Today I went to an interactive theatre show with my dad and his girlfriend which I actually really enjoyed. We went for a nice Indian before going to the famous Colston Hall for a show called The Edge which was about a tv talent show and follows the staff and contestants on the show. You actually get split into groups we were the pink group and you follow a separate story in your group. Ours was about a spoken word poet who suffers from low self-esteem issues and we get to see how the bosses and producers really treat the contestants which I thought was a nice insight into tv production. It’s all interactive and you get to vote on other acts as you go along. It’s kind of hard to explain but I thought it was cleverly done. You basically get taken around and you meet these characters who play producers and other roles and they ask you questions and then the spoken word artist (the actress) comes in and has a meeting with the producers it was like being in the room of the famous TV production company and this was all happening while they asked questions like who did we like before we were split up in groups. Another part was this part where we went into a room and saw a short act about the character being bullied into agreeing to show certain clips that in their words would make good tv it was a video of her talking to another contestant and it looks like their flirting but their not, that part was actually funny and the real tea in my opinion but I don’t know for sure if that’s the case but I have heard about it before both in the tv and music world. After that, she showed us….. hmm how do I explain it basically there was a normal headline (a daily mail print out) say it reads Government Slashes Taxes and you had to turn it into something better with the same words like (give me a second to think) Slash Government Taxes we couldn’t think of one being put on the spot like that really messes me up. but that was fun, I thought it was very clever the way it was done and even though all the actors and actresses were young they still came across as big wig mature people in the acts I was impressed. Not only was that going on there was the extras or the finishing touches to the show the singers and dancers who were scattered all around the room, the main bit of the show was in the foyer and overlooked two balconies I think it had three floors and the stairs and the dancers were everywhere even in the main floor of each floor and on the stairs it kind of reminded me of a lively club with people doing their thing all over the place and they also had four singers three female and one male who kept popping up on the balcony I didn’t know where to look. Actually cos of my short ass it was eyes on the balcony and other things that were going on cos A I’m too short to see from the back and B. I’ve never been to a show like that before and only seen one maybe two performers on the stage, not a whole group of 50 plus dancers and the singers it was a lot. My two favourite bits though was three contemporary dancers in a box I say a box but I think it’s normally a small art gallery cos it had art on the walls but it was basically a small square room with glass doors and windows with lighting come from the back of the room opposed to the ceilings as it normally would have been but the dancing and the setting really did it for me had no idea what it was about but it still had something about it I think was because it was different. The other part I liked was after coming out of a scene the dancers had stopped dancing and were now laid on the floor just laid there and all over the place it was kind of surreal and I love surrealness the singing was awful at that point but it was all cleverly done to get that feeling what that was I don’t know but I take it as a surreal part of the show. The last part was the hardest part for me and that was only cos you had to stand up and I can’t stand for long but again I thought it was done well. Just picture X Factor and we were the audience and then there were the contestants and the judges who were in role all the time I say that as they all had to keep turning round to see the judges reactions after a short performance and I was sat down but I was the performances but had a birds-eye view of the judges. So what did I think of it? Well if you can’t tell already I actually enjoyed it and would do it again and I’m not the one usually for plays or films expect the old ones and remakes. Not only was it entertaining it was educational and I really do see those things happening in both the TV and music world so I feel it has some truth behind it this is why I don’t want to be famous. The best way to describe it as it’s like the Eminem song “My Darling” our story was like that. I liked the fact there were different groups and there were different stories that were cool and the acting was good they were believable and the interaction part was fun to take part in too. I would say if you see an interactive theatre production do go it might be fun or might be boring it all depends on the creative thought behind it all but if it was like this then it’s definitely a fun night out.

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