Hello everyone sorry I’ve not been updating you in the last two months I took a unexpected break but I’m back now with some more news and what I’ve been doing in the last two months since I last spoke to you all. There has been a lot of changes since I last spoke I have a new name and domain name I’m now theothersideofvoc.com which the V.O.C. stand’s for vow on consciousness so you can call me either one but the VOC part is just part of the name so when searching just search for The Other Side Of V.O.C. as that’s the name I’ll be going under. I decided to change it as there were a few names similar to my old name Vision Of Colour and there were companies and other music makers who went under that name or very similar so I decided I need a new name so I won’t be confused with the other Vision Of Colour’s. I’ve changed all my social network profiles too so you won’t be finding me on some of the old addresses here are some of the new addresses you can find me at and please note if the name isn’t on this list it means you can still find me there.

Spotify – The Other Side Of V.O.C.

YouTube – The Other Side Of VOC

Mixcloud – The Other Side Of V.O.C.

I’ve been going through my old tracks and sorting them out to make them sound better as I found I wasn’t that experienced back then only three years ago but now I think I have a better ear and a little more knowledge you can find all my latest releases on Spotify I do plan to do lots more so keep your eye out for updates of due to be released albums and EPS. I’ve decided to bring back the radio station it was either that or Soundcloud and it was cheaper exactly so I decided to go for that. Not only that I wanted some music for my website so I put a widget on there so people could play the music while they surf the site. You can find the widget on the right hand side underneath recent blog posts or in the main menu V.O.C. Radio > Live Stream or if you want to tune in a little quicker with less clicks and not on my website please visit;


Also I do stream on YouTube when I feel like it so please visit my YouTube page and subscribe to get notified when I go live link is above this. It’s not all my old tunes only the ones I redone and some old ones too but I took out the ones I didn’t like and ran the old ones through RX7 audio repair kit to make it less offensive as I noticed it was too loud and in your face so I toned it down a bit. It’s not just the same music playing on a loop or random track list there is a schedule I made and redone about 10 or more times and I tried to make it different each day and keep some structure. Here is the schedule for 2021 dates and shows may vary, you can also find the schedule in the main menu V.O.C. Radio>V.O.C. Radio About.

Major drama in the tape recording news all my machines have broke and I can’t record which is what I wanted it for. I had that shoebox but it kept speeding up and making it sound weird cool for further projects but not for something I want to make a normal tape loop out of or to just record a album on a tape from my laptop. I’m now owner of a Pioneer tape deck stereo which is also broken but I’m going to get it fixed in the new year and hopefully get some use out of it luckily there is one in my town which is actually half way across town and I have no idea how I’m going to get it there but I will cos I need it fixed and I don’t want a broken machine just laying there wasting not to mention the money. I hope it doesn’t cost that much I have a rough idea on how much I would like to spend but I have no idea what it will be I might not even get it fixed and scrap the whole thing but I’m unsure at this moment of time.

Word of a advice to people who are migrating a website from one provider to another and is not a developer or computer whizz be sure to be prepared for a lot of research and questions and you need a lot of patience. I learnt this while I swopped providers it was restoring database and uploading it there were problems with mine and I had to ask my old provider for the data but I got there in the end. I was looking for something a little cheaper to save me money as it was working out expensive to run my site monthly and still survive so I thought new name new site and hopefully save some money. I like it as it’s more laid out in front of you and they have C Panel which is a good tool to have and very easy to use lots of options and less complicated to use than my old provider but they were still good don’t get me wrong but still it’s too early to decide which one is the best provider only time will tell, I did check up ratings before I bought my domain and they got good reviews they have good customer service I was constantly on the chat and on emails asking for instructions on how to do something or to direct to a specific page shout out to them for their time and patience.

As it states on my Facebook page I like to be creative and my friend asked me if I was doing another advent calendar so I thought I do 12 Days Of Christmas this year which starts on the first day of Christmas 25th December till the 5th January nothing to do with my music just something to do each day around Christmas if you are bored and ain’t got much to do. There are extra panels which you can open now but the main event starts on the 25th and only can be opened on that day so don’t try and cheat lol. It is a mixture of Christmas and non Christmas stuff as we move on to the New Year but hopefully you find it entertaining.

Well excuse my French but what a shit year it has been and a airy Christmas and a crappy new year. At first I thought this would be interesting being in lockdown but now nearly a year in and with Christmas cancelled it’s looking pretty crap. Usually I don’t mind but I haven’t seen my friend for months now due to restrictions and who knows when he can officially come over but I hope it’s soon cos this is getting a joke now we want our freedom back. Though I am aware it is going up and we need to stay safe but we can officially call COVID19 Scrooge as it cancelled Christmas. I’ll be keeping busy during Christmas wasn’t planning on doing much anyway I like to be at home around this time cos I find it too stressful to go to see family so I’m glad I’m at home this Christmas. I don’t watch TV as I don’t pay TV licence but I will probably do something never sure what till on the day as I do all sorts of things. I’m kind of getting used to the dead traffic and not a lot of people out on the streets I’m seeing a lot more foxes in the daylight surely that’s not a good sign but it’s all topsy turvy right now. I didn’t put the decorations up this year as it was too much of a bother and no one was going see it but me so why bother but next year I do plan on putting it up if everything is back to normal but who knows. It’s definitely getting cold out there it’s the first day of winter tomorrow and I have made a little something for the event a winter solstice EP and you can find it on my Spotify page here;

Spotify – Winter Calls

Well despite the drama I hope you all have a nice relaxing Christmas and a vibrant New Year let’s hope next year is better. I seriously had high hopes for the new decade but it looks like it’s going be a dramatic one but ah something to talk about lol.

Take Care

The Other Side Of V.O.C.

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