Hi everyone and welcome to my new site theothersideofvoc.com formally known as visionofcolour.com. It’s been a while now since I’ve last done a monthly update since December not a lot has been happening apart from the last month or two when I went under big changes and that is why I haven’t been updating you sorry. 🙂 As I said I’ve changed my artist name and also my domain name to match each other cos that would look a bit confusing lol I’m now known as The Other Side Of V.O.C. and choose that name as I have a lot of different tastes in music and make all sorts but also my personality too has many sides.  Please do not look for anything under the name Vision Of Colour and instead search for The Other Side Of VOC where you find or will find most of the stuff there I have released  just give me time I will be adding lots more to my music platforms you can check the links in the drop down menu at the top of any page or post for where you find me on social media. I’ve added three main things on the top menu a playlist menu of mostly my stuff but other people as well on one playlist of what I like and listen to in the last decade. The playlist are categorized by feelings so Relaxing Vibes anything mellow and synthy, Rave all things upbeat and clubby anything from House, Drum & Bass, Electronic vibes and more.  V.O.C. Selection a playlist of tracks I made and I like and the one I mentioned already Now And Yesterday a playlist of the tracks I like and listen to not made by me. Also there is a games section of games I’ve made cos I’ve been doing different things and the idea came from after making a lot of chiptunes songs I thought it would be great if I could make a game with it and I sort of did. I didn’t do the mechanics of the game like gravity and all that it was a template I got online and I customised it with my own characters and objects, backgrounds etc that most of it I created apart from the backgrounds. I have a platform game I’m making but I’m having trouble with it so I gave it a rest for a while and went back to others things. The website I’m using  Construct 3 is very good and is code free which works best for me. I tried coding maybe I didn’t give it long enough as I wanted to create not code and Construct 3 was the best solution for me I think. There’s two games up there now a Pacman game and a space shooter game and please do don’t complain to me if the space shooting game is too hard it might just be me but I found it hard to survive and so does my poor friend who tested it out for me. I also added a news section of my latest updates of latest releases and general news and thoughts whenever I do have something to share I won’t post it on twitter but check the top menu and that’s for all three new menu sections. Also I added a terms & conditions and privacy pages please read them carefully nothing to sign just a acknowledgment from you they can be found here;

  Terms & Conditions (theothersideofvoc.com)

Privacy Policy (theothersideofvoc.com)


I haven’t really made much music in the last month but I’ve released a few more EP’s of more upbeat tracks like House and Break music and I also released a synthy album about  racism this can be found  either searching the other side of voc on any music store or music streaming site or there is a drop down menu of all my social media outlets including Apple Music and Spotify on the top of each post or page the hamburger sign. My Spring EP titled Spring Break is a 4 track upbeat breaks EP mixed with Reggae, House and House vocals with of course synthy stuff and I forgot jungle breaks slowed down it’s upbeat but not super fast or though it may feel fast to some IDK though lol, Racial Harmony is the album I released on Anti Racism Day and is about aspects of racism from colourism to unfair sytems and has no lyrics in and are just instrumentals but it’s all in the title. It is actually a old album I made but I retitled the titles and also EQ and gave them a bit of a makeover as it was a album I liked and was back before I got better at EQ and everything. The last one which is a EP was also another one I remastered and released not so long ago called Absorbed just a mostly vocal House EP with one instrumental track and are mostly from my first House album I made which was in around 2017 when I first had proper attempts of making full songs but they were way too long, I don’t know what I was thinking it wasn’t even that you need the right formula to make a certain amount length of song and I never knew how long each section to be but I can narrow it down now which is something I always wanted and knew I had to do cos not everyone is going to listen to that for that long. As I said before you can find the drop down menu on top of any page or post (look for the hamburger) and you will see my Spotify and Apple Music platforms to stream or buy my music, thank you if you do buy or stream my music. 😉

Thanks for everyone who’s been streaming and buying my tracks on all the music platforms I do appreciate your purchase and hope you enjoy the music. For my more unreleased and some released stuff please check my Bandcamp page here it can get random at times as in genres as I like a few; 

The Other Side Of V.O.C. (bandcamp.com)

I will be back to making music very soon and since we are in Spring near to summer I thought I’d make some more upbeat clubby tracks like House and maybe some Jungle who knows I’m not sure when I’m going to make it but it might be up before summer or at least during summer but I do hope to release some more old music I feel wasn’t up to scratch because it was too distorted or wasn’t EQ right they will all be titled the same just put in EPs and also title them remastered so do look out for that if you like that sort of thing. 

I know Halloween is ages away yet but I like to prepare early so I made three EPs which I will release during the Halloween period starting around 27th September. I will hopefully make some videos to go with one of the songs from each track of the EP which I yet haven’t started but I’ve made the music and have that safe so it will be released this year hopefully. Also but I’m not sure yet I plan to do something on my website I do plan on explaining the album which has got a story to it and each track is a different plot to the story and concentrates on main aspects of the story. I might do something else but I’m unsure what or even if I will at all but like I said I will explain the EP’s in a blog form as they are released. If I have enough material I might do a Halloween mix of some darker stuff I always think have I got enough material to cover a mix and each year going through the tracks I say yes I do so I hope to do it this year too. Talking of that thanks to the people who listened or who liked my Halloween 2020 mix on Youtube I got over 100 views which is ranked as my best video on Youtube to date and received three likes but I didn’t expect a okay turn out for someone like me anyway views or especially people to give it a thumbs up but I’m still happy and grateful. I obviously took time and effort to make the mix and then the visuals and like I said I was only expecting a few people to view it okay sounds like it was a million and I just got my golden thumb plat but no I’m just saying hopefully this year I can get even more but I’m not that bothered as I make music casually and even though I take it serious I don’t share my music a lot except for on the platforms I am on but I don’t always retweet my music or share it on all the pages of Facebook I’m more like here’s my music hope you like it but I do like to interact with people and get to know people too and hope to get to know you all without the music and stuff. I like having debates a lot I’ve tried a few but went like a flat pancake so I haven’t tried again it looks like you are shit stirring as well but no I like to  talk and debate things especially real issues. Though I don’t keep fully updated like watch the news often and get it by conversations and seeing the most shocking etc on Facebook  but I haven’t watched the news for a long time is that good is that bad you decide. this is due to not watching TV or watching it live on my computer as you have to pay a TV licence in order to watch TV I don’t know some thugs in suits have got us hostage lol no I meant it’s the government law.

I had a small spike of listeners on V.O.C. Radio my online radio station I made mainly for my website but as I always say I do stream from time to time. I’m not sure how genuine the listeners were I still need information on that as some of them were a bit weird and don’t know too much about crawlers and one of them came from Facebook Headquarters and I’m not sure if someone clicked on the link and was  listening I need more research on that as it’s something I’m not familiar with. Despite that I had a few listeners still and have come from over the world and tuned in for a couple of hours thanks to those people who did and hope you come back sometime.  The radio station showcases my released and unreleased stuff and ranges from synthy stuff like Vaporwave, Synthwave and other Electronic synthy beats then I do the rave stuff like House, Jungle and other clubby and ravy tracks which most of it is now unreleased but like I said before some of it will be released over the summer hopefully as I still haven’t made them yet. During the day and night in GMT there will be different shows from night time to weekend beats and I tend to make a summer playlist over the summer as I already have done a spring playlist and actually got quite a few tracks to put on. You can check the schedule of the radio station in the top menu  click on V.O.C. Radio and scroll down to the timetable and to see full listings of shows. Also in the main menu in the dropdown sub menu under V.O.C. Radio you can find selected playback shows of some of my shows or two hours shows. 

So if you haven’t been on my home or landing page or looked in the main menu you wouldn’t of seen that I have a competition coming up starting on May 1st and running to July 1st and is a chance to win a copy of the synth plugin OB-Xa by Artuia a synth plugin company I like and love their raw synths sounds. I won’t say what you have to do right now please visit the home or landing page or the top main menu under competition where there is a temporary menu after the 1st May and fill out the acquirements to enter. I had two plugins the same when I bought the collection so I thought I’d give one away as I won’t be using it no more as I already have one already. I will be splashing it around on most of my social  network websites and there are a few requirements but isn’t that hard to do and shouldn’t take too long no more than half hour as you have to do something. I will need a real name and email  address and also what city you live in so I can reregister the product to you and only you and to prevent it from going into the wrong hands but this won’t be done until after the winner is decided but you still need a valid email address. If this one goes well I also have another plugin which I don’t use cos it’s a USB stick and it’s annoying having to put it in when you need I so I will give that away but I plan on doing that over Christmas I think. The competition in May is to celebrate my new website and domain name change and to give something away as I’ve never tried a giveaway before had had some things I thought some people may want and like so I thought I’d give it ago and there is no time like the present. 

So there has been a few big news items on the TV and in the paper in the last two weeks or so. Prince Philp and the rapper DMX died on the same day, laws were relaxed on the COVID lockdown with shops reopening again and the verdict of the cop who killed George Floyd is out well actually I just looked again and the last time I checked they said the verdict was out but just looking again I see they have made a decision and found him guilty of second and third degree murder also manslaughter and has to wait another eight weeks till he is sentenced. I hope they throw the book at him with a strong sentence for his crimes and to show the other cops they don’t own the street they patrol the streets big difference but who knows what he will walk away with I’m not familiar with law especially with American law………….ah just looked it up and as I thought second degree murder is serious and that is like first class murder but not as serious kind of like classes in drugs with class A, B and C, A obviously being the highest and more penalties if caught with a substance in that class. To be charged with second degree murder it states “Second degree murder would encompass: unlawful killings committed with an intent to cause serious harm. unlawful killings intended to cause injury or fear or risk of injury where the killer was aware that his or her conduct involved a serious risk of causing death” and in Minnesota you face 40 years in prison if that is accurate the goggle search. Thirddegree murder (also called manslaughter) is an unplanned, unintentional killing that is not part of another felony and faces 25 years in prison. So all together 40 plus 25 equals 65 years so that’s life not to mention man slaughter on top and again that is just a goggle search and I don’t know the laws of each state or USA in general. The other big topic the passing of two famous people one I was sad for him and the other I was sad to the widow. It was really sad to hear DMX died and not at the expected age as well. Not only that he died with his network worth in the red with -1 million net worth and also millions of dollars in debt. I’m not the most biggest DMX fan as in I didn’t follow all his music but I did like all his singles and Damián is my favourite DMX song apart from Party Up In Here and Back In One Piece with Aaliyah oh yeah and the Ruff Ryders anthem. R.I.P to him and them all he is with the best of them and like I said I never followed all his albums or liked some of the stuff he did but was still loved and was entertaining in his interviews I watched. The other news is England shops are now back open the non essential ones which hopefully mean it will be eased when expected HOPEFULLY but if there is a sudden outbreak we could be back to square one but let’s hope it doesn’t cos I miss going out or though I am used to staying in doors  a lot. I have planned a summer which I hope to have and if all goes well I will but thankfully cases in England are down and settling so I’ve been told. It’s kind of weird being in lockdown for over a year now and I thought it wasn’t going to last that long but I was wrong and now want it to be over and back to normal coos the days are going slow for me but at least I got stuff to do but I want to go out some where. 

Well that’s the summary of the last month or two it was bit longer then expected I was hoping to get in down a bit shorter but I don’t think it’s that long. I didn’t do much in January and February apart  from make computer games with easy to use software on a website. March and April I was sorting out my website theothersideofvoc.com and also releasing music on my music platforms and that is about it for those months I have been absent on here. As I said probably a few times now you can find all my social media outlets including Spotify and Apple Music at the top of every page and posts just look for the hamburger sign. If you want to stay up to date with all my posts and stuff on this site please fill in the form and subscribe to my website getting automatic updates sent directly to your email inbox, take care and see you next time.

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