In Deep is a five track upbeat Electronic EP I made and is from old vocal samples I made a few years back when I was making House more but used them again for the synthy clubby tracks. I had fun cutting up the samples and putting effects on them though I didn’t have my normal effects I usually have but I made do with what I had free plugins within FL Studio. I wanted to make a more upbeat EP so I went for a clubby feel but there is a mellow track in there too. The title In Deep is self explanatory and is when you are too far in to swim back so you go on reckless which is something I refrain from doing when helped as I do suffer from a mental illness so sometimes that can’t be helped. I remember doing the vocals, on my cheap microphone and a no knowledge what’s so ever on how to EQ and compress things I was brand new back then still got some things to learn so not quite there yet with making it sound good and not too loud or compressed and I finally took into reconsideration about clipping and it being too loud and over compressed it’s just putting it into practice. I used some of my vocals I did when I was making house and used a synth which you could put vocals in and mix them together inside the oscillator coming up with different rhythms and patterns. I  decided to make a remix EP of my old tracks that were house but I wanted to do something different and also try something different so I experimented with my vocals and synth.  


In Deep (Remix) is a track I made and is upbeat and clubby. I’ve already explained the title so nothing more to explain on that end but it does feature my mate who was kind enough to lay down some vocals for me when I was making House music. I tried to make it sound retro but it sounds more like something from the 90s I think and one track especially but I can’t think what track it is. We’ve all been there in too deep and feel we can’t get out but there is hope and is a way out you just have to see it and know it’ there to grasp onto it and get you out of the mess you were in. You have to say the words I’m in deep that is the first step to recovery the second is finding the courage to get out if it’s really bad but there is always hope and someone to help again you just have to look. Not only do you have to be careful of deep water but it’s the sharks as well swimming around thinking they are the toughest thing out there but just remember they ain’t shit without a crowd and hate themselves and the world it’s not your fault they are sour lemons. I’ve been in deep water on a few occasions I got led astray when I was younger but I knew I had to walk away I just didn’t have the courage to do so now I tell you to go f yourself thinking I’m doing that but I wished I was stronger like I was now opposed to back then, 


Lost My Mind (Remix) is a track I remixed and is a upbeat clubby track and has House influences. The original track and remix was about me losing my mind in 2016 when I was sectioned for psychosis but I had it when I was seven years old. The condition means I don’t perceive the world as it is when I’m on a turn that’s what I call it. I won’t go into details but the feeling is not nice and had many dark experiences like crazy delusions and fits in public people must of thought I was crazy well news flash I am crazy deal with it hahaha. I hate people that look down at other people point blank but especially when you are crazy and they think they are better or can’t do some things like look after yourself cos of your condition it’s like okay snobby one sorry you are so full of yourself but lets hope it don’t happen to you eh. It is good losing your mind as long as you can get back again it’s all about finding yourself and making yourself stronger in the mind don’t bow to no man or woman is my motto but I’m always open for meeting half way and settle differences as long as you don’t go too far. I’ve been sectioned twice in the same year too once on April Fools the other time was near Halloween I wasn’t happy but now I am cos I get medicated so that makes it better much better in fact.   


In A Daze (Remix) is a upbeat clubby track I made. It is like the last track Lost My Mind but about being in a trance and sort of bubble, in your own mind mood. It comes with the condition and I haven’t been in that sort of feeling for a while now it’s usually when I take Class A drugs like when I used to go raving I don’t do them now and like to drink tea I love my cups of tea and is more safer then the drugs and it keeps my mind right cos too much of it can put your head in a right state but I’m a believer of less is more and after treatment IE looking after yourself after taking drugs but to be honest drugs are bad mkay….sorry I just had to say that. Drugs and lack of sleep that put’s you in a daze and in a land of your own I put myself in those places with staying up too late and over doing it with the all nighters but I do get a lot of rest when I do sleep sometimes I over sleep but that is due to the weird hours I go to bed but yes I’m a night owl guess I blame my raving days and going out for that. The worst time I was in a daze when I took them mushrooms and after wards I felt like I was in a dream for a while but apparently that is normal but it feels like when I’m having a turn and not feeling that good all spaced out and trippy feelings. 


Crossroads (Remix) is a clubby track I made and is around being unsure what path to follow and a million things running through your head but still unsure where to go or turn to. I suppose it takes time and patience but even then things sometimes don’t go the way planned. Most things come to you when you least expect it or when you aren’t thinking hard so let it come to you and don’t rush it out is what I would say. The track was inspired by being on the phone everyday with my mate after he finishes work and I always ask where are you and he replies at the crossroads and I start to sing Bone Thugs & Harmony track Crossroads so I thought I’d make a track out of it. Being half way there but still unclear is a bad state to be in and is the worst but as I said before with a bit of luck and thinking but not too much you can overcome the hurdles you just need to know what you are looking for. I’ve been in a crossroads of mind recently it’s a bit personal to get into but I’ve been thinking what I’m going to do with my life and some people in my life and also moving to somewhere else still at the crossroads and unsure what to do but like I said before I just let it come to me and not sweating about it but yes crossroads of mind it is. 


No Time Like Tomorrow (Remix) is a clubby track I made and is inspired by the saying no time like the present. If you are really honest I should of called this track no time like now but it’s too late now and I’ve already released two tracks one original and one remix. Something I always take into reconsideration there is always something to look forward to so there is no point in getting in a rut I have things to enjoy to stop me going crazy and in a rut. You do need things to keep you motivated and I have music that motivates me to get up and that helps me get through the years, I never know what I’ll be doing the next day and that is exciting for me keeps me motivated and want to do things though it’s all creative things but I’m always like I want to do this or that and I do, do it even if it’s learning new things cos there is no time like the present. The other thing is breaking old habits some people are like I’m never going to do this and not just in habits but life things and my answer is you never know until you try and try hard never give up on the first hurdles we know they are there to try us so we must get back onto the horse and try again no matter how stressful, you just need to take a break that’s all they help. I don’t like negative people they bring you down they always have something to complain about and that drives me mental but I don’t be around people like that as I like positive people around me who don’t hate life and love to be creative but that’s just me.