Hello people how are we all? I hope you are all good, Not been up to that much only a little bit of stuff just at home mainly, to be honest the weather hasn’t been that great to get out and about anyway. As I said I haven’t been up to that much recently I went to see the Lion King with my dad and girlfriend, I felt it was okay not as good as the original. I was only nine at the time when it first came out so to see it in live-action was weird but I felt it was missing something and I’m not sure what as films ain’t my field or even my cup of tea, I mean they are okay at home cos I could smoke a joint and enjoy the film at the same time and in a cinema you can’t do that obviously. I didn’t like the Elephant Graveyard and was missing the skeletons in the place, I think Disney went for a more PG graveyard that looked more like a sanctuary, not a graveyard which goes to show the changes in the tides so to speak but I ain’t mad lol. On the same day I went to my first and last contemporary dance show which wasn’t my thing as I had to work out what it all meant, it’s because I’m used to scripts you know A meets B and they converse but with this it had no words and just actions which were pickling, to say the least. There was one bit where they all reached their arms out to the crowd which I think meant they were reaching out for help oh by the way the show was called rooted and was about loneliness which I think is a good topic for any project I might have to take up some of that in one of my albums or even an album based around loneliness just a thought. When they did the reach thing I kind of died inside and had eye to eye contact with the performer, note to self don’t sit in the front row of any show as they have the eyes on you and I just want to sit in my seat and chill and hopefully soak it in so to speak but not this one. I have three projects on the go at the moment for the next couple of months whenever I finish them I have 2 I have to finish before September and going to be released in October, I actually have 3 but I’m only releasing 2 in October and the other one is going to be released ASAP. To celebrate Mental Health Month in October I have done a special album which is based around this year’s theme which is Suicide Prevention and follows the story of a person’s trials and tribulations and the leading to him being saved at the end, I won’t go into further details as I probably do a small post on it on my homepage when I release it. The other one I am doing is quite a serious album and is about the ways we are being lied to by media, news etc, it was inspired by the YouTuber Holy Koolaid and his channel about Psychics and their scams which made me think of the idea of how we are being lied to every day and the fact we are in the era of liers and blaggers which is what the album is also based around. The last album which I just started is an anti-racism album which isn’t going to be a serious album and is on the lines of Unsafe Dummies but on a serious topic as I felt I have done too many serious albums and need to do something fun and anyway these are lines I’ve used in arguments with the racist on the street so I wanted to share my way of dealing with the racist with humour, it kills their argument short lol. I’ve made the decision to keep my albums free again and will ask for small donations from people as I don’t care about the money I just like to share my music nothing ego about it just as it’s a waste if I don’t get my music heard. Honestly, a £1 or even £2 from you would be better than nothing as I said before I need the money to keep making music going so all donations will help that and plus my headphones have gone tonight so I need to replace them ASAP. As much as I would like to keep it free I can’t afford it and need donations in order to survive, think of it as not paying for music but supporting me and my projects. Just a thought who would join me on Patreon I see that’s the place to…………and I’m back after a long 24 hours I set up my Patreon page with some content on there. For those who don’t know what Patron is it’s a platform where creators offer stuff for a small monthly membership fee which you can opt-out of at any time. You subscribe to what I would call packages which go up in price and offer more or different or better content which is called tiers. I have two tiers or options for you $2 or £1.65 if you are British like me. For £1.65 it will get you access to all my releases new music and mixes which I will start to exclusively make for Patreon and anything else I can throw in there too. For $7 or £5.76 you get access to my samples I’ve made from albums I released over the last two years. It will all be House or Vaporwvae/Hauntology/Progressive Rock/Synthwave and I might do some unventured genres too I haven’t tried yet mix it in with the old so to speak. I am having trouble with uploading zip files at the moment but I’m already on the emails to support about that so hopefully, that shouldn’t be a problem much longer and anyway I have put a month’s worth of content for the $7 dollar package. I have put Welcome To Brexalon on there too so now for £1.65 you can get it instead of £3.00 which you would pay for on my website or Bandcamp. Well I think that is it for this month if you are on your way to Patreon thank you for sponsoring me and I promise I will win the race lol, bye for now.

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