Thanks for entering the competition. It will close on the 07/01/2021 at 00.00am and the winner which will be picked at by the plugin I’m using and will be announced a week after the competition closes on  the 7/07/2021 but may be longer if inundated with entries. Please read the terms and conditions if you haven’t already. In the meantime I have left a Youtube video review about the OB-Xa just in case you haven’t heard of it and to give you a taste of what to win. I have a EP planned that will showcase some of the sounds from the OB-Xa and I’m going to use all the sounds from the OB-Xa synth plugin so if you want to hear that please subscribe to my website or follow me on Twitter or Facebook. It can all be find either on the sidebar or in the drop down  menu at the top of every page  or post of every page and good luck.

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