Hi everyone how are we all I’m good thanks just been keeping myself busy with various stuff. I’d like to start with a special announcement and to let people know I have deleted most of my albums on Bandcamp, Spotify and Soundcloud as I felt 1 I had too much on there over 2,000 tracks on Soundcloud and over 100 albums on Bandcamp and Spotify and 2 they weren’t done right IE the lack or too much compression and of course eq. I feel I’m in a better place now as in the listed above and can recycle the tracks, so some albums will be appearing again but they are mostly up for recycling they probably end up on EP’s and albums. Yes I’ve started making EP’s for Soundcloud and eventually on Bandcamp and Spotify in album form so they will be up for grabs. I post every other day at least up to 3 days and I’ve been mainly making Vaporwave synthy kind of stuff but I did make a House EP which was a Vocal House EP mostly about police brutality and racism it’s called The Good The Bad & The Ugly Cop due to recent events and can be found here;


As I said been making a lot of Vaporwave so much I made it my main genre yeah I thought it was already. I still do house I have one……in fact I forgot my latest albums coming out is a summer House album on the 15th of this month that I pushed back as it was going to be for summer solstice on the 21st of this month tomorrow in fact but I had my dog’s memorial album out but next year I’ll probably do another one then.


There are two albums out now but are kind of the same one has extra content on and also some merch I’m selling. To commemorate my dog Patch’s passing which was on the 19th June 2019 so one year yesterday and I released a special album. It’s you guessed it all about my dog and was to celebrate her life and what I remembered and loved about her. There is a free version a paid version that costs £5.00 and as I said some merch which is £7.00 which you get a keyring of my dog in a costume, a eerie A5 poster of my dog in the woods at dusk and also a album with 3 extra tracks on. I’ve decided to be generous and donate the money to the PDSA a non government funded charity that helps sick and injured pets as I want to do my bit and if it goes well I’ll do another charity album or something as it’s always good to donate I feel.

Free Version


Paid Version




Make A Donation To The PDSA


Yes I was waiting for a time to cover this wasn’t sure if I should do it in a blog or part of the monthly coverage and I thought I do it there instead as it’s part of the things to talk about yes a lot has been happening hasn’t it. With the three recent deaths of George Floyd, Jahmal Parker, and Breonna Taylor who as you are well aware of died in the hands of police one way or another two got shot (Breonna was shot 8 times in a drugs raid and yet couldn’t find no drugs honestly do they take steroids by any chance? just asking.) We all seen what happened to George R.I.P to all of them and anyone who died in the hands of police. Now I know there are good cops they do their job okay that’s good but there seems to be a lot of corrupt police around or just charged up and ready for action and that is not good. I think it has a lot to do with race, the attitude of the officer and sometimes a little bit to do with you but granted it does get irritating especially with someone like me with a quick temper and the dumb routine and all the smart stuff they pull on you. It does make you angry but what makes me even angrier until I realize they are either racist or trolls or just ignorant but when I see them defend or try to white wash the situation like it’s okay to do that and laugh about it. I’m not mad it’s as I said it’s the above but I know if it was them or their colour there would be more emotions or though you do get some people who don’t acknowledge some police officers are twats but still they can’t do no wrong as they are only doing their job that’s corruption at it’s best. I said this before on Facebook I hate the fact some people are missing the point and coming up with all sorts of nonsense that is getting a little petty for my liking and it’s the lack of understanding I haven’t even commented on other people’s post but looking at some just got me annoyed. The number one question was why until the George Floyd incident did people start rioting. First of all I don’t condemn the rioting but I do feel there has been too many fatal shootings by police to let it slip and for people to say “as you were officer.” Something had to be done and yes people got carried away and things went too far but I feel there was a reason behind that and if it wasn’t for the killing of a innocent man it would of never happened so technically you should blame the cops involved. This wasn’t a fatal shooting this was one police officer crouching on a man’s neck until he blacked out and died and he told the officer he couldn’t breathe, um I’m no genius I know so they should know obstructing the throat leads to lack of air. I remember when I got arrested somewhere in England I won’t say but a officer came along and did what happened to George Floyd rested his knee on my throat and I was saying I can’t breathe and I nearly blacked out he released his knee and thinking now I could of died and I remember my heart was beating like anything afterwards I could barely get a sentence out, I’ve also witnessed it happen in my hometown so it looks like it’s a common practice within police officers or I have experienced it and I know I’m not alone. And as for the other two who died one after he pulled the officer’s stun gun out his holster and the other one I just said they weren’t needed and could of been avoided if they went through some steps like one not be so aggressive and intimidating. I hope there is change after this and I’m glad to hear Trump has called for police reform which I hope will make a difference in the way they go about their business with civilians. I do say all lives matter but black lives is a important movement and is like the 70’s black movement so people can’t be smearing such a good thing where they fight with nowadays issues I think it’s a good thing and can’t be overlooked.

Yes it was even felt in my hometown of Bristol which lead to some of the protest crowd to topple the famous Edward Colston Statue dragged it to the river and thrown it in lol. It is true he is a famous slave owner who helped build Bristol in some ways and we have many buildings named after him a school, a concert hall the famous Colston Hall which host most of the big names other then 02 Academy which I think is for a younger audience just going by which acts go where. I’m glad to hear that they are changing the name of the Colston Hall it’s going be weird calling it something else it was called that since I was born so 35 years ago and it’s recently got renovated and by the way it is a loved place by most which is probably why they didn’t touch it and it not so long being renovated, I visited there a couple of years ago in fact to watch a interactive show that was cool. Can you imagine the look I’d get if I say the old name by accident in public I probably get jumped lol. I don’t care I never liked that statue I kind of forgot about it actually as I heard about it in school when I was around 13 I think it was in history I might of asked the question in fact it probably was me as I’m so curious and used to walk past that quite a lot when I bunked off school and I’m always asking questions that’s how I know so much and all different kind of stuff. As I said before not alone is it a reminder of slavery a racist and money hungry thing that should never be repeated it’s trafficking so why we don’t have a statue of a prolific modern slave owner and trafficker I don’t know it’s like “Welcome to Bristol home of slavery and trafficking please visit again won’t you.” Honestly Bristol is a lovely place there is lots to see including all the slave history I would like to go around and see all the sites here as I’ve been here and there but haven’t fully explored the town I have a few places I would like to go. It is a diverse multicultural city so I’m glad they have changed the Colston Hall name and not put the statue back up as by the way they are preserving the graffiti spray apparently. It was never a proud thing to display or name a building after though I still think it’s worth putting in the museums in Bristol but he shouldn’t be named a hero as he’s nothing like that. People say you can’t erase history true but you certainly can’t put his name on things like he’s a hero or martyr I mean would you put up a Hitler statue in your city if he was from your hometown I think not and anyway I looked as in a matter of interest about a week ago I wanted to see if there was any Hitler statues in Germany and there isn’t so why should we have that sort of thing, okay it is different but it’s under the same lines if you think about the whole thing. As I said we have a wide range of races and cultures here and it makes sense to remove anything that is a negative thing to our city and as I said it’s wrong on so many levels. Well that’s my monthly update you can find me next month with what I’ve been doing and any other crazy thing that catches my eye so until then I see you then, and remember stay safe and happy lockdown 😉


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