Hello everyone how are we all I hope we are all okay. I’m starting to notice it’s getting darker quicker again and not long now till Christmas what under three months……wow. I didn’t know the clocks go forward Saturday night and was informed this afternoon that we gained a hour but honestly I’ve been so busy the last week or two time has just flown by and I barely remember that we are actually still on lockdown. I had a plan to go on a little adventure a couple of weeks ago but that was called off as there were more restrictions on certain areas of the UK which made traveling difficult and even more of a nightmare I don’t know how people do it on the daily. It’s been pretty annoying with the new regulations on wearing a face mask in a shop or bus but I’ve been keeping up with it and making sure that my mask is in my coat pocket when I’m not using it but honestly it’s hard to stomp to the shop and wear the mask I can barely breathe with it on, which is why I just put it on when in a shop or bus on odd occasions. I haven’t got no fancy face mask nope just a bog standard multi pack one does the trick and anyway it’s just for show.

As I said before I’ve been busy making music as always. I have two Halloween projects out one EP and a single, the EP is around a lonely playground not so so far from me which has some old creepy Wicksteed play equipment so I decided to make a EP around that and also my first single release around one of my favourite horror film’s Children Of The Corn I which I’m giving away for free on Bandcamp. Going to the playground was my first time out in months and it felt weird not going with my dog Patch who is no longer with us but it was a good day out. I brought my voice recorder with me to get some sounds so I can use in my project so it has all the sounds of the playground like swings swinging and friction on the slide along with other stuff. I must admit that day we wasn’t fully equip and if I thought about it I would of brought some extra stuff for props and filming also charge the batteries and we never took that many photos either but it’s not that far from me so I could just walk down there and get the right shots etc.

Haunted Playground EP


Free Single


I’ve been relearning and learning in the last month as I had a idea just for me and my mate to have a hard copy of one of my albums on cassette tape and boy what a headache that has been. It’s not like I’m used to auxiliary in and outs as I’ve had a few stereos in the past with these features but it was remembering which one goes in what slot to get the sound coming from the laptop to the tape recorder and also vice versa more on that in a moment. But after many hours of trial and error and also research on the internet I discovered it myself. Luckily I had all the right leads apart from the headphone jack splitter which it turns out I didn’t need in the end but it was more simple than I thought just lots of tries and confusion with the multiple leads I have. It took me back actually to the days of the Walkman and tape player and also in the mid 2000’s where I was taping everything from cable channels to radio I was a bit of a Nigel from Nigeria bootlegging everything as I couldn’t afford to buy all those songs but I could afford the leads though they were more my price and I could get more out of it record companies and artists I’m sorry. On a different note quickly I’ve found some of my old mixtapes I used to tape and I’ve recorded the first one so if you like R’n’B, slow jams and a bit of Hip hop checkout my mixtape now up on Mixcloud and found here;

Trying to make good use of the equipment that I got I had my first go at making tape samples and can be found on my single Behind The Rows. Again it took some time to figure out how to get sound out to record it but luckily I had just the gadget which if it wasn’t for a Youtube video I would of never figured it out so shout out to you for the tip off. The trouble I was having was getting it connected right like my mates tape deck stereo has Bluetooth but you can’t use tape deck and Bluetooth at the same time or any other feature so luckily it worked with some trial and errors but it was getting annoying I won’t say how many hours it took to figure it out but it’s done now and I’ve got it written down for my next project as I need to go one way record tape to digital and then the other way digital to tape and they say tapes are out of fashion. I was actually looking at the tape market and it turns out there is a small market I think it was like something like 250,000 sold last year alone and artists like the big acts are still selling on tape but they do say it’s still a small market compared to other ways of purchasing music like digital and CDs.

I’ve also been learning how to mix and master my tracks using Ozone by Iztope which I’m actually buying but paying back bit by bit. I’ve been using Lander a automated mastering service before this and it is good but I’m tired of subscriptions and trying to cut ties with all subscription based stuff so that was one of them and anyway it’s something you can edit yourself and not let a automated service do it for you. Once I’ve learnt how to do it properly and get the right volume and sound from it but I think it’s going well I haven’t really studied yet by going on Youtube I’ve only read a quick article so that is the next stop I think.

Well I think that is it for this month so as always goodbye and take care out there and oh Happy Halloween for the 31st. I don’t know what I’m going to do either a film in or a walk out somewhere who knows but I will let you know next month so till then goodbye. 🙂

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