Love Of Music

Love Of Music is a 5 track EP I made around you guessed it music and the love of it. The EP is upbeat and clubby but there is a mellow track in there as well. I’ve always loved music and different types from Baroque to club music, Electronic music and all sorts of course pop when I was under 10 I think. I’m kind of obsessed with music and always have been it started from Michael Jackson and Madonna in the 80s when I was 4 and up maybe five I think but as I was moving around I heard different types of music from world music to progressive rock and electro genres which I always loved and was fascinated by and always wanted to make or be like when I was older it was that or fireman because Fireman Sam but actually I wanted to be a lot of things I wanted to be a Power Ranger at one point lol. I’m not sure where I got my obsession with synths from but it was everywhere and I loved hearing all the different types of synths I had no ideas they had names I thought they were just sounds I don’t know what I thought actually. I kind of remember the day when there was news on the way the digital market was moving and they said things were going to be more cheaper and more accessible not sure the exact date but it was late 90’s and it was on the TV a program about the latest tech and one bit was about music my subject. I thought I really am going to make music I was going to set out and do it and I did only took 25 year’s after but eh I made it. I wasn’t sure what music I was going to make still don’t as I’m always hopping from one to the next well sometimes when I feel like a change but I knew to make it good and catchy and hopefully I done that.All the tracks are four to the floor making it a bit clubby or as I would call upbeat and danceable. 

Love Of Music

Love Of Music is a upbeat track that the track was inspired from the jingle from a House podcast and Record Company Defected which I was listening to a lot back in 2011 around. As I said before I always have been obsessed with music and all different stuff but I loved my Reggae, Hip Hop, R’n’B, House, Funk and all sorts of synthy stuff I was lucky to hear a good balance of music I guess. Music has helped me through quite a lot and with the help of it it aided me out some dark places that I never want to relive but anyway, guess this is why I love my music so much.  The track is electronic based and sort of reminds me of a track on Saint Rows, one of the Electronic tracks not sure what it’s called though. It also reminds me of tracks in old retro games I could see Paper Boy dashing around to this but granted that theme tune is brilliant and is hard to make it as good but I try of course. It’s funny how memories are attached to songs good and bad and how we love it so much and also the history of genres from Classical to Hip Hop and how it’s shaped over years. The fact it will stand until the end of time is amazing and unbelievable how it’s adapted and changed over the years and still people flock to it. You have to be introduced to that song or album that makes you say “Please Sir can I have some more?” And if you’re music mad like me then you can not say no to anything played to you expect for the genres you dislike of course. 

Melodic Waves

Melodic Waves is a retro upbeat track I made and is about you guessed it melodic waves or in another way making melodic waves in a trending like way. It’s kind of hard to stand and be different then everyone else considering most things or nearly all things have been done so it’s hard to be original and come up with something new. To understand what a wave or a waveform is I will explain the best way I can. A waveform is a graphic visual of inside the oscillator (the place to make your sounds)  that is characterized by it’s amplitude (volume) and frequency (pitch) and comes in five main forms triangle, sine, square, sawtooth, and rectangular. My favourite is sine wave and is the best for those smooth deep basses which I love a good bass but I do like square as well but I find the bass to be a bit rough with the nicer stuff I sometimes put in.  The generated sound is then cleaned up using filters low and high pass filters to smoothen the sound out and make it more palatable to the ear. It’s hard or at least I find it hard to know where the direction of the sound is going when making sounds and some times I don’t like where it’s heading so I started again but eh it’s all trial and error, I haven’t done it for quite a while now but I’ve nearly payed off one of the synths I used so I used it quite a lot kind of forgot how to use it but hopefully when I do get it again it will all come back to me. 


Boombox is a upbeat track I made and is my favourite on the EP. It has a Electronica vibe to it and a heavy bass as I said before I love a big bass so I just had to put it in there. It sort of retro Electronica into the future with some more up to date sounds or  they sound newer to me. With the title Boombox I just had to make it sound like the 80s. I always chased up beats like this as they were so vibrant and uplifting they sound better than me though obviously but I always wanted to make some electronica from a early age but was told it was too expensive as back then it was and had no cheaper alternatives or plugins it was all hardware, I was too young for that at the time. It made me practise more on the keyboard that my gran got me she plays piano and organ and one day I hoped to buy some hardware and start making music. Of course it never happened but I did learn a few things that came back to me when I was relearning the piano never got anywhere but it sure helped me make music better so it helped in another way, the way I was hoping for exactly. It seems to surprise me how really good Electro Funk really is especially from the 80s that New Wave and breakbeat my three favourite genres from the 80s it just makes you wanna dance with the beat groovy baby is a understatement. I’ve always liked Funk so when I heard Electro Funk I thought I want some of that but it was hard to track down artist names and titles things weren’t that accessible back then if some of you might remember.  


Genres is a upbeat track I made about you guessed right again music genres and my love for them. I have many favourite genres I named a few already but the ones I also like is a bit of Baroque Music,  Progressive Rock, Rock, Country and also 80’s and 90’s pop of course as those were my eras. The genres I don’t really like are Heavy Metal, 00’s Pop, Dubstep and Happy Hardcore but I am game for anything good so I still wouldn’t say no to some of the songs in those categories.  I wonder what the new genre is going to come out of 2020’s I am keeping my ear out for anything new that is either been adapted or something totally new it’s exciting hearing a new genre for the first time and running out and buying it or though now a days  everything is digital but you can still go down to HMV and buy it there if it’s mainstream or saleable. I haven’t for a while but when I was younger I used to listen to the radio quite a lot and hear different styles and genres which made me mad as I couldn’t get them in the shop and anyway they were too expensive nor did I have a record player to play vinyl’s so I used to tape them off the radio and play them on the way to school and on the breaks and in the class sometimes when I really got bored. I’ve attempted to make a new genre of my own but it was already done it was called Urbient and a cross between urban music like Hip Hop and Ambient music guess they call that Chill-Hop. But that is the good thing about making music you can experiment and try new things and possible come up with a new genre no one has heard of before, if you’re lucky as it’s hard to come up with something new as I said before everything has already been done but doesn’t mean to say you can’t redo it.

Bars & Measures

Bars And Measures is a upbeat track I made about measures and bars which is a term used in music theory. The measure or bar which mean the same thing is the amount of notes to read in that section and is broken down into sections to make it easier to read. There are different types of time signatures that fit in the bar or measure the most common used ones are 4×4 which is common time and used in most genres and 3/4 which is used by the R’n’B and Country genres but was originally used in Waltz music. Depending on the note value and time signature the measure or bar can hold up to a certain amount of notes for example 1 semibreve or whole notes will last the duration a measure or bar, two  minim or half notes will last a measure or bar and four crotchet or quarter notes will last  a measure or bar, the more cut up it is the more notes you will need to fill up the bar with notes extending to the next measure sometimes. That is just some of the music theory you have to adapt to but I kind of knew some already as I had a keyboard. Learning music theory is a must and I’m still learning when I feel in the mood I just like to create without the studying but I still made time to learn a few things to improve my music and I was relearning too. Something I thought I should do more in the year do some ear training as I am alright but still unsure on some of the notes yes I make that my goal for next year to get better ears it was on the spot thing. I imagined this playing at a fair with a carousel or waltz in the background and is one of my most upbeat tracks on the EP but they are all upbeat as I keep saying.  Also bits of it reminds me of 80s house and also in the 00’s too but I’m unsure about the last part. 

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