostly Electronic based genres from House to Vaporwave and Synthwave lots of synthy stuff basically. When I have the right set of tracks I like to make themed mixes and I always do a Halloween and Christmas mix each year and have been for the last four years now. I’ve made quite a few mixes but I took them down again but I will add some of them again once I go through them again.  

V.O.C'S Selection