Hi everyone, I hope we are all good and coping with the pandemic and it’s not too stressful. Wow this year has gone quick despite it feeling slow at the start of the pandemic it’s the end of September already that means Christmas will be soon……wow I don’t even wanna think about it. First things first I’ve made more changes to my social media platforms and I have split up my music to different accounts so now my House, Hip Hop and Electronic stuff is all completely separate and will be posted to the designated place. So if you like Vaporwave, Hauntology, Synthwave and all things electronic then please follow me on;





If you like your House, Drum & Bass/Jungle, UK Garage, UK Funky and all things clubby then please check out;





And if you like Hip Hop, Reggaetón, Chillout and other random genres that is not the above feel free to follow me on.





But of course you can add me on all the above if you like I decided to split it up as though it make it harder for me in a small way it would be easier for you to find what you like instead of putting in random genres that some people may not like so I decided that. I do plan on doing it with all the other platforms apart from Soundcloud which I’m actually think of cutting out as it’s not working out for me there but for my Spotify and all the other major platforms I’m going to split up when I get some money that is.

I do love this time of year and it’s not so long till Halloween one of my favourite times of year to celebrate even though I don’t really celebrate it if you call going on a walk a celebration that is and I haven’t done that for around four years now. I have a few things lined up in October I have two Halloween EPs out one on the 11th October and the other one on the 23rd October but one of them is already released on Bandcamp on my Other Side Of V.O.C. account so please check that out if you like Halloween music. I also got a mental health album coming out on the 3rd October for World Mental Health Day and that will be free for a while on Bandcamp only so do follow me if you want a free copy of that album that will be on The Other Side Of V.O.C. account. I also made a Halloween mix with a visual and was from a photo I took myself it’s dark and mellow and melodic so if you want to check out that please head here;


I do plan on doing a couple of things around Halloween on my website in October not sure when I’ll be starting but I have about 8 ideas that I do plan on doing so do check back here in October for that. I was going to do a 31 day count day but to be honest I couldn’t think of the right ideas for that long so I decided to split it up say twice a week to the run up of Halloween. Too bad with this COV-19 going around as I wanted to go somewhere this Halloween but now I’m not sure but I’m sorry no COVID-19 will be stopping me going out. I’ve been out a few times for walks I had this idea so I executed it by walking there and getting the right bits for my project with my friend. I won’t talk too much about it here as I plan on doing a little write up on it nearer to Halloween but it’s this little sketchy park in the middle of nowhere with some really old play equipment and they look pretty scary. I have memories there with me and my friend and my dog Patch when she was alive it was nice to go back there actually.

Well nothing too long so I’ll hopefully see you next month for more of a update and a catch up.

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