To celebrate releasing an album Neon Live a Synthwave/Electro Funk album, I thought I’d do a special blog post on why I personally love the 80s and hopefully highlight some of the better times. Even though I was born in 1985 I can remember the kid years and anyway looking back now thanks to Youtube and other sources I can tell you what I liked about the era of the yuppie and more advanced technology amongst other things.

Good Music

Now people say there wasn’t any good music in the 80s probably mostly the youngsters but you would be surprised who says that but I always say and forget about Madonna, Prince and Michael Jackson cos they killed it obviously but what about all the Hip Hop, Synth Pop, the start of House, Electro Funk, New Wave and Pop in general which is not like Pop now a days. Would I say is it better than 90s music now that’s a hard one and I can think of many genres from the 90s I like some genres were upgraded like R’n’B and Hip Hop but there was a lot of genres coming out of the 90s so that’s a tough one. I will say though I like both but 90s was my era so it has to be the 90s but as I said there were many genres coming out of that era I still love and listen to today. It was a mix bag of music in the 80s and 90s too but rock was dominating most charts thanks to the attitude of MTV another good thing to eventually come out the 80s though it’s not the same no more and it seems they have wondered from music videos and went for more fly on the wall documentaries instead. I don’t think it’s better but it’s similar to 70s music where they had those rhythms and instruments to make you go wild it is something I am passionate about and get quite excited when I hear it. I guess it leaks out in my music I make and especially with this album I just made Neon Live which is all what I love about 80s music that good vibe and rhythm to it, honestly you got to listen to the right stuff but I still think mainstream was okay you know.

Better Cartoons

Now I know I’m a adult now but man do cartoons suck these days with their youthful looks and PC morals just stick to the script Toxic Man is going to blow up the world again and they have to save them, on second thoughts that’s a bad idea but you get the point cartoons just ain’t the same as they were. I seen a meme on Facebook and it was two pictures old skool scooby doo with the gang and new scooby doo with the gang and it was upsetting, Thelma had a phone in her hand but I get it she needs it cos she’s gadget woman but it shows what times we are living in. I loved all the cartoons when I was growing up I started off on Postman Pat the good stuff then it was He-Man and Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles. Yes I charged around like a lunatic like the above and thought I was the above but I know we were all doing that. I see a lot of things are being cut like Tom And Jerry I do understand but it’s not as funny even though you know it’s coming it’s like telling a joke then running off into the sunset a complete waste of time. I’ve also seen new episodes of Tom And Jerry and again they looked Disneyfied all cute and cuddly practically kissing I was like this is not Tom And Jerry so I turned on the old ones instead, yes I still enjoy cartoons but that was some years ago though. Now with the knowledge of what they can do to a child it has all been toned down heavily in most cartoons and that is a good thing but it’s not the same and feels like they are nannying people instead of preparing them for the world cos that is a better option I think but okay nuclear and terrorist disasters are too much.

Mixtapes & Walkmans Baby

I’m not sure when I had my own walkman but it was at a early age and I loved it walking around with it on blasting it. It wasn’t so much the walkman as that got replaced with a more better option the Ipod and MP3 player but it was the cassette tape I still miss. You can tape stuff of the radio, you could tape anything you wanted really just as long as you had a cassette player with a record button on and you’re off. The other thing I liked was you could make mixtapes for your friends or even lover and it was that special touch to it that said it. I myself made mixtapes for my own use mainly stuff recorded off the radio I used to sit there and stop and start the machine every time I heard a song I liked but I figured out how to do it by the countless times I would record over it when I would rewind the song to check if I got it forget then record over it and sometimes they didn’t even play the song again but that was more 90s. Don’t get me wrong I do like the new technology and so easily transferable but there was something about tapes that were special for one you can carry them around quite easy though the walkmans were quite chunky until the slim line ones but unless you were wearing tight jeans it would fit in your pocket quite easy, though you had to have deep pockets and if I remember correctly pockets were quite deep in the 80s and 90s probably not so much except for that Jnco jeans faze. We shouldn’t forget the tape cassette though as it did pave the way for other things like the CD which was replaced by computers and Ipods etc and we all have had our happy days with our tapes bootlegging and buying cassettes for our enjoyment. That is the other thing as well back in the 80s and 90s there were more of a market for music where people would buy music and that doesn’t happen as much now and that’s only if you have a push behind you but people just don’t want to buy music now any more. This is why I am grateful and would like to take the opportunity now to thank anyone who has bought a song or album from me and to let you know I do appreciate it very much and it always makes me smile when I get a contribution.

Public Information Films

When I was young around 3-7 when I used to wake up in the middle of the night I used to watch a bit of TV or radio. I always used to dread the breaks as them bloody public information films they used to stick on frightened the life out of me. The worse one was the fire one with that horrible woman in that demon voice and witchy laugh it was terrifying the first time I saw that I was running for my bed I tell you. Even though it did scare me and temporarily scared me I did learn a lot from those short videos and stuff I still take in mind till this day say smoking in bed or when feeling sleepy for instance I know that’s a no no. Did you know I don’t own a deep pan fryer cos of those public information films it has put me off and I live in a block of flats so it would be dangerous for me to get one I don’t like taking risks. I think they should be brought back again and played to kids who are still learning the ropes of life I know they helped me for when I was older and I think a lot of them would benefit from it like I did. It’s funny the stuff you remember not to do when when you do get older and some of them you still do anyway as you are a rule breaker. I know they have made a world wide comeback after the COVID-19 thing so maybe they might stay who knows but I know I want them back as it really does save lives down the road.

Illegal Raves

This is something I wished happened later on in life but hey you can’t turn back time. Yes illegal raves in various fields, hangars, abandoned warehouses where a lot of people gathered and danced while high on that ecstasy talking crap to friends and strangers that’s just a guess but that was my Friday or Saturday night for sure at a club. There’s something exciting about going to a unknown location to get high and dance the night away not knowing where you are going until you finally know where you are going and I think if it was done right it could work quite well. There is no where to go without having to have money and those events drove people out of their homes and that’s a good thing as it is really better to be outdoors than in even though I do stay in a lot. If it was now I would be going all the time and getting out there and meeting new people but things have changed now and people aren’t so friendly no more or that’s how I see it in my world. So I’m not sure if it still would work most people don’t get the word unity no more and that’s a shame. There is more violence in the air and those type of places don’t need that type of mess getting in the way of people enjoying themselves. But if it was back in the 80s now that would be bliss and I know I would be attending as many of those events as possible I would always be excited cos I don’t know what random stranger I would meet next. I do understand about the noise and that but did parliament really have to shut it down it was probably a knee jerk reaction to some of the snooty residences but okay I do see your point though and it is a fair one but did you have to kill all the fun.

Video Camera Recorders

Who would of thought it a camera on your phone it’s like something out of James Bond films but we are here baby, it’s either a invention you love or hate and that is down to how camera shy you are. Even though they were still quite big compared to more recent models compared to studio equipment which came before that it was still a okay size to carry around or at least after a certain point but I know they were quite hefty in size and weight. The first video camcorder was released in 1982 and was on betamax but VHS stole the show as people favored that more than the betamax but there was stiff competition between the two for years. They were good but they have been greatly improved in the last decade where they got rid of the tapes and went digital which made things so much easier when recording and looking back at in later years to come. Also the noise you would get on the playback with all the grains and flickering yes the tape has become worn I don’t miss that one bit you know. It wasn’t cheap for blank tapes either and depending how much you used it, it might cost you quite a bit though buying in bulk helped but that was £40 that’s a lot for a teen back then I was lucky to get £5 every week for pocket money. Now that it is all digital and everything is easy to do it’s not as fun recording I feel well not at first but I found it a little I don’t know just not as exciting but I rarely record stuff now a days. I don’t really like being in front of the camera I tried but I get nervous and start acting weird not a good look but when I’m with friends I can trust I am alright it’s just youtube and instagram I hate putting myself out there but I don’t mind at the same time. I remember having my first camera recorder it was when I was living abroad with my gran I was given one and I remember filming everything and documenting my life as it happened vlogging before vlogs were a thing. I wished I kept it as I would like to play that back and see what I was like then as I barely don’t remember but there would be some good footage on there.

Start Of The Gaming World

Okay looking back now it doesn’t look all that but back then it was of it’s day and something we all loved. I didn’t have a Nintendo I had a Sega Master Drive and that was in the early 90s but I have played on a few in the 90s. The games were hard or at least I found some games hard and got frustrated quite a lot but I’m more calmer now a days as I just turn it off or though I did have a little outburst recently a couple of months in fact back when I was playing Kingdom Hearts 3 lol. I always remember blowing on the cartridges quite a lot happy days and compared to discs they were quite big so were the boxes that come with them they were quite big too. Even though Super Mario Bros was out in 1985 it dominated for many years after and I remember playing it all the time at my friends house. My favorite levels were the the wooded one and one near the end which I can’t remember now yes not good at names, I tried to look it up but after 5 minutes of searching I gave up. Obviously both the Nintendo and Sega consoles paved the way for more improved models and has won the hearts of many children who are now adults who are now gamers. Even though I had a console I didn’t play it that much same with friends maybe sometimes but we were mainly out playing and having fun not locked in doors with the curtain shut kind of scenario. My favorite Nintendo game is either Mario or Donkey Kong I did like that when I played on it. I think I liked Donkey Kong better though as I found the controls to be a bit more easier and it was less frantic but still quite fast paced. It’s hard to compare the difficulty in both old skool and nu skool gaming as I wasn’t that good at it back then but I have got a lot better after the PS2 that is and now I think I can play just sometimes not good with anger issues. I suppose they are harder in a way as we advance in our skills so do the games but that is all on the game and your knowledge of the game like RPGs for example you need to know what you are doing. If it wasn’t for arcade games we wouldn’t have the Nintendo, Sega Master Drive and eventually the Playstation and XBox so we have a lot to be thankful for though at the same time I’m glad I wasn’t stuck at home all the time looking at the box so I’m grateful for that too. I wouldn’t call myself a gamer any more well I’m on and off I’m more creative stuff now a days but that is down to playing so many games and getting bored of the whole thing so I look for other things to do and just so as it happens I love to be creative as my Facebook intro states.

CD’s And CD Players

I think some people take advantage of the CD player now a days as it’s easily manufactured for cheap prices hell you can get a CD player for less the £20 but I doubt it would last long though. It was a blessing having CDs in our lives and it is much better than having to carry around tapes which does add weight if you stick a few in the bag. Even though they were new they could be quite pricey and compared to tapes they weren’t cheap except for singles which were a okay price. Not only that you needed a CD player and that wasn’t cheap so it all adds up but I’m talking about the 90s mainly when CDs were more accessible but still not cheap but cheaper. It’s funny first it was vinyl, then tapes then it was CD’s and after that came the digital download which crashed everything and caused many people out of pocket. I do like the download era but I do miss going to the record shop and buying my music there was something of a exciting and happy time but I do enjoy having music at my fingertips ready to play when I feel like. It is a blessing when you can just type in a song and it comes up and of course all that hidden talent that is not so hidden no more thanks to the internet it has made a lot of celebrities. But there is nothing like the old days when you had to buy the whole album for that one track you liked or wait several hours until a music video came on horrible now I think about it but it was living life. The CD walkman which was released in 1984 two years after the mass sale of CDs and is another good thing to come out the 80s. I had my first CD walkman around 1992 and always remember it used to skip when I walked around, all of them did that so I went back to tape walkman as that was more stable then the CD player walkman. No surprise it has been discountiend by Sony as I feel they were good but not quite there with the whole skipping thing I could imagine a joggers pain with that one. It feels like heaven now having a MP3 player and phone now where you can just upload tracks via wires or even bluetooth and have them on the go or in your surroundings. We are lucky in a way well we are as we have that convenience of having everything on hand and with no much trouble where in the past it was like jumping through several hoops to get to the end.

As I mentioned I made a Synthwave album and this is to go with the album. I’m actually trying to get in that mood of writing blog posts related to the album I just released so this is just the first one of many. The album is full of feel good tracks and range from Electro Funk, 80s House and 70s to early 80s hip hop so it is a combination of the three but it is all Synthwave.

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