V.O.C. Radio is a independent radio station ran in the U.K and is all of music I’ve made throughout the years. The station mainly concentrates on Electronic music like Vaporwave, Synthwave & Progressive Rock but I do plan on adding more genres soon also there is old skool dance music genres too to liven up the place. I’m kind of obsessed with synths so there is a lot of that or what I would call urban synth music but there is also traditional tracks in there too. I transmit 24 hours a hours a day GMT and throughout the days and throughout the year there are different shows so hopefully something new everyday and some themed stuff too like Christmas and Halloween. The radio station was a idea I had for something to add to my website like some music so I decided it would be fun and a good idea to make one and plus I like stuff you can do a lot with and at the same time get stuck in so it was either that or Soundcloud and I thought this would be more fun and a good way to get my music out there.

Live Streams

Steam Link – https://voc000.radioca.st/;

YouTube Stream – youtube.com/channel/UCw0QYixja_UBUFOLJU-C3YA//live.


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