Hi everyone how are we all this month? Well I’ve been busy making tunes and enjoying the hot weather though it’s kind of been too hot 30 plus degrees and it’s been so hot I had to buy a fan and it feels so much better now with it I must admit. I’ve noticed I’ve been making a lot of EP’s recently which I don’t usually do but now I started it’s all I want to do apart from the odd full album every now and then special occasions and all that. I would to like to start to thank people who supported my music in the last month…..or before I do appreciate the support and am so grateful for every penny you spend so thank you for the purchases people. I’ve made three EPs in the last month Face The Mirror a Vaporwave EP,

Face The Mirror EP

Sunny Rays a chillout summery EP

Sunny Rays EP

And Sound’s Around The Home a found sound EP with some sounds I made myself with around the house objects.

Sound’s Around The Home EP

Also I yet haven’t finished my Reggaetón album which I plan to release when finished I was looking to release it on Reggaetón Day but I yet can’t find a actual date for it apart from a party in LA that was this year but no actual date.

Not only that I’ve finished one album and the other one is nearly finished. The one finished is a winter album coming out on winter solstice 21st December and is not a Christmas album but more of a winter album with some nice relaxing tracks nothing too upbeat saying that though there is a few upbeat tracks but it is mostly downtempo. The other one that is nearly finished and is a mental health album coming out on Mental Health Day on the 10th October I think it is, so a little but not too far away for those two and that will be released on Bandcamp and all major music platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music Deezer etc. I’ve decided for the mental health album to and for the first week to give it away for free on Bandcamp as a thank you for your support and to help people like me with mental health issues. I know music is my go to so I hope people find comfort in the album or just enjoy it and forget their troubles for a bit which I find music helps does.

COV-19 news; So how is everyone doing with this wearing masks in shops and other places. I don’t go out that much so I don’t use them and when I go out and I always forget it and risk the fine terrible I know but I feel I am safe enough from it which sounds ignorant or brave but the way I see it as long as the place ain’t too packed or been contaminated then it will be fine. I always have trouble breathing in it and too see out of it is just a joke, I was shopping getting my money out and I couldn’t even see inside my wallet guess I had it on wrong or something cos surely they shouldn’t be that bad but it’s all good. I know there is a quite a division between masks wearers and non mask wearers I say there is no point shouting if there is no real proof behind it and anyway that’s no right or wrong if you do good for you and if you don’t vice versa but just don’t be pushing it on me. Honestly the dirty looks I got off some people and yes rebels we ride together lol.

Nothing else to report really I haven’t done that much might be doing something next month but still not sure yet but if I do I will post on my next round up.

On the 25th of this month is Aaliyah’s 19th death day and to celebrate her life I did actually made a EP but truth be told I wasn’t happy with some of the tracks so there is two tracks that I liked and will put up on Soundcloud on the 25th so if you like Aaliyah’s voice and remixes you might like the tracks I made in fact I put a taster here so you can know what to expect though I must warn you they are two completely different tracks. It was hard to work with Aaliyah’s voice as she has had some great producers Timbaland is the most famous one so to live up to that was tough but I just went with the flow and didn’t aim to be as sick a Timbaland but to make as sick beat like Timbaland if that makes sense. Funny enough Timbaland is one of my favourite producers from the 90’s and so is Aaliyah though she is a artist not producers lol. Let it be known that he was one of the people that made me say I want to start to make music but and as you can tell by my tastes I have lots of influences like from the Progressive Rock, Vaporwave/Hauntology, House and Garage, Drum & Bass/Jungle Hip Hop and Latin music to name a few this is why I like to make a lot of different genres or do crossovers though I try not to chase the waterfall but I do get bored of making some genres of music than other’s. Okay well I’ll be going now so until next month stay safe and enjoy life. 🙂

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