Okay it’s that time of the month again a recap on my month and music news of course. I hope we are all good and keeping safe and away from that damn Coronavirus I know I am. I haven’t been up to that much in the last month except for busy making music and blogging and some other things pretty boring really but it is fun at the same time.

I’ve made 4 albums ready to be uploaded on the giving dates 15th and 31st of each month or close to that time sometimes I do drop them a couple of days early. I’ve already told you about my Synthwave album which is coming out next on the 31st May then I have a special album I made to celebrate a year of my dog Patch’s passing which will be out on the 19th June the day I had her put down due to old age. Then I won’t have a album out till July which will be a Vaporwave remix album of my House and Jungle tracks on the 15th and also I’ve finished my Halloween album which will be coming out on the 25th September so some time away but that time will come around quick so it’s good to get it done early and also so I don’t forget and rush it like last year I think or the year before that I can’t remember now. At the moment I’m not working on a House but I have listened to a Deep House mix today and feeling some deep stuff so I will be doing a Deep House album coming soon. I also have three albums I’m currently working on another Vaporwave album with funny titles nothing more but it is based on some Hauntology titles I seen and thought to go silly with it so I did lol. I also have another House album I’m working on they both have just been started so who knows how long it will take to finish a couple of days if worked on. Also I have a unfinished special Reggaeton album which is nearly finished three more tracks to go but I’ve been taking a break from it to work on other projects which some have been released and anyway it’s not my usual genre so I am a bit reluctant to put it out but I will once I finish it that is. Also I’m not sure if I mentioned but I have a world Hip Hop album in the making but I am struggling to get 12 different instruments from around the world but I’m sure I’ll be able to find some if I keep looking. I don’t want to spend extra money on a one off project and it could be costly for what I want so I’m not sure what to do about that. I have two albums out at the moment a UK Funky house album called Mad Conversations and is a clubby like party album with that funky flow on it or so I hope.


And a Vocal House album called Lucky Star remixes of songs I’ve made in the past also a clubby party album to get you in the mood for dancing hopefully. They are both free downloads and can be downloaded via the links displayed so happy downloading.


I have a small announcement no I’m not expecting a baby or getting married I just thought I’ll let you know that I will be off Soundcloud and won’t be uploading on that site no more or at least for a bit and see how it goes. The reason why is one, money it would save me £10 to go on other things but I think it’s best if I stopped uploading tracks everyday and concentrate on the finished project ie Bandcamp, Spotify etc instead of uploading on soundcloud everyday which wasn’t going anywhere and was costing me money I wasn’t getting back from. So I decided to scrap my plan with Soundcloud and only promote tracks that have been finished and released on albums so sorry to the people who are listening to me on Soundcloud most of the tracks can be downloaded free on Bandcamp and streamed on Spotify etc but that is the last couple of years back on Spotify not right from the start so sorry about that but it might be on Bandcamp if you remember the track title I’ll be happy to try and push you in the right direction.

So on the 22nd March it was Mother’s Day and for those who don’t know I haven’t seen my mum, my half brother or their side of the family for over 28 years and I left them when I was seven. The thoughts of my mum got me searching on Facebook and I came across her profile a few times which I was shocked when I seen my mum’s and brother’s profile and even made a track about it yes it’s not what it looks like, Um Technically This Is Stalking is about me and my stalking of my family members online so please don’t think I’m a weirdo promoting stalking oh hellllllll nahhhhhhhhh. It’s a long story my family history something I won’t be getting into but I will say I’m tired of the smartassess with their over clever assumptions and judgmental borderline racist ways there I said it and no not what you’re thinking. World War 3 is a understatement but hey I got my veteran stars out here so I may be a casualty but I know I learnt a lot and seen a lot, some things I never wanna see again but it was mostly worth seeing as it made me who I am today and made me a stronger person when I was a teary eyed mess when I was growing up but I’m a lot better now I think. I’ve been reflecting on life recently and been remembering a lot of stuff well I remembered it anyway but things keep going around in my head and it’s all excitement and happiness but I try not to dwell on it for too long but it does my make my head rush. Obviously doing my dog’s memorial album got me thinking of her and I’ve been looking at a lot of photos and a few videos of her which I actually used in some of the tracks which has been making me laugh and smile such a good dog I couldn’t stress that enough.

Done a bit of social distancing myself recently it was a dramatic move but it had to be done I removed all my fake friends from my facebook after a series of fake bullshit which I won’t go on about but I will say it was good to finally see who your real friends are and who is just acting all false with you and pretending that they like you or care for you but at the same time doing sly stuff behind your back and mocking you when I’ve been nothing but nice to them. Okay I’ve had my false moments but you should of seen how they were acting and treating me I don’t put up with that from no one. They probably think I hate them all bla bla bla but the fact is I don’t hate all of you I hate the culprits who thought it would be good to go meddle around and play with people and if that fits you hell yeah I’m mad with you. I am now looking for real friends who ain’t stuck up snakes who don’t care about anything but themselves and they have the nerve to say that about me. Anyway I don’t want to air too much out just a honest recap on what I’ve done this last month and that was one of them so I thought I’d share that and get my point across to those snakes.

I’ve been watching a lot of gossip channels on Youtube recently you know keeping up with the latest news in the celebrity world as I find that stuff interesting. Three main topics I picked up on first the release of two singles from current singers and rappers Beyonce’s and Megan Thee Stallion’s Savage Remix and Doja Cat’s and Nicki Minaj’s Say So remix they both made history having four woman on the number one and two slots in the charts but there has been drama that came with it like the leak of the Savage Remix which caused Megan to release it early and allegedly stopped Beyonce promoting the single stopping Megan from stealing that number one spot. This caused the fans to go after Beyonce and basically calling her unsupportive and all sorts of names which is neither here or there but if I was someone in that power and were from the same state I would be more then happy to promote the thing as it’s a hometown thing but that’s just me. This wasn’t the first leak and apparently Beyonce had a track with Cardi B but her sound engineer leaked a snapshot of the file name titled something like Cardi B and Beyonce track which the world went nuts for and leaked it out to the rest of the world stopping Beyonce working with Cardi. Apparently and I don’t know how true this is but Beyonce is a killer for surprise and once it has been leaked it’s spoils the surprise in her eyes. I beg to differ on that and I would say it causes anticipation but you don’t need to be a scientist to work that out but I’m not going to stand here and argue with someone who probably knows better than me. If it wasn’t for the leaks it was the Stans battling it out after it was suggested that Nicki Minaj was dissing Beyonce in her Say So track with Doja Cat. Well first the line

“Why you talkin’ ‘bout who body fake?
With all them fillers in your face, you just full of hate
That real ass ain’t keep your n*gga home
Now you lookin’ silly, that’s word to silicone” there was speculation of it being about Wendy Williams who always hated on other people for their looks but then someone pulled up Beyonce lyrics from the song Savage Remix where she says;

“Big B stands for bands
If you wanna see some real ass, baby, here’s your chance” this led to the assumption that Nicki Minaj was talking about Beyonce and fans went nuts. It’s like real life pass the parcel and if the cap fits games I don’t know who starts this stuff but it gets annoying as the stans pitch in and makes it 10 times worse and you see that’s one reason why I don’t want to be famous seeing bloggers and other channels on youtube start stuff. Okay it’s one thing to speculate we can all do that all day but there is a fine line between speculation and malicious gossipping and depending on if you are getting paid to start things or just a gossiper who has a platform and does it for fun which I see no problem of doing and yes we can have a opinion but it just depends where the facts originate. This doesn’t mean to say I’m a stan I’m a fan of course and don’t get me wrong I’ve been in those stan moments but I’m looking at this as a person who deals with being picked off and it annoys me and I just don’t know why, thankfully they are both grown ladies and can see it for what it is I just hope the stans do and stop with the back and fourth as it helps further problems down the line anyway this just made me think well I’m glad I don’t have to put up with that stuff as I would of probably end up losing it on live radio lol. My main in take on this is Beyonce might of heard the Say So remix and wrote a line that suited the remix and has nothing to do with beef having said that if there is beef it’s one I didn’t see coming or maybe this a marketed beef on one part to cause some hype around both singles that’s my two cents worth that would be two cents please. In other news rapper Khia offered Trina another rapper to a battle, for those who don’t know there has been a special battle that has been happening over the Coronavirus period where R’n’B and Hip Hop legends battle it out and play hit for hit from their discography. Whilst Khia was doing a live chat via webcam she was asked who she wanted to battle which in Khia fashion responded in hateful words about battling Trina which caused Trina to get upset on live radio and go on a little rant and made her look very angry but for those who don’t know she’s had a rocky relationship with Khia and has been a ever going battle with the two you see more reasons why I don’t want to become famous. I would do what Megan Thee Stallion did and get everyone together instead of allowing them to pick us off but don’t get me wrong if you want to be like that then we can have a friendly competition with all the smack talk and trimmings to go with it but that’s just me. In a live talk between singer Usher and music producer Swiss Beats there was a question of who they would like to see battle next and I think it was Usher or it might of been Swiss Beats but one of them said Foxy Brown and Lil’Kim which I thought would be a good one I would tune in for that but knowing the history of the two as a fan I know that would never happen but I would pay good money to see it but again they have to kiss and make up first and that’s been on and off for years now. I try not to get biast on any rapper or singer but I do have my favorites and anyone who knows me knows I’m a big Lil’ Kim fan though I had both their albums at one point of my life but I do favor Kim sorry Foxy I still love you. Having being picked against someone I try not to do the whole devotion dance on one side and I try to stay neutral except for if you are crap then you are crap but and as annoying as this might sound I don’t care each rapper or singer has their own different style to them and uniqueness to them so there is really no point saying he or she is better when they are equally the same but that’s the stan life I reckon but yeah there is high excellence like Janet Jackson, Michael Jackson, Aaliyah, Beyonce, Notorious B.I.G, Tupac and so many more who raised the bar in their crafts.

Well I think that is it for this month’s recap but I might be back next month with more music updates and catch up so until then stay home and safe and I hope to see you soon so take care.

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