Today 19th June 2020 is a special day for me I had to put my dog Patch down who would of been 17 today. This is why I released a special album called Paws For Thought I made last month kind of rushed as I needed it done by the start of this month. It was all about aspects of her life and the stuff she enjoys, my memories of her when she was still here.Patch was a collie mixed with some sort of whippet is the vets exact words when I asked what breed she is. I actually bought her for £20 off my neighbour who bought it off someone for a exchange of a ring he couldn’t keep her so after meeting her and seeing how good and warm she was I thought I had to take her. She was once living with a male dog so she was quite feisty that’s my neighbour’s dog before her first home I know off. She had a rough life in her first home apparently she lived in the kitchen doing her mess in there and not getting any attention but luckily she was saved from that by my neighbour. She had a big heart and would be always be pleased to see you though she was a shy dog and didn’t like people getting aggressive soft as shit but her personality and lovingness had me to be honest. Talking of personality she had a big one energetic, bouncy, happy always panting when smoothed, she licks you a lot which I don’t like but I know it’s just affection so I give her a light telling off before I smooth her I know confusing right lol, she’s a silent dog and never barked I know strange but that was a good thing it was the click clacking on the laminate floor that drove me bonkers. She was also very good with dogs always wanted to play with them until they snap and she would snap but that’s what I liked about her she never started it but I must admit she is a bit boistress with other dogs at times but that was being with a dominate male who was a little shit yeah hi and R.I.P. Max little devil. She was such a good dog that I don’t think I could find a dog like her that was so good and trained how she was road smart and was good off the lead but I did have some minor incidents and one that she had a head on collision which after I put the lead on her and didn’t walk her off the lead again on the roads for her own sake.The only thing I didn’t like was her bladder problem at the start of her time with me but after a bit of watching TV with Cesar Millan the show is about retraining disruptive and disobedient dogs for those who don’t know but after watching that and doing some training she got better and wasn’t weeing when getting excited so thanks Casar for showing me the way.

Stunt Canine

Twice she has left me in a state of flinchiness once seen here she actually jumped through the barbed wire and made it through the gap. You can hear the audio in the track I was well, I was laughing but my heart was racing and I was like no uh oh she’s going to do something silly damn dog lol. The second time she was on this high wall in Weston Super Mare I mean it was a barrier wall so it was massive and there she was just dancing on the top of the wall panting away honestly the way I shrieked I would of made Walter look manly that is a joke but it was embarrassing though. She’s a stubborn dog think she knows best well maybe she does but I always love how she put her V’s up to you classic Patch.

Wandering Dog

Miss Lady Of Leisure always wondering off she’s either chilled in the park, running around or I can’t see her and I think I’ve lost her or even worse someone stole her from the park but thankfully not. Every time that happens. I’m always calling for her but bless her she does come to you after a few calls it’s a yeah when I’m finished sniffing this part of the grass I’ll be with you but I don’t mind calling a few times but after that it gets annoying and embarrassing I know dog owners feel my pain lol. The audio in the track was taken from a home video I have and was taken in Chepstow in 2017 when Wales was playing against England on that same day

Splash (Alternative Mix)

Another Weston Super Mare story when we were there Patch was splashing around with her paws in the sea and this kid around 6 maybe 7 called her Splash so we have called her that ever since. She has always loved the sea, rivers. lakes, water and always had a attempt to do a bit of padding but never liked it when it got deep and she would paddle back to safety that look she had on her face though like shit shit shit lol. Another funny story whilst we were there the same day I got stopped and interviewed by the BBC News and was aired on the main news on BBC. I think they made a mountain out of a molehill they should of seen us when we walked all around underneath the pier, knee deep in mud no lie.

Kitchen Sneak

Little rascal is the polite way of calling her sometimes especially in the early years she was naughty too much. She was always in the bin knocking it over this is when I banned her from my kitchen that’s the only place she ain’t allowed but she still goes in there anyway there is no stopping her. I had several catch phrases when dealing with her and Patch out the kitchen or out that damn kitchen was one of them followed by are you deaf? and are you taking the piss? I know she sounds like a devil but she’s not that bad really and sounds worse then it is she’s actually a good dog with not much trouble like I said before she likes to wander.

Luna Woody Wolf (Part 2)

One thing about Patch she was photogenic and I always managed to get a good photo from her when she wasn’t being a bitch that was. I’ve already explained about this picture in other posts but just to recap this picture was taken in Hanham Woods in Bristol, UK and is not photoshopped but is taken on a cheapish Kodak camera that I used to take pictures and put them on the site Flickr. Even though in this picture she looks scary and vicious she’s actually not and is 100% cotton ie soft and cuddly and hasn’t got a bad bone in her body except for when other dogs start on her but she is great with humans and kids also other animals too. If you fancy buying a print of this and a keyring please read on to find out more.

Miss Judo Flip

Another funny thing about Patch she used to judo flip puppies and small dogs she would grab them by the ear and twist this was her secret move and I have no idea where she got it from. She would mainly do it to those who were getting on her nerves and doing too much playing around with the biting and barking but she would put them in their place with a judo flip alright. It had to be smaller dogs for it to work but she has tried it on the large dogs with no success just a lot of tugging on the earlobe lol.

Bus Ride

Aw she loved the bus rides always couldn’t wait to get on one and would sit in the back trying to get on the seats and look out the window panting away. I took her everywhere with me and she’s been on buses from Wales, Cornwall, London, Bristol and Isle Of Wight so she was well travelled. A funny story happened while I was out on a walk with Patch I was walking along she was off the lead and we were heading home from a long walk I hear a loud horn sound and I’m like WTH. I turn around to see where Patch is she’s gone so I’m looking around and the bus driver is waving at me so I go to the bus only to find Patch at the back of the bus sat on the seat panting away everyone was laughing well they mostly were some annoying people but most people found it funny I still laugh till this day about it.

Fast Sprinter

She loves to run at bolt lightning speed all over the place it’s the collie and whippet in her I think but she sure loves to run for England in fact Usain Bolt she challenges you to a sprint 100 metres first one to the end wins. She once ran full pelt down Glastonbury Tor for those who don’t know it’s a old ruined church on top of a big hill above sea level and also she loves running through long grass at full pelt she’s a runner basicly.

My Ball, My Stick My Stuff

Though she is quite friendly she doesn’t like people touching her stuff from balls, bones and sticks mainly and gets all shirty with me and starts to growl it’s mostly fake aggression but there has been times that she’s gone for me and nearly took my hand off but I do insist she used to live with a male aggressive dog so she was defensive and at times could be fiesty and had me running but she really ain’t like that at all and again I would say she was quite a soft dog but very touchy.

French Kisser

No I’m not biting her tongue off she’s licking my face and this picture is to show how much a licker she really is. I don’t mind the licking it’s better than uncontrollable aggression and it comes from a loving place so in a way it’s all good but sometimes it did get too much and she would go full throttle down your throat this has happened a few times. A classic example of this was when we were on the bus and this drunk man was smoothing her and talking dog noises and she got excited and French kissed him it was gross but he didn’t mind, so he said so who am I to stop the fun, on a serious note though I think it was the taste of alcohol and the dog noises that drove her to it but she has done it to a few willing people and she loves it.

Midnight Walkies

The amount of midnight walks me Patch and my mate has been on is unreal it used to be quite a frequent thing and end up in the most random places to the city center to lost in the woods somewhere. It all stems from when I went camping for a week when I was around 12 and we went on a few midnight walks it was with the school by the way but since then I had a thing for midnight walks not so much now though to be honest now I haven’t got her no more. It’s safe to say she was well walked and as I said before I took her everywhere with me so she got around like me. Whenever I didn’t have my dog people who knew me and Patch would ask where she is to and people were always used to me having my dog beside me.

Lang Line

She loved Katie Lang and would light up when my mate would put her on which is where Lang Line comes into it. I first knew she liked her when she came into the room panting when Lang came on and we tested it out after and there is something about her that my dog likes, I think it’s that soft voice she likes, We’ve also showed her pictures of Katie and she quite likes them I’m not joking mind.

Miss Lady Mucker

Yes instead of Miss Lady Muck it’s Miss Lady Mucker…………okay lady of the muck. She used to enjoy mainly sunbathing then cooling off again but popping up when I had something to eat like is that for me aw bless her. She was also quite stroppy literally throwing herself down on the ground and huff loud it made me laugh that’s why I call her Lady Muck or Madame Stroppy but she was still the best dog to have she meant well I’m sure of it. She was quite a demanding dog at times and you had to tell her no cos she got too much but she would listen oh she was also fussy with her food loved human food disliked dog food typical.

Sister Heavenly

I made a track called Dark Nun to go with the key ring but I thought nope too dark so I remade it and called it something a little less devilish lol. Sister Heavenly is still based on the keyring you can purchase in the special bundle but is more of a heaven affair where I hope she is right now even though I don’t believe in heaven or hell but that is a different topic all together. Patch was kind of like my nun she helped me go through life and I managed well with her so she was my rock and we carried each other many times.

Patch Day

It’s official every 19th June is Patch Appreciation Day just something me and my friend will observe each year it passes. As I said this was the day I had to put her down due to old age she couldn’t walk right on her back legs as they weren’t strong enough so it was the best thing to do I think after many long hours of thinking it over which took some time. Thankfully she was on medication for the last two years of her life which helped at times but not all the time, footing wise anyway. I know she is in a better place now and I can sadly move on without her as I loved her but it was too much of a commitment for me but at the same time I loved it I could go anywhere cos I had the dog now it’s like what’s the point but saying that I can’t wait to get back out there once this COVID-19 is finished with.

You know the saying in for a penny in for a pound well I’m living that at the moment. I have 50 posters and 50 keyrings to give away with the album Paws For Thought. You can download the album for £7.00 and you will receive one A5 size poster and a keyring of my dog Patch in a nun suit and because I feel generous three brand new tracks on the album. You probably seen the poster a few times like in this post and several others lol. It’s this picture seen above it’s of Patch in the woods at night looking all creepy and eerie it’s my best and favorite shot of her and I thought it would be a good idea to get some posters made up and I wanted one myself. As you are now aware I even made a track about the photo, two in fact called Luna Woody Wolf which part 2 is on the album you purchase and by the way there is a free version with no extras on. I was going to sell the posters last Halloween but I thought I’d wait for a better time and I think now the hammer is hot. I will warn you it does look better in the photo than in the A5 poster but I think with direct sunlight or under good lighting it will be best suited. I decided any money I get from both sells from the paid version and any donations I will give to a charity called the PDSA a non government funded charity vet for people like me who can’t afford the expensive vet bills and get them at a discounted rate and sometimes free depending on the treatment. So if you do buy the album it will go to a good cause so please contribute whatever you can so we can make a small difference thank you.

You can find more about the package deal and purchase it at Bandcamp here’s the link and if you do thanks for contributing to the PDSA. 🙂

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  1. This was all very interesting, its a pity about your dog no longer being here, but you made her life sound interesting.

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