v.o.c.'S Mixtapes Selection

Tracks that I found off mixtapes I downloaded on the internet. The selection is Hip Hop & R’n’B and is from nothing before 2011 so the last decade. I don’t know why I stopped downloading mixtapes well I do it’s because mumble rap and the decline of the quality of the mixtapes and it started to sound samey, but now after a break I think I’m ready to look for some more and see what is coming out in the next year or two. Mixtapes have always been a good way to find out what’s new and who’s new I always like to watch them grow and becoming successful though I haven’t done that for a while now. I must admit if it wasn’t for mixtapes I wouldn’t know half of the tracks and artist I used to know it’s kind of hard to think of the good albums though as I haven’t played them for a while.

[cue id="11885"]

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