About a month ago the new single WAP was out which I’m sure most of you have heard at least once and the world went crazy and started all crazy stuff like a beef between Carole Baskin and Cardi B and a whole lot of bitching followed by apologizes. Myself I think the song is very racy and should be more on a album away from young ears but saying that we had How Many Licks which was a commercial hit but even then the lyrics were rude but not full throttle and the video was innocent just a barbie factory unlike the WAP song. I do like it actually not the first time but the second play I was bopping along to it and liked the whores in this house bit when before I was kind of like I don’t like this. Even the title itself it’s dripping with sex even though it is quite subtle until you find out what it means it’s still like how can they get away with that, wow times have really changed now. Comparing How Many Licks by Lil’ Kim and Sisqo to WAP by Megan Thee Stallion and Cardi B I still found it hard to judge which one was more rudder I found they both nearly had the same amount of profanity’s in and some lines were rudder then others or at least it had the same flow of rudeness but the videos there was no contest.

I came to the conclusion that WAP felt more rudder than How Many Licks and was more in your face cos how many licks does it take to get to the centre of the ????? who knows cos it’s not said the hook basically implies something what is it I don’t know, the universe! I know some people have trouble with female rappers going hard on topics like sex and relationships but I say men can do it so can the ladies and it’s no different or shocking and in case you are wondering I would be shocked if a male rapper said it it’s not so saying it it’s how and where it is played that makes me laugh but it doesn’t offend me I’m just like how do you get away with that. I think most people are offended by the word sex or misjudge you by what you say and that is annoying but I don’t live for them and yes I don’t talk about my sex life but I don’t mind talking about sex and having funny conversations.

What I found annoying is when you make a joke or say something and that person starts to judge you cos what you said even though it was just a joke or passing comment I laugh personally I used to get offended but nowadays I just think you don’t know me so judge away. I think that is what female rappers get too they get judged by their work so they are like oh they must be a dirty in real life as she raps so dirty on her raps and then the speculation starts. I can see how some people think it is degrading women and treating them as sex objects but I do think if a lady wants to talk about her southern parts and say how she wants them right now and you better be putting down a deposit before I’m sleeping with you, let it be and I probably be laughed at but men do it all the time in different ways the way they talk about meeting up with girls having sex and meeting another and how many hoes what I heard as I like to hear both sides it’s the women’s response to the men making them feel like sex objects and to check them and empower themselves of course and I based my information on information I have received from various sources like Youtube and people I know so ladies sorry if I got it wrong.

I generally think sex sales and women are the definition of sexy from all the years of being told wear this, this looks hot, this make you look better and mainly advertised by women and I’m saying beauty and clothes products but other things too. Also to mention the perfect housewife and what makes the perfect women has played a huge role on how society was run and I’m not sure now a days but I know women are more empowered now especially after the Me Too movement or so I heard. Of course the Republicans want the song banned and they probably will but it’s already got to number one on the Billboard 100 so I really don’t see the point of it now but will they pass a bill to stop such saucy videos and lyrics on our screens and speakers surely one day they will had enough. I was too young to understand the controversy of Baby’s Got Back by Sir Mix A Lot but that was like WAP only more PG like filter on the filter PG compared to the other track. I would like to know would MTV ban the video if they were still playing videos or would they have just played it after a certain time once the youngsters are in bed, I suppose none of that matters now with the internet when they can go and just search for it when no one is looking but there are ways around that I think. The other thing is with such a sex toned song you will expect a raunchy video to go along with it and yes times have changed and are more explicitly then ever but as I said before and we all should know sex sales so if it offends you stop buying or streaming it or supporting that song or songs like that then technically the music industry will move on and I’m not speaking as a expert that is just from what I gather from trending things and phases when people stop buying stuff they move on to the next better thing and it gets fazed out and people ain’t stopping or bothered by it so there is a demand for it. I’m not surprised some of America didn’t like it, some parts were like the Janet Jackson Super Bowl event all boobs popping out, looking all pouncey on that cheetahs booties shaking everywhere oh yeah and the centre piece at the beginning the fountain yes a eye catcher for the neighbours thinking about buying it for the communal garden.

As you might of read if you read one of my posts I love female rap from a early age with Salt N Pepa but it was Lil’ Kim’s Hardcore especially the second track Big Momma Thang that got my attention. I then started to listen to other songs from that album and other songs like Back Stabbers and Players Anthem which I’ve heard before that but Hardcore really got my attention. It went from one track like that’s nasty to I like this a lot and the nasty track was Big Momma Thang cos they weren’t allowed to play Not Tonight in the gym or the stereo would of been confiscated, the track I actually was like I want this was Spend A Lil Doe as I liked the story telling and was similar to Back Stabbers which I can relate to but who can’t, so it does go to show that a bit of shock value does make you sit up and listen if that is right or not is a whole new debate. After hearing Hardcore I had a taste for explicit raps so Khia’s My Neck My Back, most of Lil’ Kim’s second album Notorious K.I.M, Trina’s Look Back At Me I was kind of or growing used to the explicitness though not in a make fun way but more jokey I used to make jokes about the songs and laugh with them as it’s funny to me a money sex hungry persona like woah she ain’t messing about. I must admit I played songs loud that I wouldn’t play now loud as not to offend the neighbours but my response was what she talking about get laid and getting paid get over it not in those words but something like that. I would still say that just cos you ain’t getting none Misses and Mr No Action don’t mean you have to stop other people’s fun but at the same time I get the whole commotion only cos younger fan bases.

So do it like the Trump supporters hop on the boat and join them lol, if you don’t know what I’m on about I’m talking about the Trump supporters who were on a boat partying to WAP whilst the Republicans were complaining calling it smut probably trying to get it banned. Obviously Cardi let them know she wasn’t happy not being one herself with a funny tweet basically saying it’s funny how they contradict themselves and also how they weren’t quarantined and she was ringing the FBI on the “festivity” for not being quarantined.

The other top story of the track which I briefly touched on earlier was the beef between Carole Baskin and Cardi B yes I’m sure you have all heard the weird exchange of words between the two and was after Carole criticized the use of leopards in the music video and argues that they get mistreated basically all to stand by a green screen and do their thing. Cardi responded by basically saying she won’t engage with a person who killed their husband though Cardi did later come out and say she acknowledges her points which I think is a good thing and glad she did. I think as bad as Carole is or is meant to be she still have some fair points I never agree with the use of animals in any entertainment field after watching many PETA videos and other animal organizations clips and it upsets and makes me angry, all for other people’s entertainment and we let it happen by buying into it, it’s the same thing I was on about with sex sells and if people didn’t buy into it there wouldn’t be no product well same principles. I know it’s traditional but it’s cruel and inhumane the whole practise and is something that should be stopped as I say to people if we have a debate it seems a silly one but so true but I would say would you like that done to you the whole ordeal so why do it to the animals also if it’s not allowed on humans why animals they should be protected too especially with things like that yes it does get me angry, I just hope they worldwide ban it one day that would be a good day definitely.

To end this debate I’m going to leave a mix I made four years ago before I was making music just before that actually. I would make random mixes and put them online not even with DJ software just music editing software which was the only software I owned at the time but one of them was a explicit mix with all my favourite explicit songs on both male and female from Ludacris, Lil’ Kim, Trina, Notorious B.I.G, Nicki Minaj, Khia, 50 Cent, LL Cool J and Mase. I warn you it ain’t called explicit for no reason and does get hotter than the last heatwave racy indeed unless you’ve heard the songs already then here’s a trip down memory lane for you, so enjoy. 🙂


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