The Other Way

The Other Way is a 4 track Electronic synthy EP I made just a EP of music nothing behind it really.  . I wasn’t going to release this EP it was not so long ago but I deleted all my old profiles or changed them to fit my new name The Other Side Of V.O.C and to move away from what I was making before which I’ll still be making every now and again. Never realised this before or did this on purpose but guess it goes with my new name it was just a title I thought that sounded good but it can also mean the other way of life in living wise. The EP is both upbeat and relaxing with one or two in the middle tracks in there and is quite synthy and melodic. I picture this EP to be listened to chilling or doing whatever you are doing like cleaning and is not the clubby up beat stuff I tend to do but recently I’ve been making more chilled vibes as that is what I was feeling and also wanted a balance of upbeat and relaxing beats which I’m slowly starting to build but it takes time. There are two ways you can go in life the right way or the other way and that is also the meaning behind the EP, going the other way in life through the pain and struggle to come out the right way which is how the story should end but it’s never that simple and there are always obstacles in your path that get in the way and obstruct your path but we must fight on and push through it. 


Round is a track I made and is a chilled but  upbeat that is quite synthy. The title of the track is just a title and has nothing special behind it. I would describe this track as a night track and is something I like to play before going to bed. It is a gentle track with melodic patterns in there and a smooth 80s bass. I’m not sure what genre I would call this but I would just categorize this as Electronic but maybe you would be the better judge than me.  


Upwards is a upbeat track I made and again it’s not based around nothing but I wanted to do a upbeat track so I made this one. The title is is based around moving up away from the bad spell and remaining positive something I like to do to not get me in that mood that is hard to get out of. I don’t like people with negative minds always bringing people down cos they don’t like whatever that person liked and it used to piss me off but now I pay no attention to it as I know they must hate themselves and their lives they live. Some people say what’s the point and the point is doing it for yourself like the music I make and other things I do it for myself and whoever wants to join. I don’t set myself or at least I try not to and remain positive cos I know it’s good time spent and something to do, plus I have a deep passion for music so it was something I always wanted to do.   

Other Way

Other Way is a chilled but upbeat track I made and isn’t based on anything but it’s just a track. I’ve already covered most of the track in the first section so there isn’t anything else to tell or explain. 

Radical Motion

Radical Motion is a upbeat track I made and once again not much around it except for the motion part is not a sway in vote but moving motion. The track reminds me of being in the future and also  reminds me of a old classic game on a 90s console but it also reminds me of radio for some reason but that could be because it is on my radio and I hear it when it comes on. I want try out one of those VR’s with motion backgrounds I heard it make you feel sick but I still want to try it out and see what it’s like. I’m not sure where the radical bit comes from it sounded good for a title so I thought I’ll use that.


Contemplation is a track I made and is a what I would call a mellow morning track or a night time beat to get you for bed or the morning. I always like to contemplate and think about things mainly when I was out with my dog it was a good time to get away and get lost in my own mind but she is no longer here. 

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