New House music coming out on the 11th May on all major platforms and after some drama my second channel for Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer etc will now be called The V.O.C. Other and I will post a link to my second Spotify platform after the 11th right here on the news section and also on all my platforms like Twitter and my Facebook page so do look out for that. I have a couple of genres but mostly in the realm of House but they are House, Break Music, Reggaetón and UK Funky.


Okay slight change to where my music goes. All my Vaporwave and synthy stuff will go on all my The Other Side Of VOC profiles and all my House and rave stuff will go on The Other Side Of VOC 2 profiles that's on all major platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, Amazon Music, Beatport etc. I will be releasing a House EP on the 11th of this month on all major platforms just search for The Other Side Of VOC 2 after the 11th when I'll be releasing a few House EPS and albums on that day mostly old but one new EP too.


If you haven't noticed already I have a competition coming up on the 1st May and is a chance to win a synth plugin the OB-Xa by Artuia which I'm giving away as I have two of the same so I thought I'd give one away. I will be making a EP with some of the sounds from the OB-Xa in the next couple of weeks so do look out for that to give you a taster of what you can make with it and what you can win. You can find the signup form either on the home or landing page or you can find it in the top main menu under competitions. The competition will start at 0.00 on the 1st May 2020 so do enter then if you want to win,


Just finished this years Halloween EP's early I know but I wanted to get them done. They come in three parts and the first one is out September 27th on all major music platforms. Each EP has a different storyline and are all electronic synthy stuff but more darker sounding but melodic. I will be releasing videos and visuals to some of the songs and also I have a few ads I've made to promote each EP there are three in total and are going to be released throughout late September and throughout October. I also have a couple more ideas I thought I'd do but more on my website so look out for that.


Please checkout my latest visual from the EP Absorbed the track is also called Absorbed and I made it myself using a old photo of me and some visual effects. The track is a vocal house track I also made a while back around two years ago but I rereleased it on a EP this month, please don't forget to give it a thumbs up and subscribe to my channel for more content thank you. 🙂


Absorbed is out now on all major music platforms. The 4 track EP is a mostly vocal House but there is one instrumental track in there. It comes from my first release I did in 2017 and put on Bandcamp but I put the best ones on the EP and the ones I could legally put out without any drama. I liked my old house stuff but thought it needs a bit of polish to make it sound better so that's why I took all the tracks down from all the streaming services but again do look out for more new and improved remastered House albums and EPs.


Racial Harmony is out now on all major music platforms. The 12 track album is all about racial discrimination and the subject around the album was inspired by the on going events with police brutality and racial injustice in America but also happens world wide. This is a old album I made a couple of years ago and changed the titles as I wasn't happy with the last one and remastered it to make it sound better so hopefully it sounds much better now. I wanted to do a album around racism for awhile now and I have my own story to tell so this album comes from a bit of hate no, more like anger for all the ignorance that happens SNM!


Spring Morning is out now on all major music platforms. The 4 track EP is a upbeat House Breaks EP. The EP is crossed between House, Reggae sounds and of course Jungle breaks. I haven't made House, Jungle or other rave genres for a while now around a year or two and I wanted to try something a little different so I experimented with House vocals and sounds with breaks with some reggae sounds in there too. I intend to make some more House and Jungle/Drum & Bass and release it throughout the summer so if you like this do look out for some more other stuff too I will post it here.


Be True is out now on all major music platforms. The 4 track EP is a Synthwave EP with Electro Funk and Dream Pop in there. I got inspired by listening to a playlist on Youtube which was Electro Funk and is something l always wanted to make so I did and I hope it sounds like what it's meant to. I listened to a bit of Electro Funk when I was much younger and I didn't know what it was but I liked the sound of it and was quite obsessed with it when I was around seven listening to it as I go pass in the street or listening to it in a room I knew I wanted to make music like this and I plan on making more music like this in the future.


Social Distance is out now on all major music platforms. The 12 track electronic/vaporwave/synth album is based around the 2020 lockdown event and the effect of it. I got inspired when I took walks to the shop and saw no one was around on the road or street and that people were a bit anxious when crossing paths this is all in the album. I kept the album mostly upbeat but there are a few dark tracks in there too as it's a dark subject but I kept away from the main topic that they pumped on the TV so I keep hearing and that is around death. It's all about being in lockdown and day to day in lockdown which has gone on for about a year now and I can't wait until it's over.


Round The Twist is now out on all major music platforms. The 12 track Electronic/Vaporwave/Progressive Rock album is all based around mental health and my battle with it which was been decades before I got treatment for psychosis in 2016. The album was originally released in 2018 before I took it down and made it sound better so this is a a remastered version and also I released it during Mental Health Month in May I think it is. The album talks a lot about the struggle of mental health, my activities and also the stigma of having a mental illness. Thankfully I use creating music and other creative things like my website and other things it does help through the bad times and to stop my mind from wandering as it get's boring without it but I love it.