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It’s In The Picture Music Quiz 1

How good do you think you know music? Are you a whiz with Motown, Rock, Pop, R’n’B, Funk, Hip Hop, New Wave and House? Put it to the test by putting pictures together to make track names or artists from well known songs and artist from the genres mentioned above and are from the decades 60s to 00s.

Has it’s own dance routine and named like the track.

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Name This 80’s House Anthem That Was Remade Around 2011-2012 And Was Both Quite A Dance Hit?


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When you want to wake up?

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Name This Song From Popular 80’s Double Act?

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It is a mental health disorder.

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Name The Famous Female Pop Artist From The Pictures Which Spell Out One Of Her Tracks From The 80’s.

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Urgent isn’t the word!

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Name Me The 60s Motown Hit That Partly Pushed Motown To A Bigger Audience?


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It was her debt album and was like I said full of dirty content which made me blush as a young teenager but I liked some of the flows though.

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Name This Track From One Of The Hottest Albums In That Period Of 1996?

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His albums have a theme about birth and death.

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Name The 90’s Hip Hop Anthem Song From The Pictures?

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One of the members was always smoking?

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Name The UK Band From The 90s That Charted The Charts Numbers Of Times But Was Also Known For Their Own Disagreements?

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As I said before taking requests now?

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Name The R’n’B Female Group From The 90s That Had A Summer Anthem Of That Decade All About Taking Requests?


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It was iconic and also was quite controversial for a memorable scene and throughout the video?

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Name This 80s Rock Group By The Pictures Which Spell Out In Pictures One Of Their Songs?

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Gotta get it cheaper!

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Name The 60s Motown Group By The Pictures Which Spell Out One Of Their Most Loved Songs But They Had A Few?

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If you make it back in one piece I would write a four page letter.

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Name The Popular 90s Female R’n’B Artist From The Pictures Which Spell Out One Of their tracks?

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She was well known for her heartbreak music and her struggles with relationships and drugs.

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Name The Track From R’N’B Female Artist From the 90s And To Present Recently Doing Her Thing On The TV?

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He was known for being a character and his funny lyrics and later to make one of the most played songs of 1999 with a not so well known singer at the time?

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Name The Hip Hop Rapper From The Title Of One Of His Tracks Spelt Out In Pictures Who Was Also In A Well Known Hip Hop Group In The 90s?

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She wasn’t no hero but a what you call it in bed!………So the song goes by anyway.

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Name The Famous Funk Artist From The 70s and Early 80s?

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Bit demanding but yes pay up or go home!

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Name the Late 90’s and 00’s Female R’n’B Group From The Pictures Which The Picture Spells Out One Of Their Many Hits?

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It’s a cold world.

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Name The 1986 Funk Hit?

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All I know is when the pigs try to get at you you should do this?

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Name The 00s Club Hip Hop Banger Title?

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If money talks then dirty cash I want you dirty cash I need you more.

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Name The Famous Dance Track From The Early 90s?

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He elevated the drum machine with this hit.

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Name The 80’s Artist From The Pictures Which Spell Out In Pictures Of One Of His Most Famous Songs?

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Call them mates of what people who probably would call them evil glowing things from the future.

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Name The Track  Which Was Released In 1979 By A Famous Band?

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