MC = Vocoder is a five track EP I made and is a synthy vocoder EP that has a 80’s influence to it. I got some new synths and wanted to test them out so I made a EP using my new vocoder synthesizer which has some pretty good sounds on and was hard to pick which one to choose. It is both a upbeat and mellow EP and the theme is around the 80s which was the decade I was born in. I wanted to do a vocoder song but never had the right equipment so when I saw one which actually comes in a bundle that I’m rent to own I got on it straight away. I still want to do another one but with my voice on as the one’s I used are pre sets which is okay but I like to experiment and do my own thing but pre sets are easier for me cos the sound is already made for you which makes my job ten times easier.  You gotta love the vocoder I do especially in Funk when they say “get down” it makes you want to get down there’s something about it. I like old vocoders and hate autotune I liked Cher, T. Pain & in more recent years Drake which don’t get me wrong I like or liked all the above but after a while it get’s a bit annoying and anyway everyone was using it ha remember when the press said the music industry was in a crisis because people who couldn’t sing was getting record deals and using the autotune now it’s okay well people seem to like it, I don’t know though do people still like it? 


MC = Vocoder is a upbeat electronic synthy track which the title comes from the lyrics of the track. The beat has 80s feel to it and has a dark gloomy bass with melodic sounds. The track like the title is all about how to get the vocoder going and all equals to the machine I’m not much of a expert on this subject but I do remember touching on some of the subjects at school in science or was it music I can’t remember now. But vocoder is a synthesizer, generator is what it says on the tin generates sounds, oscillator generate waveforms so generates sounds basically, synchronised keeps the beat level and not off beat, synthesize just means to produce sound and that’s the lyrics of the track. The vocoder was invented in 1938 by Homer Dudley at Bell Labs as a means of synthesizing human speech. It wasn’t until the 1970s Moog made a vocoder synthesizer for the Soundtrack Clockwork Orange and after then until the early 80’s which during that time it was the most popular. It has been used by many artist from the Parliament Funkadelic, Zap & Roger, Kraftwerk, Hashim, Outkast & Daft Punk just to name a few and it hasn’t been in the limelight for a while now or at least I haven’t heard any vocoder tracks recently that was popular only autotune but saying that I don’t listen to music like I used  to I make music and spend most the time doing that and other things too. 


Sunset Sunday is a chilled electronic track I made and has a nice relaxing feel to it like it’s a Sunday morning or night. The track reminds me of old House rave videos music but one especially but I’m not sure which one.  Sunday was the worst day for me as it meant going back to school but now I’m older it’s just a normal day for me and doesn’t feel like no other to be honest, I still get that it’s Sunday feeling it’s just in the air which is what I got from the feeling of this track. Sunday’s also meant Sunday Roast or going to the pub for dinner or just relaxing at home which is also what this track represents, not so much now a days I’m much older now and enjoy staying at home doing stuff but I do like going out to. Talking of that Sunday also represents going for a Sunday walk out in the countryside which is what I did when I was much younger, I still go on walks not just Sunday but any day of the walk I always enjoyed going out walking but Sunday is a special day to go out on a walk. The other reasons why I never liked Sundays cos all the shops shut early or at least they did till more recent years not that I had money or anything but there has been times I’ve went there and the shops are shut which meant I couldn’t buy what I wanted but saying that I could always buy sweets from the corner shop.   


Neon is a upbeat Electronic synthy track I made and reminds me of a neon light flashing on and off. Don’t you just love a neon sign I wanted my own but never got one nowhere to hang it but I always liked the look of them. As soon as I think Neon I think 80s and is why I called the track Neon or it reminds me of going into a big city like London and being blinded by the lights. This is what it is all based around going into the city and seeing all the neon lights so kind of exploring too. The track was going to be called Bright Lights but I really meant neon lights so I went for that to make things more clearer also it reminds me too much of bright eyes burning like fire and I wasn’t going for that. 


Tape Devices is a mellow Electronic track that I made and is around the Walkman. I’ve talked about my days with the Walkman it was a happy time and during the years I’ve had quite a few of them from cheap to the up market ones but they always broke after a while or I dropped them. I used the trusted Walkman all the way up to 2010’s when I got a MP3 player instead but I always liked walking around with it never left the house without it kind of like the phone. My early memory of having a Walkman was probably 1993 listening to Madonna and Michael Jackson on it and then 1996 onwards buying singles and taping radio shows off the radio. It’s a known fact I walked around with at least four tapes on me to keep me entertained during the day you could hear me rattling behind you when I had the right clothes on people used to stop and be like what’s that. The first Walkman was made by Sony and was a compact cassette recorder designed for journalists and released in 1977, the world’s first low-cost personal stereo, went on sale in Japan on July 1, 1979, and was sold for around $150.00. Good job they weren’t that expensive when I was younger as I said they always broke especially the real cheap ones from the pound shop. I actually remember buying quite a few cheap ones it’s all I could afford but sometimes I bought them for the headphones they were only £2.00 for headphones and a cassette player but they were cheap as chips and the headphones were quite annoying with the headset adjustments and cheap ear protection and the wire was cheap to but it lasted for a week at least.   


Beat Of The 808 is a mellow Electronic track I made and is Side B to Sunset Sunday and is around the 808 drum machine. I do love the 808 and is my favourite of the collection as I like the thump of the kick or the bass of the 808 and I use it quite a lot even in my House tracks but when I want to be authentic I use the right drums for the track. It is the drum machine that get’s heavily used and I think that’s cos it’s blends in with so many genres so it’s easy to pick that one for the job as it just fits in perfect. My love for the 808 comes from many tracks I’ve listened to and fall in love with the drum patterns but knowing what it was called and it always made me want to make music and come up with my own patterns but instead I would drum it out on the school desk and on the back of the bus seat probably annoyed some people but who cares about them. What I like about the 808 it has two purposes one for a drum kick and the other one for a bass and comes in handy when you are looking for a subby like  bass that’s not too out there just a standard bass, I also like the kicks and hats and also the percussion elements too I use that in most of my tracks and always go back to them I try not to sometimes but you can’t fight the feeling and all that. The Roland TR-808 is a drum machine made by Roland and was made in 1980 and only lasted three years until 1983 as didn’t sell that well and was seen as toy. Though it didn’t sell that well it was used by artists in such songs like Marvin Gaye’s Sexual Healing and Afrika Bambatta’s Planet Rock and was also used in a lot of Hip Hop and Electronic songs around that time the drum machine was released. Though it was discontinued a couple of years after it’s release it has made a big come back and has been used heavily in more recent years like Kanye West Love Lockdown  and has become the most popular and most reliable drum machine to date.  

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