Hi everyone I hope we are all good and are moving on from the 2020 drama we now call Jumanji. You guessed it I’ve been keeping busy doing various stuff which I’ll get into shortly but I haven’t been that active this month and have mostly been chilling and reflecting, yes don’t get me started on that lol. I took a short break from music mainly for the month reenergise and all that I find my beats are better when I don’t go on a rampage and do loads of albums one after the other which I tend to do but recently I’ve been holding back and finding other things to do with my time rather than making beats cos I have to keep occupied or I’ll go crazy. As I was on a break I haven’t started any new albums just the ones I have mentioned already but I do have a Reggaetón album which I’m 4 tracks away from finishing so when that is done I will release it but I don’t know when that will be.

I’m sorry to say I can no longer afford to give away my music anymore so I decided to charge for all my albums from now on for better or for worse, I have given about a hundred albums in the past and it was because I felt they weren’t fit to be sold as it wasn’t done right but now I feel I’ve gotten better at it and I think I can charge for my albums now. If you do choose to support me firstly thank you but just to remind everyone that all the money I get will go back into my music so it would help me pay the music bills like mastering and rent to own synths. Also I decided that I will be making more Hip Hop/R’n’B beats along with the Vaporwave synthy stuff I enjoy making, I wasn’t sure what genres to stick with to be honest but after a bit of thought I decided to make those two but I will be making other genres when I feel like a change but synthy stuff and Hip Hop/R’n’B is the two I enjoy making the most so I’ll be sticking to that sorry to the other genres but I’m sure I’ll make one of that genre one day.

Although I haven’t been that busy music wise I did take the time to make a visual mix to #Stay At Home Mix which is my Vaporwave/Hauntology/Synthwave mix all around the Coronavirus and is dark to set the mood. It’s all from albums I’ve made from the past which I have now deleted to make room for the new and improved beats. I made the visual myself with Zgame Editor inside FL Studio with just some pictures off the internet and some effects simple really but I liked how it came out and I thought it suited it quite well I reckon, anyway you can find the visual mix on my youtube channel here;


I also made a music video to one of my tracks called Rows Of Corn from my EP The Barn Trip which is all about an adventure I had about a decade ago with me, my dog and my mate where we discovered a barn which was half abandoned in the countryside somewhere. Most of the footage on the video was from that day and the track is inspired by a corn field we also came across whilst on the trip hence the name. I would say it was my favourite trip we had and we walked for at least 10 miles maybe more that day, ah back in the day when I was active and my feet were still good to go not so much now, you watch the video here;

I’ve just put a album out today called Sour Eyes and is a Hip Hop/R’n’B instrumental album on Bandcamp and will be released everywhere else on the 2nd August. It is a up to date Hip Hop/R’n’B album so it has trap elements but there are some tracks that are more old skool flavours. I got inspired and felt the urge to make some beats so I did and I’m happy with it sort of. I have managed to get the times down a lot to 4-6 minutes which is a success for me and I’ve learnt how to make shorter songs as I was used to doing 7-9 minutes tracks and I know most hip hop and R’n’B songs are around 3-6 minutes long so I was aiming for that, Sour Eyes can be downloaded here;

Sour Eyes

The other thing I’ve been doing is writing songs which is one of my favourite past times that making music and writing poems which is kind of similar. I am actually looking for people to sing for me as I can’t sing to good quality and consistent level, why does money have to be here so damn expensive. I have found one possibility but I’m still unsure how much it’s going to cost and anyway I haven’t made any beats to go with it so it’s still on phase one the idea stage. I was going to teach myself how to sing using a online course I was going to buy but to be honest I’d rather pay or get someone else to do it for me as I feel they could do a better job than me. I enjoy writing R’n’B songs rather than Hip Hop but I do like writing raps too but I do have a favourite of course. I’ve always enjoyed writing songs and poems from around 7 and it was all just for fun and also to fade away the emotions I was battling at the time it really helped me deal with things I was too young to understand or deal with or was too shy or scared to say to people. I tend to do poems cos it’s something I can use unlike lyrics where it might be pointless doing it as if you can’t sing then it wouldn’t be sung hence why I want to pay or get someone to sing it for me then it wouldn’t be a waste of time, yes something about me I don’t like to make something for nothing and must have some sort of purpose I guess I’m a bit funny like that.

Well that is my monthly round up and of course I will be back next month same date hopefully with more on what I’ve been doing and got going on so until then take care. 🙂

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