With Halloween in over a month’s time and with my launch of this year’s Halloween album on the 25th, I thought I’d share my top 4 Halloween attractions in London. When I visited London on a couple of occasions me and my friend went to some horror like attractions and I rather enjoyed it so I thought I’d share some of my experiences whilst I was there, so here it is. All the attractions are so-called family-friendly but may have age restrictions and due to the nature of the places may not be suitable to those who are a toddler or have a weak heart.

4. Madame Tussauds

Technically Madame Tusades ain’t a place to go for Halloween or though if you think about it has waxed made dummies of the richest and famous so it has a bit of Halloweeny to it. The place to check out is the dungeon area where you can see Vlad The Impaler and a monk and others being interrogated and tortured. There is a lot of torture equipment in there and had a man hung upside down on a rack they had a lot of murderers on display too. If like me you are into dark English history this is a good place to start on your visit to London. Apart from some of the other bits in the museum, it was one of my favourite places to visit and found it quite interesting looking at the old torture equipment and the displays they had. I can’t remember anything else in Madame Tussauds but I know it’s not that lit in there and you need a good camera without flash to take pictures as flash is strictly forbidden. This was a slight let down as I couldn’t get good photos of the place and I can now barely remember what I saw in there as my memory ain’t too great but apart from that, I had a good time there.


3. Ripleys Beleive It Or Not

Ripleys, Believe It Or Not, is a museum of weird and wonderful things from around the world and holds many sights of fascinating stuff. There was so much to take in and I was busy reading all the plagues of writing to soak all the information in but once again a cool place to visit. Again there was a lot of torture equipment there including a Chinese torture device and an iron maiden (a coffin with spikes in.) Other things were occult items like magic wands, anti evil amulets and other magic like items. Also, there was this cool crystal hologram on display, it’s the first time I saw a hologram up close and automatically went to touch it and was kind of shocked to see it disappear I thought for a second it was magic. They also had a music section with paintings of artists on the wall along with small statues, I can’t remember why they were there it must have been about facts about that artist like Micheal Jackson was one of them and the Beatles were another there. The other two fun parts were the famous people from the freak circus and shrunken heads which looked quite freaky but there was so much to see I will be here for a while naming each item there. Looking up on their website sadly Ripley’s is for the meantime no more and they are actively looking for a new location to open the museum again which sounds like they are looking for a new place to rent in a busy living city. So maybe not this Halloween but in years to come do check out this place.


2. London’s Dungeon

London’s Dungeon is a place I have visited twice once when I was around 9 the other when I was around 30. A lot has changed since I first went there but you still get met with the Iron Maidan but it’s not as scary and took the jumpy bits out. For those who don’t know what London’s Dungeon is it’s a walkthrough of the history of crime and punishment in England over the decades and centuries. The thing that changed and what I liked the most about it was the actors and actress who played their part as you go around the dungeon. It used to be all walk around but now it’s a walk around, reenactments and rides. I was a bit pissed not be able to take photos of the equipment and I wouldn’t dare to as the actors and actresses were feisty to say the least, and I do remember someone being picked and used to demonstrate medieval equipment on after taking a picture so I knew not to try it. My mate was picked three times to use to demonstrate on he thought he was funny pushing me forward on the first reenactment and was horrified to be picked himself honestly I couldn’t stop laughing. He was trialled first can’t remember what for but he was condemned, then he had his testicles manhandled with a testicle wrencher is the best way to describe it and he was found guilty of being a witch and was burnt alive at the stake with at the moment of him burning I sneered burn him you know had to get into old-time spirit. I won’t spoil it but there are a few jumpy bits in there too, there’s something fun about going into a room and not knowing what comes next, it’s part of going there is to get that thrill and of course being entertained. Right at the end, there is a small ride to go though not like the real thing it’s a mini ride in comparison to the real thing. It takes you up then drops you down you know that sort of ride and me not liking heights I didn’t like it even though it wasn’t that high up really. I think it was focused on the guillotine and heads dropping rapidly it had this speech about why we’ve been sentenced before they dropped us and I just wanted it to hurry up but thinking about it, it kind of felt like I was being sentenced to death I got a good taste for it and it’s not a nice feeling.


1. London Bridge Experience

London Bridge Experience is full of history and excitement of the London Bridge. It starts off with the history of the London Bridge before you explore the tomb and get scared half to death by them actors and actress, I won’t spoil it but prepare for unflattering photos to be taken when you least expect it and put on display at the end of the experience that’s to say you are brave and you won’t even flinch a muscle. They talked about the Roman days and another bit where they used to paint themselves in blue can’t remember why now but he joked and asked if we could pop our clothes off and some of them were preparing to undress honestly I didn’t know where to look. The other part I remember is running through the Great Fire Of London and they told us to run for it that was fun didn’t expect to run through. The most exciting bit and is the reason why I put it at number one was the 10-minute exploration of the tomb where they would come out of nowhere and make you jump. The whole place is nearly pitch black and it’s cleverly disguised so you don’t see what’s coming next so when you are walking around you don’t know what you are going to walk into next which is always a laugh and a thrill for me. What surprised me is where they were coming out from it seemed they had spots all around the place and I could have sworn some of them were the same people but I can’t prove that. The highlight and I know I shouldn’t spoil it but when that man comes out of nowhere with the chainsaw I didn’t see that coming and jumped to the other side of the room and I might have sworn I called him the c-word just blurted out of nowhere in reaction to the scare, made me laugh though. It has some cool things to look at as well a coffin-shaped toilet door, light up floor out the front or really it’s the back as you have to go around the back to get to the entrance. Like the other attractions a bit costly to get in but I think it is worth the money to be honest but it could be cheaper still. Next time and there will be a next time I’m going to bring a video camera with me to film as that trip was a disaster for photos and my crappy camera wasn’t cutting it so to be sure to bring a video camera with you as most people don’t allow photography.

London Bridge Experience Home Page

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